Friday, March 6, 2015

wildetecture bio - 2015

WILDETECTURE  is  now a registered  company! (clink , clink thanks very much.) - so after 6 years of designing things very much our own way,  Fauvistic African Design DNA - we are now looking to design things your way.

this might seem like a sell out to a few. but its every creatives eventuality if one wants to be sustainable and keep doing what you love doing comfortably. im very much a dance to my own beat type of creative.  but at times this leaves one dancing on ones own, in the corner. individual creative design expression is wonderful - getting buy in to said expression - well that's an entire other story. ive met so many talented creatives who don't or didnt get the timing right. when  to start opening the doors to invite others in.

every story has a beginning middle and end. our beginning has lasted 6 years so far - wildetecture has developed in the background  and we have definitely not followed local or international trends. we are now looking to align ourselves with people who share our vision.

Wildetecture is a  Cape Town based design collective  company from  Muizenberg , Seapoint and  Koeberg  So in simple terms,  if one understands those suburbs we are  abit of local mello, with some pizzaz and a touch of nuclear. this  best describes the wildetect brand of  work. 

completely forged out of africa.

so now that we are a registered company - we hope to create a brand of design items  that has been raw africa  fired and formed  in the kiln and now is being moulded,  cooled and refined for you.  to be able to  sit comfortably in any home , office environment.  this is the next challenge - but much simpler than the first phase. so we have work to do - and i hope some folk will appreciate the energy we are expending to make this dream a reality.