Tuesday, August 16, 2016

QJD designed home in 2006 -

one of the strongest reasons for designing homes - is to be able to enjoy the space once in awhile - my visit with my Mrs this Sunday to this home , 10 yrs after the last stone was placed, was a most rewarding experience. not only because we where completely spoilt with an incredible supper  2007 and 2012 vintage Diemersfontein red wine (our absolute favorite) but because i could see how the home had weathered.

cape town is known for its massive storms and mountain high homes take an absolute beating from winds and rain. this home on the mountain in Houtbay has stood up to a few storms and has weathered well.

busy looking to add a few additional dimensions to this home - very excited to continue the design conversation and process on a home that i had immense pleasure designing.