Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wildetect creative design mind - dean hoffman

dean hoffman is one of the creative directors of the wildetect architectural design forum. dean has embraced this african fauvistic style of architecture with an energy and creativity that has seen his work showcased on several futuristic design idea websites. buckminster fuller ideas index 2010 being one of them.  his exciting creative ability to seemlessly conceptualise current design trends with difficult socio economic issues is one of his design strengths.
the wildetects are striving to create design concepts that improve life in informal settlements. our world is changing rapidly , africa is changing at an incredible pace - to embrace this incredibly fast metamorphosis is about bridging chasms between africa's many socio economic groups. the terminal (see above)  dean has created around the concept of an arachnid is symbolic of this need for connectivity across this  african socio playing field. through social networks and connectivity the african architectural landscape is rapidly changing - the terminal is a step in this wild exciting direction.

some of deans other wildetect design ideas are an edu-pod made from shipping containers and a dynamic coke cola head quarters - go to http://www.wildetecture.com/ and see some further incredible wildetect designs,  under projects. it just so happens warren hoffman , deans younger brother has also inherited an incredible creative design ability and is also a wildetect creative director.

for an interview with the wildetect design crew please email quinton@erxell.com and we can showcase our future vision african fauvistic style.