Wednesday, December 10, 2014


the wildetects are getting ready to launch a life style architectural  design center.  dean sent out an APB on some lamp post designs. so obliged with a sketch between wrapping up work drawings for the year.  the concept encapsulates several of the wildetect architectural ideals weve been fervently experimenting with. without giving away to much. a launch date of concept is soon.   here is  a very rough sketch of the lamp post design. my wife reckons they look  very  dr zues like. this wasnt the point of design departure or intention.  very happy non the less that it ended up with that sort of feel. the point of departure was octopus tentacles - nautical.  just tired of the constant exactitude monotony of street furniture shape - i feel certain street landscapes need a strong organic line. we are row upon grid orientated designers. to take a leaf from a tree - few trees grow in exactly the same shape in a forest. which really adds to the forests aesthetic dynamic. why should all lamp posts in a row be exactly the same. im sure this is not new - but its new to me and the visual experimentation projections are going to be fun. also this design caters for light disks, speakers and solar panels. without having to add shape. as the circles can be multi use.

abit of " green tentacles and calamari."

Sunday, December 7, 2014

wildetect dreaming - passion or posing

from time to time i email my unsolicited wildetect design work to various design mags, furniture experts and sporting code guru's. surfing , skating,  biking.  just to get a sense of where , what,  how? to try spark a thought outside of ones own small mindset influence, create a connectivity outside the proverbial box.

creative design originality is a very strange arena to try muster up an external  interest energy. Raymond Loewe mentioned a concept called MAYA - most advanced yet acceptable. if one goes beyond this line,  one most definitely finds a very limited response from the current herd mindset of the day.  the responses are unequivocal - not hardcore enough , does not fit in to our publications current framework etc etc.  between the lines reading is - your a flipping design hack and a poser.  sometimes there is no reading between the lines - its pretty obvious. well most designers are ego fueled posers. to extrapolate a design concept out of oneself is in some ways - striking a pose.  to think anyone cares - well thats ego.  otherwise why spend days trying to think out the box, if one doesn't put ones work in front of others.  what one does find is that sometimes the box's sides are acid screen barriers - not catering for design light beyond its perimeters.  for these mindsets i suggest possibly a totalitarian existence is best suited.

its important to note the wildetect brand was started as a knee jerk reaction to being controlled by the client. so in order to maintain sanity - one has to get rid of the client. get rid of the perimeters everyone else is working in. yes, yes  its completely foolish as the client has the money. but their in lies  the exhilaration of the design.  no client , no money - what else can possibly drive you to spend hours conceiving left of center design ideas?  foregoing food , comforts and the like, for months on end!  some would say passion ,  some will definitely say poser. me personally - i say - i dont really care. because im actually having fun. 

so whether the designs are not hardcore enough or the furniture is flipping uncomfortable. this is my personal  interpretation of things around me. and i think everyone should start creating their own artistic interpretations and stop worrying about marketability , sustainability of concept. what would the past dead masters do?  wheres wally?   and just start  free wheel designing. try it - wildetect style. go get sparked. go think of and communicate an idea that epitomizes you that isnt confined to the thinking of  the everyday herd. i dare you. send it to all and sundry and watch how your unique design idea gets completely shattered and massacred - then go on ,  do it again. an explosion of creative thought - man , it keeps your sense of humor, i tell you. definitely makes sure the design poser in you doesn't take itself to seriously.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

a leading science fiction writer once said

i absolutely  love this paragraph out of the forward to john wyndham's book,  the seeds of time.  for any designer / creative or  writer  who has ever knocked on  thousands of doors to gain attention for ones work.  john wyndham to my mind is an incredible story teller and a truly imaginative writer extraordinaire.  his ability to put one into the future is matchless.

i particularly  love how aptly he explains the creatives originality plight. and how succinctly he dismisses those who speak for all.

that conviction that sustains ............... , wow .

Monday, December 1, 2014

wildetect lion head skateboard deck design

the concept of creating sculpture into functionality is nothing new,  trying to explore how far to push a skateboard deck into the realm of artistic sculpture isnt either. but im very sure this wildetect lion head skateboard deck creation is something not yet seen in either discipline.  abit like the wildetect viking norse longboat table. VNLT
as a wildetect creative fervently and constantly working on   output of  design. creating a portfolio of evidence is the only pursuit that proves or disapproves ability. design is, as design does,  creative endeavor is, as it does.  both being a "doing" exercise.

it sounds really crazy i suppose - one of the most  design "now" awakening experiences for me was when i had a rther large skin cancer hitchhiker removed from my back. (all my surfing)  i  suddenly realized not enough days to create  left. so ive been in super over drive design mode ever since. these wildetect designs are therapeutic for me - so they dont have to make sense to you. and you dont have to like them, infact id rather you didnt.   told you its crazy.

on another design note - architecture is such a stoic discipline - i like to think wildetecture is a tongue in cheek response to this sombre, serious mindset. my experimentation's of form and shape in other design disciplines are part of  a learning process. and  this design  journey is mine - and when its done - i hope ive said everything i wanted to say.  and if i havent - maybe someone else will carry on the conversation.

talking to designers across all disciplines - the only thing that counts  is a body of original work.  this is what the wildetects are passionately putting together. talking to many designers one also finds that talking doesnt really count, if one is not "doing". architecture , art , interior , sculpture , fashion, product design - the only indication of any sort of ability is output, output and more output.  now im not foolish to believe my wildetect output will  be liked. but nobody can really argue about the synaptic shear volume of wildetect work. across several disciplines.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

wildetect skateboard deck range 2014 - revolution series

the next set of organic wildetect shaped skateboard decks is ready for the anvil and firing. these form part of the wildetect skateboard,  cape town revolution series 2014.  taking brutal african fauvistic inspiration from machine aesthetics.  however trying not to lose the hint of  africa organic shape,  of adder or curved line.  adding a touch of the medieval knight and hard edged  geometric linear.
wildetect style.
will start these wildetect prototype manufacture this week. interesting to see how they perform in the test runs. the last set of shapes took awhile to perfect. a good couple of tar burns and scary down hill moments. coming up to 44 in 4 days. interesting to see if i can still recover as fast from the R and D process.

skateboard deck design as interpreted by a wildetect creative. using  patented  organic spine technology.

further musings of wildetect 3of 3

the raw dsgien sketch is still for me the most powerful means of unleashing dgsein potential. one man sees complete piffle another sees absolute possibilities. the disegn sketch unleashes the mind to synaptic conceptual ideas. to work this raw idea to completion,  becomes the fervent task of the designer. to prove that this idea can work,  is where life becomes extremely exciting.

wildetect design - when the lights go out - thanks to load shedding in cape town

something about drawing in the drama of candle light.  thinking of fire being a living entity,  consuming oxygen and transferring energy. so thanks  for the load shedding - wouldn't realize this reality if it wasn't created out of necessity to finish what i was working on.