Tuesday, October 21, 2014

wildetecture at academy idt open day 29 october 2014 - innogreation


Annual Industry Day 2014
october 29th 2014 You are Invited!
WEDNESDAY 14:00 - 17:00
Ocotober 29, 2014

This is an open invitation -

Who would want to attend?
1. People interested in a career in draughting / Computer Aided Design
2. Employers looking for the best junior draughtspersons in South Africa
3. Manufacturers looking for fresh ideas
4. Anyone interested Engineering, Architecture or Design
5. anyone interested in learning how to communicate ideas clearly using sketch , technical drawing , design ideas. a design idea is not an idea if it cannot be communicated through the manufacture process. 


62 Carlisle Street - Paarden Eiland - Cape Town


Innovative Green Creation

The brief this year was broad - design anything as long as it’s green.

As well as the students’ Eco-Friendly industry day project - you will be able to view a sample of all their work through the year - the draughting disciplines include: Architectural, Structural, Piping, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical.
Please note - these students complete their final exams and will be available for employment from the end of November. Speak to Keith Cole (keith@academyidt.co.za) should you wish to recruit any of the graduates.

Please allow yourself at least an hour to view all the student exhibitions.

* Please note that by attending this event you are agreeing to the following terms:
1. Employment of students for contractual or full-time positions will be conducted through Academy IDT’s placement arm.
2. Student designs and prototypes are the property of Academy IDT and may only be used in negotiation with Academy IDT.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

nado storm - storm clouds gathering

Nado Storm -  a muizenberg , cape town based comic ive been pushing forward for several years now.  really keen to get this project back on track. along with a mechanized robotized wildetect mantis chair.  one finds so little time to do these fun passion based projects. so one has to meld all ones periphery interests into one lazer point focus. only way to get any forward movement.

Friday, October 17, 2014

tarantula qjd design studio symbiotic melding

tarantula qjd melding - had this little dude walk across my jersey. design melding -

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wildetect interior apartment design - oranjezicht cape town

wildetect 1 and 2 of 3 really put their wildetect collective creativity together to create an incredibly unique interior space in this cape town apartment.  as on every job their is a strict budget,   the wildetect creativity wasn't compromised in this interior.  new kitchen , bathroom fittings , lounge interior , new floors,  bedrooms and balcony features where needed. an extensive renovation for this interior brief - with a strict budget in mind.

this wildetect interior offsets the clients tastes - a drama student. earthy textured tone fixtures coupled with background white and a loud symbol of colour here and there. nothing ott - however very pleasing non the less.  considering a good deal of the kitchen , balcony and shelving was manufactured and installed by 1 and 2 of 3 - it was a herculean task.  its the detail on the smaller interiors that offsets the bigger picture.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

wildetect mantis chair at the makers and thinkers 2014 exhibition

its an incredible privilege for us to have the wildetect concept aesthetic sketch 003 mantis chair at this prestigious cape town design event. makers and thinkers 15th to the 18th oct. thank you to the organizers of the cape town design capitol 2014 event.

thank you for allowing wildetecture to showcase the mantis - albeit still in its 3 of 9 sketch development phase. 6 more sketches to go before it ticks all the design boxes. because design is a development of sketches - and the mantis is still under going its design construction.

wildetect aesthetics versus practicality - thinkers and makers 2014

so the design debate rages - aesthetics versus practicality - wildetect 3 o 3 is  an absolute firm believer in aesthetics uber alles.

which really means to sit on this yellow concept mantis chair sketch 003 is not at all comfortable. to get the aesthetics right first in the concept phase is the prime goal. and only then work in the functionality and comfort-ability is what this design exercise has been about. so mantis chair 003 is a concept chair - most designers dont showcase the development concepts as it shows the flaws - however in this case the warts and all is an important part of the dialogue of this piece. to comfortise this sketch from here is not an impossibility. however to get the look right first,  comfort and functionality have taken a back seat. or no seat in this case.  ive never felt compelled to fully explain the intent - however now that the chair is getting more exposure - its important to explain the design rationale.  its great to open up debate on an issue - so this chair in a small way - opens up this argument - design aesthetic versus design  practicality.

hence the mantis has a note telling the would be sitter - danger aesthetic sketch - DONT SIT!!!   in this particular sketch its actually darn right life threateningly dangerous for a number of very valid reasons. as a designer i am fully aware of this glaring design fault.   ( tongue in cheek, to those design moguls who hooded eye feel your comfort in this sketch is even a concern of mine.)    if anyone has ever tried to sit on the shoulders of a Grecian sculpture. one might find the same sort of dangerous interaction.  sculpture has always occupied an aesthetic appeal -  unless of course you like wrapping yourself around cold marble.

the first and foremost design point of departure of the wildetect mantis  has always been aesthetics. its a thinking out loud process - in a  consumer world that delivers end products to the public a dime a dozen - in this case this is a concept sketch to the public - with each chair improving aesthetics,  this is sketch 003.

for me, some design doesn't have to really tick all the boxes for the masses - and no this yellow mantis is not going to roll out into a sell-able , marketable every lounge furniture piece.  in fact i dont really want to sell a single one. this wildetect mantis chair design represents a sketch of my own thoughts and for my own reasons im very happy with it.

so aesthetics versus practicality?  for now im happy to sit on the side of the fence that ive staked my claim in.  who knows what direction my thoughts will take me tomorrow.  so in a nutshell - im fully aware of the mantis chair design faults - just as im aware im missing a tooth.  the thing is - i dont really mind much if the practicalities rip it to shreds. its already served its aesthetic purpose adequately.
for the mean time - a mantis chair needs a person like a fish needs a bicycle. and that is all i have to say about that.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

wildetects secure gallery and studio space in Franschhoek

thanks to crossfire properties and  laurence beath ,  wildetecture the design studio now has  awsome gallery premises in Franschhoek - cape town. we are busy moving our art work from youngblood gallery today, to our new gallery premises in Franschhoek.  - and will be setting up over the next 2 weeks - for an opening date on the 15th of october.

we are also going to have the wildetect mantis chair at the city of cape towns - make it new exhibition on the 15 - 19 of october at the cape town stadium. as well as the citroen ds shelf at the muizenberg festival also staring around the 15th. so things are exciting this month for the wildetects.

the other night on  tv - suddenly the ceo of cape town partnership is on the screen standing infront of the viking norse wildetect table  at youngblood gallery.  the word wildetecture is shown in the back ground,  this was huge man. on tv nogal.   what do you do - screen grab it. boom. blog

Monday, September 22, 2014

favorite design style

versatility in design

what is your favourite  design style?  this can be a very difficult question to answer, as design for me, is really  about conducting  long conversations with interesting people.  to my limited mind,  the best design is always  when the creative dialogue has been kept open for as long as possible. even whilst the last bit of paint is being touched onto the end product.  the last stitch is being sown , as the model is walking towards the runway.

 the answer to the above question is not the design style that is ones favorite - its the conversation with various people that always gets one excited. out of those conversations - what will be, will be.  as a designer one is just a catalyst to ideas buried deep in most peoples sub conscious. - whats that wise saying - see a need - fill a need.  the excitement for the designer is weaving these concepts out the mind - then  that is the best and most favourite design style for that moment in time.

as a creative designer - dont ever fall into the trap that self validation is dependent on external recognition. self validation is about stepping away from ones  ideas , in the solitude of ones studio. and being happy for the moment to leave it in that state of flux.   that feeling of,  im done for now - is the validation. as long as your content with where the concept  is - you can decide to carry on whittling or give the idea a rest.  the decision must be yours for self validation to apply.

unfortunately so much raw thought and synaptic design ideas are crushed and obliterated by loud critic and mealie mouthed design hacks. who would really, really struggle to design their way out of a 4 square paper folding exercise.  if what youve done is not enjoyed by others , listen, but dont be totally thrown off your course. after all - its your creative journey.

today and tomorrow - im going to try finish off 4 short stories rattling around my head, i still maintain dyslexics craft the purist form of creative writing. weaving thought with defunct lego blocks - can lead to a never before experienced end product.  drawing up a nado storm comic poster and buying wetsuits for my kids.  designing up a smaller Citroen ds shelf for the muizenberg festival in october.   watching a movie tonight - go out for supper.  that then is my favorite design style.