Thursday, October 30, 2014

Viking Norse Longboat Table - VNLT - wildetect style -

man i had a seriously good laugh whilst reading some of the comments made about the VNLT on reddit and 9gag,  really funny comments. for a guy who has laugh induced asthma hectically badly,  it almost killed me. flipping heck. i didnt realise a design crit could be that funny. never really associated design with humor before.  ive taken all the comments into account and the next sketch will be a more refined effort.

thanks for all the energy - thanks for the comments - i now prefer humor over design. i now have to go on my nebuliser for a couple of hours.

for a complete wildetect designomaniac such as myself – this is pure fuel man – absolute super food. Sadly for The wildetect mantis chair, its gonna be spitting mad man, Spitting mad. venomously vitriolic chair - pure danger to sit in, if not in the lime light.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

wildetect sculptured architectural organic machine city scape concept

it has long been a fervent passionate ideal of wildetecture to break away from the big box, small box linear grid architecture which dominates and obliterates mans current city scapes. to create an architectural language that flows more with imaginative sculptural architectural  form.  a plasticity that allows form to compliment  functionality, not  obliterate its dimensional potential for beauty.   to put architectural beauty into our city scape periphery vision.

in order to realize this eventuality it is important to create a new set of engineered building blocks. similar perhaps to roller coaster technology and Eiffel tower engineering. man has played with possibilities in architectural form over the many years. the idea of pod machine, self contained units. with self equilibriating floors and gear and piston engineering.  to create a living, hanging in space,  within a sculptural architectural form, is not far off from our  reality grasp. living spaces could float in space rather than form a complete barrier to it.

the skeletal architectural structures could create sculptures from which the other wildetect deals could be further realized.  perceived kinetic architecture , architectural shadow projection  and several other wildetect architectural experimentation's.

imagination is real and the concepts the wildetects are furthering and discussing - are a possible architectural  eventuality for a future time. not really expecting to see this happen in my time. perhaps a concept taken forward for another generation.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

wildetecture at academy idt open day 29 october 2014 - innogreation*
Annual Industry Day 2014
october 29th 2014 You are Invited!
WEDNESDAY 14:00 - 17:00
Ocotober 29, 2014

This is an open invitation -

Who would want to attend?
1. People interested in a career in draughting / Computer Aided Design
2. Employers looking for the best junior draughtspersons in South Africa
3. Manufacturers looking for fresh ideas
4. Anyone interested Engineering, Architecture or Design
5. anyone interested in learning how to communicate ideas clearly using sketch , technical drawing , design ideas. a design idea is not an idea if it cannot be communicated through the manufacture process.*

62 Carlisle Street - Paarden Eiland - Cape Town****

Innovative Green Creation

The brief this year was broad - design anything as long as it’s green.

As well as the students’ Eco-Friendly industry day project - you will be able to view a sample of all their work through the year - the draughting disciplines include: Architectural, Structural, Piping, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical.
Please note - these students complete their final exams and will be available for employment from the end of November. Speak to Keith Cole ( should you wish to recruit any of the graduates.

Please allow yourself at least an hour to view all the student exhibitions.

* Please note that by attending this event you are agreeing to the following terms:
1. Employment of students for contractual or full-time positions will be conducted through Academy IDT’s placement arm.
2. Student designs and prototypes are the property of Academy IDT and may only be used in negotiation with Academy IDT.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

nado storm - storm clouds gathering

Nado Storm -  a muizenberg , cape town based comic ive been pushing forward for several years now.  really keen to get this project back on track. along with a mechanized robotized wildetect mantis chair.  one finds so little time to do these fun passion based projects. so one has to meld all ones periphery interests into one lazer point focus. only way to get any forward movement.

Friday, October 17, 2014

tarantula qjd design studio symbiotic melding

tarantula qjd melding - had this little dude walk across my jersey. design melding -

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wildetect interior apartment design - oranjezicht cape town

wildetect 1 and 2 of 3 really put their wildetect collective creativity together to create an incredibly unique interior space in this cape town apartment.  as on every job their is a strict budget,   the wildetect creativity wasn't compromised in this interior.  new kitchen , bathroom fittings , lounge interior , new floors,  bedrooms and balcony features where needed. an extensive renovation for this interior brief - with a strict budget in mind.

this wildetect interior offsets the clients tastes - a drama student. earthy textured tone fixtures coupled with background white and a loud symbol of colour here and there. nothing ott - however very pleasing non the less.  considering a good deal of the kitchen , balcony and shelving was manufactured and installed by 1 and 2 of 3 - it was a herculean task.  its the detail on the smaller interiors that offsets the bigger picture.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

wildetect mantis chair at the makers and thinkers 2014 exhibition

its an incredible privilege for us to have the wildetect concept aesthetic sketch 003 mantis chair at this prestigious cape town design event. makers and thinkers 15th to the 18th oct. thank you to the organizers of the cape town design capitol 2014 event.

thank you for allowing wildetecture to showcase the mantis - albeit still in its 3 of 9 sketch development phase. 6 more sketches to go before it ticks all the design boxes. because design is a development of sketches - and the mantis is still under going its design construction.