Thursday, August 28, 2014

VNLT backdrop pics wildetect style

getting ready for exhibition - wildetect style

Dean wildetect 2 of 3 has been a phenomenal driving force getting next weeks wildetect art exhibition into reality. his wildetect furniture pieces and wildetect art work are of a very high standard.  warren wildetect 1 of 3 as usual has moved the wildetect design bench mark, when it comes to sensitivity in design. his work shows an incredible maturity and subtlety that is very powerful.  i don't really know how to be subtle. its great to learn from someone who does.

my work,  wildetect 3 of 3 is what it is - pure enjoyment in the wildetect design artistic process. the end product is not as important as the pleasure derived from getting to it.   the wildetect Citroen shelf is taking shape and so is the wildetect Sabre tooth toucan chair - which 2 can sit in. and the wildetect mantis's phoenix bright yellow creation. gone from pure wood to white to bright lambo yellow. the wildetect skateboard rack has also been upgraded. with a full rack being showcased.

i love the fact that we are putting all these creations together on dean and warrens farm just outside of cape town. in a huge shed filled with tractors and horse boxes.  in the distance is blue table mountain. and with the rain and mist - it has a green fields of Ireland feel. simply love the dynamic.

the exhibition will have shades of jules verne 20 thousand leagues under the sea, night at the museum and wild, wild Africa. encompassing the African fauvistic designs we have been experimenting with. the concept of  creatively reacting to the wild pulse of Africa. being a creative conduit to the underlying energy that permeates our African continent. its our interpretation, which makes it exciting for us.  theirs no right or wrong in personal artistic interpretation. just end product that simply put "skriks vir niks."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

creativity for ones own path

as a creative - just because nobody knows or has never ever heard of  you - does not mean you dont exist.

it is vitally important to design and create for ones self. creating for others leaves you constantly in need of external input and stroking. and if its negative comment, which mostly it is.  we end up designing and creating for others. changing and adjusting our creative compass to suite the persons comment.  criticism  from people who are not keyed in to our way of thinking. the end product is an insipid representation of current trends and what other people feel, and what other people have experienced.

to be true to ones own creative path - is not to copy the past masters, its not to fanatically learn their techniques and ways of thinking. its really to cut ones own trail, not for money or for acclaim. but for the pure satisfaction of creating something from your own heart , mind and hands.  be very assured,  not everyone, if anyone is going to like what youve done.

but who cares really , we dont get long on this planet. use every moment to imagine design, no matter how silly.  if youve enjoyed playing with the arc light of creative thought. and taken the effort to push out something never before seen. WOW - dont stop.  sketch 002 and 003 beckon completion.

the item once finished is a skeleton of your thought process, a dead thing really. its only alive whilst your working on the design. sculpting the idea renders it alive . once its finished its a husk of an idea really.

Monday, August 25, 2014

wildetect and the beard stalk - 3 of 3

been very busy trying to be creative - forgot to shave. man thinking to much makes your face hairy. zz top to much thinkingi reckon.  WHHHAAAT!!!!

not a huge selfie fan - however just incase the above wildetect selfie makes me look completely barking mad - i did manage a few normal pics. (which is relative - as normal is sometimes over rated)

Friday, August 15, 2014


the design process for this VNLT wildetect style  piece has vacillated from one design extreme to another, over the last few years. i decided to go with part of the original design, coupled with additional new concepts.

Ive spent several very late nights polishing up the concept - working on schedules and pure design. and then not being happy at all and starting the process  all over again.

to be able to disappear for 2 weeks and purely create.get away from survive the rat race , hang on finger nail stuff.  what absolute bliss - write , design , conceptualize space. just enough money to create the luxury of time, to spend conceptualizing possibilities. not to much money - because creativity needs a hint of the starved desperate to add a smidgen of spice.

happy now - we can go to the next phase - the wildetect art exhibition on track for the 1st of September - still an immense amount to do - sigh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VNLT - sketch 003 - "imagination is real"

my son learnt at school and taught me that the male seahorse incubates the eggs of the young after his partner puts them in the pouch. this is a powerful concept and renders an occasion in nature that the dude has the privilege of growing life.
i found this pretty powerful - so it was an easy fit to pay respects to this marvel by including the seahorse into the VNLT - wildetect style.
the table and several other wildetect 3 of 3 pieces will be on display this September.

1) VNLT - wildetect style
2) Sabre tooth toucan chair.
3) original mantis chair
4) 3 paintings and easels
5) fully loaded v8 skateboard rack
6) Citroen shelf
7) 3 Jules Verne chandeliers - 20 thousand leagues under the sea. -
8) wildetect chess set - wildetect gorilla warfare style.

wildetect 1 of 3 and 2 of 3 have their unique interpretations of fauvistic African design on display as well. anyone who has met the 2 - know the design energy they exude is phenomenal.

busy redesigning the VNLT - i deviated from the first concept - i dont like the design below. woke up hating it.  it is a dangerous thing to think beyond instinct. its happening to often now - that the first thread of an idea is always the best. we tend to refine and refine and obliterate the small strands of the original pure idea. its time to design it back.  - black out design day - do not disturb.

art gallery wildetect exhibition - 1st september 2014

preparing for a wildetecture art exhibition of selected work, at an art gallery in cape town - starting 1st september 2014.  wildetect art , architecture , furniture and design - for the month. very privileged to have the space to showcase our african fauvistic design work.  wildetect 1 , 2 and 3 very busy getting our portfolio ready and a few key pieces ready for this important exhibition. very exciting for us as a collective.

dean - wildetect 2 of 3 has just finished registering our company and we are now  directors of wildetecture. been a long slog but the dream is slowly coming to life.  african fauvistic thought crystalised into form - wildetect style.

thanks dean and warren - heres looking to the future of this african animal.