Monday, April 23, 2018

wildetecture cross section of wild architectural design ideas - from sculpted flying bird truss roof designs to sculptural leopard buildings - wildetecture firmly believes there is "nothing new under the sun" - the only thing that changes is our human perspective and depending on your vantage point - that perspective will depend on what will be.

these wildetect designs have all been seen before within natures setting - nothing really new under the sun, just a fresh built environment interpretation, that is all.

so the architect who designs from a wonderful "self" perspective is negating the absolute fact that nature is and always will be our guide to sustainable , beautiful aesthetically pleasing architecture. man has always proved to be cubist by nature however natures possibilities are endless. mans academic view of give me a pill to save time, spills out in every endeavor. well living in Africa one has a different perspective - to sit and stare at the vast natural beauty around one is the pill and fortunately it hasn't been invented by man.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

wildetecture - coral scape city

 wildetecture coralscape city - these skyscraper designs  combine a high tensioned sculptured concrete buttress with a lightweight flooring system.
wildetecture is about passionately exploring wild aesthetic from nature. we dont claim to have  thought of anything first because the natural world around us is streets ahead of where we currently are on everything. however we do claim to have attempted to cross over into this natural aesthetic into a habitable more sculptural built environment.  buildings that mimic the form of our wild Africa landscape - where nature rules supreme.

coralscape skyscraper city - every ocean fronting city should have sculptural architecture that mimics the sea. big box, small box architecture and less is more is ultimately more of less.

Monday, April 9, 2018

wildetecture - rough sketch cellular built environment solution.

we have a wildetecture office whatsup group chat, because we all work remotely,  its necessary to keep the work dialogue going on projects, so ive decided to air a few thoughts sent to this group recently - nothing major really.

Sometimes we work blindly in the dark, creating design conceptual ideas not linked to any current design conversations that we are aware of. this can be to my mind more powerful than designing with all the lights on, being influenced by the accumulative thought processes of all around one. that very quiet space when its your own thoughts, aligning with ones many influences. 

The above cellular city scape rough sketches are Abit of theoretical analysis. There is a point between our extended imagination and the now reality,  which we can currently try and design towards.  These very rough conceptual sketches are abit past that exact point. 

To my mind they are necessary if we as wildetect designers want to open up solutions that go beyond big box, small box, big budget, no money architecture. We need to really start unpacking our SA built environment issues. 

At the moment in SA our architecture and our socio economic differences are not remotely going in the same future direction. the erxell concept tried to address this in a very minor way - however never really gained any traction. the idea of creating constructive dialogue from the bottom up was linked around the erxell concept.

with constant continued dialogue and plenty of wildetect conceptual sketches. Maybe this process might spark a less parallel trajectory between the current informal and formal sectors in SA. and create a trajectory  that looks to at least intersect some valuable point down the line.  

That's really the point of this constant  barrage of very rough wildetect sketches. 

To try create further discussion towards a more unified future built environment in SA .  
that will be more inclusive of the informal and the formal SA building landscapes. 
At the moment these 2 very divergent  habitable spaces are unfolding within one city space. 
 a form of Old wise Africa crashing into modern flash and cash ideals. Africa's age old ideals include "abuntu" which is not a mindset found in many places around the world. this concept alone was streets ahead of where the rest of the world has been. sadly with the meddling of the rest of the world - abuntu is just an age old very wise concept in Africa. 

These rough sketches,  like nature's simple cell seeks  to merge, unify these 2 current SA city dynamics to create dialogue for one seamless city space. 

Social engineering first, architecture second. Nature's way.

wildetecture is a think tank. Each of those participating in this design discussion comes with a unique skill set. Each approaching a design problem from a very different live in Africa perspective.

Trying to Do away with the arrogance within the design process. yes, difficult for designers , as we all seek the limelight. only through time and humility does one realize its less about personal attention and more about collective solutions. 

Because  currently we are left with an end product built environment  that is very badly thought out. a built environment that is not really working. (Fact)  a built environment Which is frighteningly, Organically growing and extending with no real perimeters or plans in place. 

most informal settlement are camps - a stop over space before the real livable homes are built. the reality is that the real livable homes in the formal sector are just a dream for many in this sector. it will never happen for many. its a way to appease the masses whilst attempting to work out a solution. all the while people are living and dying before built environment utopia is reached. its a human disaster on such a massive scale ones mind stops computing the extent of the suffering - designers turn to working in the formal sector because thats where one earns a living , all the while the living are not coping.

All Designers and current architects need to sadly take ownership of where we are currently in time with this humanitarian crises hitting all major African cities. It's a collective mistake and issue. only then  can we start to design an improved future city landscape for all. if we recognize the issue as ours and not theirs. 

To my mind the solution will  be less architecture driven, like in westernized society. And more people orientated. emphasis on the term social engineering,  Not structural engineering. 

Each and every person should be important to the whole. Like how natures simple cell operates. (refer to sketches) cell living pod city sketches above. 

The answer isn't obvious as yet, hence the constant exploring of possible answers through sketch.  Who knows we might just stumble upon that spark that ignites a revolution of future thought. that spark that starts an inferno of love , kindness.  this need to stop the dialogue that says mine, mine and to start to change the dialogue to ours, ours. 

only them will the actual fires we have stoked up and happily kept burning, only then will those burning fires stop licking our very unprotected skin. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

a conversation with a wildetect

The concept of Wildetecture  allows the design sensitive to Work within a space where they given the absolute  freedom to express their individual  color palette.

I completely understand why some creatives feel the absolute need to want to work in a 4 x 4 cell surrounded by hamster wheel driven colleagues. this process will definitely toughen one up.
however the risk sadly when working in the creative box is it can make one become very, very jaded. And that effects ones ability to transcend the sublime. however running parallel to everyone else and not with them. one is  able to run much , much faster.

as a wildetect creative one looks at design through ones own creative interpretations. It might be wrong, it might be strange. It's definitely not current.  But the glasses are set to a very individual setting. wildetecture is unique by definition of departure.

This worlds working elites entire creative focus is to get everyone to look at things in the exact same way. that is consumerism - wouldn't really work if we didn't all herd towards the same trough to drink.

Wildetecture absolutely defies this mindset.  Wildetecture represents the creative that does not conform to the norm. one that Is able to work outside the framework. Not those creatives that completely operate inside the machine.

One finds creative confidence inside yourself.  Nobody ever easily gives you this creative confidence. no artistic degree , no pat on the head, no amount of your wonderfuls will give one artistic confidence. YOU and you alone need to validate your artistic self - then you will handle all the critical voices that will barrage you, from the moment you showcase your artistic work to the world. 

This worlds Simon's are champing at the bit to take that freedom and artistic confidence away from anyone not measuring up to the tick box voice dynamics, only a man of that caliber is attuned to find. I am so very glad Bob D or some of yester years other music greats never stood on a find the voice stage - they would have been given a very tough time. maybe left music altogether. you see "the creative formula of one man, is the absolute poison of the next." brilliant creativity and talent and skill is so much more than just having a brilliant voice - mostly which you inherited rather than forged through fire yourself. 

All really magnificent Art is a very personal journey of self discovery. That's what people buy into. Because if you, the artist , discover yourself, you have conquered something not many people ever come near to doing. your art work reflects this rare discovery.

So everyone wants  a piece of  artwork that endeavors to be close to achieving that. talented
Artists are true pioneers because they wrestle with major inner issues and turmoil and then express it in the real.  A magnificent artist is one who can do this in sculpture and in architecture. 

That's where wildetecture is heading , without looking for the validation of anyone, without needing simon says approval. wildetecture simply is what it is. and if you dont like what it is,  thats perfectly OK - I know what im about to say, will offend you , but to be real, its not being done for YOU - its being done for ME and you are most welcome to watch if you like.

minutes to a wildetect meeting - april 2018

The road to creative independence is paved in blood sweat and tears - it’s also a road that one will  gain almost equal measures of  humility and strength  if your wise - so it’s great wildetect 1 of 3 wants to embark on a pathway of creative Self-discovery and sometimes the cutting of the symbolic umbilical cord is a necessary process for real growth to really develop. 

I for one fully understand and support that - what one lets go of will all form  part of your tapestry at the end of your journey- that is why it is said "the day of your death is greater than the day of your birth." ones creative journey must never be encumbered by others whilst  you discover your artistic purpose. follow your gut and strive for creative uniqueness - that’s really the key - there are so many talented artists  but mostly they all work in a set  mold and their genius is restricted by the box, by their lecturer, by there peers, by there employer. They all want creative parameters to work in because they feel that’s where the x factor is - the brilliance really is whilst sitting on top of the box,  not in it.

The concept of Wildetecture is a design / creative  incubator, an endeavor that wrapped around many of the art movements of times before. A group of like minded creatives  aligning themselves around a set of idealistic design based  thoughts - to showcase collective and individualistic endeavor , the pupa  housing for the butterfly to develop really - we all have strengths and although I am creative,  one of my skills  so To speak - is I recognize unique talent and make sure it is focused on becoming the best it can be. That’s why im a teacher - I love the process of watching someone’s confidence and  passion grow. In this analogy im not a shade tree - I believe creative growth happens when one allows others to bask in the full sunlight - because as a creative that is the hardest thing to do - because creative, artists, poets all harbor delusions of individual grandeur , and sharing limelight does not come standard with the model.  - if one doesn’t  have these delusions, then ones endeavors would on the most part be insipid.

One does tend to lose ones individual artistic identity in a collective , so I understand the need for independence.  Artistic talent and architectural genius is 10 a penny to be honest - to be at the top of that heap of professionals and talent,  all trying to fight for the limelight is a wrangle I want no part of really. 

Hence the concept of Wildetecture was born for me. its very name signifies an artistic rebellion of the norm. Its  A concept definitely to the  left of center , its something that has  existed in various forms over time but it  needed fleshing out by a team.  That  was something I couldn’t do on my own - it needed dialogue and conversation - it needed spark.

I have also lost a certain individual creative spark by being part of a collective. That is why I need to get back to my purpose as well.

Im going to meet up with a carpentry team  Monday and look at building up 2 VNLT 1 point 0 tables  - the original table that first sparked the conversation. I have allowed other models to develop from the original thought and those have been executed well.  I will look at exploring a crowd funding option and I will model the chairs on those incredible Scandinavian chairs at the ripple house.  

The drama of the impossible is made manifest in the Endeavor to pull it out the ether. The VNLT 1.0 is a vehicle I would like to see in the real.  To launch it will take considerable effort but like looking to find oneself in New York  or in an architects office - I believe I will find myself in the outpouring of individualistic wildetect work. Not shackled by a client or anyone else’s mind or office space. Where no pressures exists other than the need to see an end product emerge out the dust. I will need to use minimal funding from Wildetecture , however I want to crowd fund as much as possible - I feel its time for me to experiment more tactfully with a wood working carpentry base. I need to experiment with form again in the real.

So whilst New York  beckons wildetect 1 and 2 greatness across the vast Atlantic - when one hits over 45 yrs as in my case - its the vast oceans of one’s mind and individual unique endeavor is where ones compass starts to point. Exploring the first threads of what sparked Wildetecture for me is now a destination that beckons - the initial energy that pushed this wildetect ship into the ocean. So to set sail for ones planned destination  is the exciting part of life. Its always good to keep the fires burning and remember you will always without fail  find yourself just behind your toes. No matter if your at home or on the very edge of the world. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

wildetecture RAW artistic expression

Wildetecture is an organic animal that lives through RAW artistic expression and passion. The kind of Passion that drives one to express creative individualistic thought. the kind of RAW human thought crystallized or captured into a visible artistic end product. that is what Wildetecture represents to us - an outpouring of creative endeavor into crystallized artistic thought.  to extract creative thought out of the mist and ether and Put it in front of an audience, that is what generations of artistic creatives  have been attempting to do for eons really. extremely few have really achieved this successfully, however mostly, we are all not so successful.

That crazy RAW artistic expression and wild step up - is what makes fantastic art,  magnificent. to take everyday functional items and give them a wildetecturized slant is the challenge for us as wildetect creatives. to create art that starts a minute, small dialogue that potentially can become a crescendo. 

if the crescendo does happen,  then that is the ultimate goal of all artists - if your creating artwork without this concept in mind from the very start- then the work you do will really just end up being insipid,  lacking passion, a Luke warm endeavor. this type of attempt does not really excite anyone. 

Poets, artists, writers have for eons attempted to create a never ending artistic conversation. to spin off concepts that perpetually create dialogue exponentially. this is a concept that is extremely difficult to achieve in reality. but if your not creating art with this in mind from the start, then is it worth even putting pen to paper. in fact these artistic conversations spanning time are so incredibly rare that it is achieved 1 in tens of millions of artistic attempts. so its not a case of arrogance - its a case of,  all artists should really want their work to be the very best they can deliver - so that they can try and ignite an inferno of artistic conversation spanning many generations. that is your ultimate goal.

to create stimulating  art one must completely over project ones artistic ideas and work - and just maybe - perhaps,  by some minute chance, your artist endeavor and work might just interest one other person. then you've started an artistic chain reaction that makes everything worth while. how far the artistic reaction travels is now out of your hands. but you've started it. mostly it touches nobody, sometimes just 1 person,  maybe it touches 5. but if it sparks and ignites an inferno of thought and conversation - then that is the unicorn of artistic ideals -it will be  an art piece that speaks for the ages. every artists must endeavor to achieve this ideal with their work - otherwise why even attempt or make the effort in the first place. only a very few ever achieve this rare feat. however its the absolute obligation of every artist to at least try their very best - otherwise the work one puts out is simply mediocre and that in itself is a very sad start to any artistic endeavor and conversation.

wildetecture endeavors to start this perpetual motion artistic dialogue. to create spark and ignite a revolution of creative thought and artistic endeavor - time itself and time alone will tell if the endeavors will be worth any of the artistic effort. architecture, interior, design, fashion, art. 

very few of us really has the time to wait and to see if ones artistic endeavors will radiate beyond themselves. so every artists must just try as hard as possible to achieve that potentail artistic dialogue that can create a crescendo of revolutionized artistic thought, beyond their own very limited vision.

we throw artistic thought through the misty veil of time - like the hand print on the cave wall - we now actively seek to understand the artist but all we have is the end product. we analyse his material, her surroundings and we want to know more. that hand print represents time and time is what distinguishes great artistic endeavor from the mostly mediocre.

Africa distills time - and that is why its again time that Africa's talented creatives showcase their own unique artistic dialogue and artistic chain reaction conversation.

that is what wildetecture endeavors to do - only time will tell if the effort was worth the spark.

Monday, March 19, 2018

who are you? wie is jy?

To get power, some men guzzle down the hearts of tigers they've slaughtered, some men lick & slurp the dust of rhino horns they have butchered, whilst others mercilessly fight each other in front of baying for blood crowds. Some men, take life, abuse & inflict their might over ALL innocence.

All the above and more for some men's illusion to obtain power, strength & a warped prestige.

Some men , not many men it seems, simply, consistently do everyday what is honorable, kind & right. They do this even though nobody is watching them. That minority type of man, was my father,  Douwe Archibald Damstra. 07/09/31 - 13/03/18

More men need to look to & try emulate examples such as these & we will live in harmonious communities, filled with kindness, love for each other & deep respect. A foolish dreamers paradise, i hear you say? 

the question is the simple answer to the above.

what man, be you? watter sort man my vriend,  is jy?

Saturday, January 27, 2018

creative energy conundrum

doing anything creative is about spark , ignite and the burning passion to follow through on a design or art concept. all this  requires valuable energy. who knows what fires this process up or what motivates one to wake up very early to push through a conceptual design creative process or what motivates one to put paint onto canvas or to be inspired to sketch ones ideas or to sculpt.

sadly lately we are being hit by an unprecedented amount of energy sapping negativity. its extremely difficult to get motivated on any level. i read the news all the time - from sky news to news 24 - i read. i picked up this habit when i lived and worked in London - reading the newspapers everyday was what i did. English newspapers are very meaty and full of interesting articles - not always the news of that day - but other interesting articles one wouldn't stumble upon on ones own.

today reading the news on the net  is  immediate, graphic and extremely, extremely horrific. some hoomans act in a monstrous way that defies any perceivable logic. people who  behave in these negative extreme ways are  coming out from the darkest places and are given the light to monster showcase. their unfathomable behavior is increasing and is getting sadly louder and louder.

what is the upshot of this for a chap such as myself. as a sensitive person, this barrage of extreme conduct does nothing for the creative mind. (ones creative skill level isn't important - however if one enjoys creating positive ideas then that is whats important)  its very difficult to find a spark to ignite  passion moments withing this quagmire of increasing monster negativity. one cant ignore or pretend this negative behavior  is not happening. it is seemingly getting worse by the day. journalists blur the line between reporting the news and ghoulishly salivating over the details. the more this brutal monster form of expressionism escalates it takes massive energy away from those who think deeply and are sensitive to making things that people can enjoy. a creative process that allows discussion and interaction that allows dialogue towards artistic expression is a great conversation to be had. however this is stifled by this brutal onslaught of monster type behavior that is permeating every vestige of human endeavor.

these negative monster behavior specimens  are taking so much more from humanity than just our lives - they are taking the very life blood of creative ideas. have we reached the pinnacle of mans trajectory. i wont let this deflate my energy - one must push through the thin air of any summit.
being mesmerized by the foulest of behavior is as low as one can go - i think we are so much more than the sum of our news day articles.

the minority who hold sway over the majority have taken from us for far, far to long. to give notoriety to monstrous behavior is whats fueling this extreme energy sapping behavior.

to counter act this scourge or virus behavior will require a herculean effort - but one must work hard to create the spark to ignite ones creative passion to express positive dialogue with conceptual end products.