Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the wildetect creative pheonix concept

For some, artistic creativity is formulated in the absence of rigid frameworks and red tape design rules.
These few feel that man’s endeavors to make artistic expression easier for successive generations to
work with the arc light of creative thought,  may have created a matrix of rules that stifle the very energy
they were penned to encourage. Man so easily paints himself into a corner or ties himself up with his own words. and why use the words of long dead creatives.

It is my opinion for one possible way for creativity to move past 1 dimensional dogmatic thinking – one needs to create new creative building block platforms , new formula, new ways of scribbling  creative language. New languages , new alphabets , new notes for writing down music, new languages of artistic expression in  Art , architecture. Yes as mentioned down to the very way notes are expressed on a music sheet.

To try make the point clear - think of a small community marooned on a deserted island. Interacting with their environment, knowing vaguely about the outside worlds concept of artistic expression. But excitedly starting their own creative matrix for successive generations.

This concept of actively creating new expressive  platforms will possibly free the creative from the confines of the red taped box. it might just  move human artistic expression into new fresh directions. And create a plethora of exciting ideas springing from playing with new lego blocks.

Think Connecticut Yankee in king authors court. A mind with limited knowledge of current creative expression. Able to invent New Building blocks which will be a point of departure towards new end product creative expression. massive undertaking - but exciting to push into perpetual motion. just a thought really.

Monday, July 21, 2014

wildetect art - 3 of 3

when a few of ones influences are Mondrian / Malevich.  then i suppose the outcome is definitely scripted. departing to the obvious outcome is sketch 1 - sketch 2 will be far more wildetect 3 of 3 personalized.  i really love the way the blue and red goes darker on the edges of ones vision.

"shadows on the edge of your vision" QJD wildetect 3 of 3

wildetect skateboard mantis rack - game style chair.

this wildetect mantis chair / skate rack design is heading towards a game responsive movement reaction element. because if your going to play games all day - you might as well feel like your being eaten by a viscous insectivorous animal.

wildetect F1 drop deck africana skateboards - september 2014 exhibition

wildetect style skateboard racks - 2 models - being exhibited at a cape town art gallery during september

nado storm - scorpion fish bare knuckle crime fighter

Sunday, July 13, 2014

wildetect rooster fish surf wear attachments

paddling out muizenberg  dressed up as a rooster fish yesterday - was pretty tough. firstly because im not as fit as i would like to be. secondly because 5 minutes into my paddle out to the back, i had an annoying asthma attack. and 3rdly because i looked  like Liberace just as he stormed the  stage.  rooster fish dressing is not for the shy or feint of heart. besides scaring all the kids on the beach,  i ended up scaring myself. one of my tentacles popped up next to me,  forcing the stress induced asthma attack. 

the footage isnt great - however the object of the scientific design experiment - was to see if the latest attachments work. a sort of metamorphosis from land animal to poisonous sea creature. an experiment in progress - i now need to improve on my fitness and surfing prowess.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

wildetect skateboard prototype testing - cape town

thanks Brett of fluid productions for shooting this skateboard test drive vid. the wildetect brand has been pushing fringe muizenberg design for awhile now. wildetect design is marching to its own beat and very much on the outside of the current fray. the wildetect skateboard has been through a slow long process of refinement. the board is definitely not for  riders under 16 yrs and needs to be  ridden by experienced skaters.
just as Ferrari have the one super car that requires skill to drive and is a beast on the road. wildetect skateboards fit this supercar mould - not for mass market. engineered , inspired by nature , created with design passion.