Friday, February 20, 2015

architectural fingerprint city - wildetecture

nothing in architecture or design is new under the sun really, no human design is wholly completely unique,  as we are all sparked from input we have taken in somewhere. it is virtually impossible to imagine or design something that you have not picked a thread from here,  a little bit of blue from there and a little bit of green from somewhere else.

in my mind we are very much monkey see,  monkey do design experiment conceptual artists. as a wildetect creative one takes certain shapes very literally from nature. and then interpreting those shapes into architecture.   the architectural fingerprint city concept that we proposed several years ago was way beyond maya at the time. however its really great to see the wildetect imagination becoming an everyday reality.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

VNLS - viking norse longship structure - wildetecture style

the basic design point of departure for this wildetect structure was a viking Norse long-ship. each of the 12 floors is the same ratio ellipse.  8x13 or 13x21 or 21x34 the resulting sharp edge ellipse is ended off with huge concrete stempost details.  the 13th element is the structure itself that wraps around the floors.

the real drama is in the architectural  shadow projection - as a wildetect creative it is always the absolute quest to create a depth of design way beyond the obvious. because one sacrifices   functionality at times for aesthetics. its extremely  important to make sure the aesthetics is completely sublime, overwhelming really. then the functionality design flaw is  accepted and for some minds, over looked.
the visual impact of a building of this nature overwhelms the necessary utilitarian need to occupy each inch of space. void space is equally as important as traffic-able areas.  as one is living , working , playing in an architectural sculpture - the human element is the flesh and blood and the skeletal elements is the structure itself.

im sure the long-ships of the future will be filled with fearless travelers exploring new frontiers. a building of this nature is an ode to these expansive over the horizon intrepid explorers.

Monday, February 9, 2015

wildetecture coral scape architecture - sketch 002

Architectural Graphics and Technology - wildetect style - african fauvistic sketches

wildetecture coralscape architecture -sketch 001

does anyone else notice the grazing wildebeest in this render. it was completely unintentional, possibly subliminal,  but i really love the dynamics of this print. a fusion of wild architectural design with wild african imagery.

wildetect architecture

architecture that challenges the big box,  small box trends is always going to create its own vitriolic viscous criticism or possibly small praise. African fauvistic design is not about creating architectural design that is loved by the masses. its about creating architecture that opens dialogue. debate , criticism. its for the few. its about challenging what is perceived as currently normal - and just maybe pushing the built environment envelope slightly in a direction.  away from the current rectangle , square , triangle,  circle,  Really, is that all we've got.

wildetecture is an at times brutal departure from this dynamic.

here is an african fauvistic  wildetect style feline  building , it verges strongly towards   sculpture, the engineered self-equilibrating pods would work on a gimbal type arrangement.  So the wildetecture  building would be part dynamic sculpture,  part functional living entity. visual form and function sharing equal parts of the whole. form = function.

This design encapsulates the dynamic vibrancy of  what we are architecturally experimenting with as theoretical wildetects ,  African fauvistic style.   hopefully visually the wildetect feline building speaks for itself.  what we feel is a bold step away from the big box small box architecture we see dominating our city scapes today.

like it , don't like it -  purely sculptured architectural  space is an idea / concept  as long as man has been creating living space.  our buildings reflecting wild nature in lines is a strong visual experimentation. not figurative or abstract but literally. - nothing new , new to the wildetects and definitely an architectural language worth exploring.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

wildetecture - coralscape architecture - muizenberg proposal

coralscape wildetect architecture  - african fauvistic style. a graphic  bold colour sketch.

because everything humanly architecturally conceived has been done. odes to big box, small box architecture , skinny rectangle , fat rectangle , triangles,  circles and straight edge analytic precision, all been done.

wildetect coralscape  seeks to explore different avenues of architectural shape - rough yes , naive , yes , childlike, yes - but to my mind a necessary shift in bold color and organic architectural shape,  to mold an architectural landscape more akin to the poet or the sensitive artist. than the brutal mind of the human mechanisms. dont get me wrong - i love machines, math and the fiercely analytic mind.  however i also really love the soft curved line of organic shape. 
you see , for me , juxtaposition is about the design distance and the interesting concepts between radically opposing ideas.   this architectural exploration has been done before , not by many designers,  but those who are driven to try and interpret a different approach to the everyday and the well worn path .

A wildetect design creative sits on the very far side of architectural design  reason and acceptability.  A type of joker if u will.  One has to be bold enough to listen and see all concepts without judgment.  And definitely must not  be overshadowed by current design trend thinking chatter. The concept of Wildetecture is and always has been an absolute, at times brutal departure from what is currently architecturally  or aesthetic  design acceptable.   It’s a driven passion of the astute wildetect observer to explore all.  However the wildetect observer needs to have the guts to pen what he sees and feels,  Without really caring about what the "anyone" is going to say.

and lets face it, those "anyones" who militantly and fervently piddle on other design mind parades.  usually and not always, never ever really can conjure up a parade worth piddling on.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

surprise shako mkhize - 20/02/1972 to 2008

To my mind, the artist  Surprise Shako Mkhize is Africa's parallel to Vincent van Gogh - an immensely talented artist,  taken far to early, with so much promise and  such incredible potential. dont let me sway your judgement - here are a few pieces,  which for me bring the static to life. a rare skill by an equally rare talent.

Monday, January 26, 2015

QJD design studio

architectural design is about tailoring specific needs to  individual site requirements and personal style preferences.  it takes a considerable amount of time, planning and thought.  it also takes passion and an understanding of living space.  i treat each new potential project as a process of discovery and through a minute process which can take time , uncover the secrets of your site.  whats allowable from a council perspective and what will be the best approach for you to spend your money on.

to my mind and im sure most agree,  its not a one size fits all discipline. if your looking for bish, bash, bosh, turn on a dime architectural design. then it would be best to consult a designer who specializes in that sort of thing. that approach is definetly not this studio.