Tuesday, September 30, 2014

wildetects secure gallery and studio space in Franschhoek

thanks to crossfire properties and  laurence beath ,  wildetecture the design studio now has  awsome gallery premises in Franschhoek - cape town. we are busy moving our art work from youngblood gallery today, to our new gallery premises in Franschhoek.  - and will be setting up over the next 2 weeks - for an opening date on the 15th of october.

we are also going to have the wildetect mantis chair at the city of cape towns - make it new exhibition on the 15 - 19 of october at the cape town stadium. as well as the citroen ds shelf at the muizenberg festival also staring around the 15th. so things are exciting this month for the wildetects.

the other night on  tv - suddenly the ceo of cape town partnership is on the screen standing infront of the viking norse wildetect table  at youngblood gallery.  the word wildetecture is shown in the back ground,  this was huge man. on tv nogal.   what do you do - screen grab it. boom. blog