Thursday, September 11, 2014

the wildetect rise or fall

cape towns a funny ol place. enough creatives  to stuff into an andy warhol time capsule the size of 100 titanics , cheek by jowl. so when you email cape to poffadder ones original african fauvistic work.  creative hooded eye silly syndrome (CHESS)  can start to apply.  this has led to the unpacking of the 2 type of creatives conundrum. the analysis of the creative animal 1 0f 2.

creative type 1.
the first type of creative is the at ease with everything and everyone creative. mostly at ease with themselves.  always full of genuine praise and encouragement . even if the work being scrutinized isn't the best. they realize creative output is a sketch and the next sketch will be better. if the spirit is not crushed. if one crushes creative spirit you relegate the most sensitive of minds,  to a life under a bridge.   creative type 1 is the creative that can actually create.  is actually the real deal. humans are powerful when working in unison - however are weak when working critically of others. creative type 1 encourages growth.

creative type 2
the second type is the absolute critic creative -  hates and criticizes most things not done by themselves. pretty vitriolic about others work and basically trashes everything they deem inferior. the,  i could have done that pseudo creative brigade.  this type in my experience (very limited yes) is definitely not about nurturing ideas and talent. its about crushing spirit rather than lifting it up. they try hide their no talent, trying to mask zippo the horse creativity.  most often than not , they bully creative type 1 into weaving together the concepts. which they rip off or steal.

the approach the wildetects are employing whilst trying to be all singing  all dancing,  infront of both types and the simon  cowells of the world. (not saying ol simon doesnt have heaps of talent)  has been an experiment in engagement. because creating dialogue using conceptual design ideas is always going to lead to animated debate. so

Whether we just flash in the pan cape town design  ego maniacs , lack lustre hob "design" goblins, who the heck knows or even really cares.  it is important to know this however , sure as the blue blazers and a blistering barnicle, we sure gonna make enough wildetect noise before the damn door knocks us on the way out!!