Monday, March 2, 2015

wildetect 2 of 3 - wildetecture surfboard waffle blank technology prototype 001

the best part of any design is the first few prototypes, its the excitement in the r & d - and that is why designers tend to take a project through these first phases and then abandon the idea to start something afresh. the pure enjoyment is the working on something nobody as yet knows what the outcome will look or feel like. - off piste design.

when dean (wildetect 2 of 3)  started putting together this wildetect surfboard design.  the possibilities or potentail of the design was always the exciting energy.

im a wildetect design theorist - which means im happy and comfortable to create sketches that might not necessarily work - but they point in a direction that for some is interesting. ie the mantis chair , viking norse longboat table etc etc. having made up a strictly prototype aesthetic viking norse table - i learnt an incredible amount from the process. the R20k i sunk into the rough prototype was worth the knowledge i gained.

dean has learnt from this waffle slab surfboard manufacture process. being a designer is not just about imagining pretty things. (or in my case downright crazy aesthetics) its about experimenting with new technology. in most cases you need to invent the lego blocks first before you can build the new never before seen end product.

wildetecture is about this raw design process - the wildetect  brand is about raw , pure design experimentation . - some might feel this is pretentious , some might feel this is hack.  the true beauty of wildetecture is that the concept does not care at all about those somes.  one of my students - calvin - taught me one can bring a tongue in cheek approach to design - a dont take yourself to seriously however push the envelope of your current ability, skill set.

in order to play in the field  of the never before seen - one has to step over some deeply entrenched mindsets. one has to push through immense obstacles to create an end product.

welldone dean - i know the  wildetect waffle blank surfboard 2 is going to be even more crazy - i know this cost a bomb to get to this point. but nothing beats the enjoyment of actually looking at your work. welldone and brilliant wildetect design work.

my letter below to a few surf industry guru's -

to whom it may concern

Trust your well – i am 1 part of 3  in a wildetecture  design studio that spends way to much money on prototypes and doesn’t make any money back really  on product.  However selling and product is very  secondary to the pure enjoyment of design experimentation.  So our value is the design process , Not really the sales. So we will possibly  die having cut  our ear off  as most dreamers do.

I have sent  to you from time to time wildetect skateboard decks and various other crazy things we are experimenting with – wildetect rooster fish attachments that are supposed to moth eye fool sharks from eating surfers.  Not sure if it works  yet – but if I paddle around seal island in false bay  and live to tell the tale – then it could be explored further. I did take the rooster fish fins  for a spin at muizies the other day.  had the grannies at the berg  in an absolute complete  flap . they thought I had washed up from the  Rio carnival   the way I was dressed.  Caused quite a stir at the evergreen home for the retired. I was asked to  please vacate the area as the get up was frightening the pace makers.

Anyway – all in the name of pushing the wildetect  design envelope.   Fauvisting African  Design. (which is the concept of the BOOM BOOM BOOM hi ace taxi on the joburg to Soweto run  or the multi million dollar forex  exchange in an Angolan bush market)  wild man,  wild.

Here is wildetect 2 of 3 – dean hoffmans waffle blank designed surfboard. Made in the wildetect studio – it’s the  very  first prototype.  Dean  did  pick up a few design / manufacture issues – however prototype 2 will have these issues sorted. This is purely  an African fauvistic  design – purely local and its surfboard manufacture experimenting with lego blocks. the prototype cost an immense amount of money - the ideal would be to be allowed to experiment with a grant - we could really go ape. but thats every designers dream - and wildetecture has been doing this prototype experiment thing  for 6 years now - we know that every cent of our design research is a blood sweat and tear cent of our own. but it makes absolute cents to us - and we enjoy what we do. the only pathway to design is a roadway littered with a portfolio of creative evidence. 

Dean did take the board to the rolling retro surf contest  on Sunday – but we picked up a problem just before the event and couldn’t  participate regrettably.  Dean only finished glassing the day before. And because this is all new – it unfortunately didn’t go as planned. So the many man hours hopefully arnt wasted by us contacting you.

Very  Interested to know what you think. of the wildetect design?

Kind regards
Quinton j Damstra – wildetect 3 of 3