Tuesday, November 22, 2016

wildetecture timber wolf

did not  really like the other wolf sketch eyes i did,  i am very happy with this sketch. pulled it out a little - the tiger eyes are immediately recognizable up close - however the wolf in my sketches wasn't. so by pulling it back slightly i got the effect i was hoping for. still just a sketch - the next one will be better.
the plight of an artist -
always just a sketch and ones next work will always be better. one just hopes when one checks out you've reached doing work one feels is your best work.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 ending off shchweetly - yup u redrite

heading out this morning to Elgin with the wildetect crew 1,2,3  to check out a site for a massive wildetect sculpture for a Belgium client on a wine farm. wildetect 2 of 3 taking lead on that design.

The ripple house is almost done and the interiors are mint, builders still on site - Swedish client with style - just see sculptured stair balustrades. also just received an order for an original wildetect Viking Norse Longboat Table  for Washington DC. the brass bell wildetect alterations  are almost complete. and our modernist cubist home is breaking ground in baronetcy estate cape town shortly,  exciting times for African fauvistic design - wildetects are definitely looking set for 2017.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

wildetecture "flight of fancy"

An architectural roof landscape is where the sculptural  drama can be dramatically heightened.  if the hard edged architectural component is the plinth to the sculpture,  then the roof drama is the sculpture.

wildetect "flight of fancy" is experimenting with sketches for this concept.  taking the concept of "perceived kinetic architecture" and creating a plan layout inspired by a flock of flying birds, "Earth branded architecture" one  then has the elements and drama to create a series of sculptured flying bird roof landscape sculptures,"disintegration of perspective" and who knows what the "Architectural shadow projection" will be. African Fauvistic,  wildetecture style.

The buildings  themselves are merely the plinth on which the sculptured roof landscape rests. lightweight sculptured elements creating a soft visual transition between earth and sky. using familiar sky found elements to lead us from hard man interpreted edge to organic line to pure blue.

One could look at creating this level of architectural aesthetic transition on existing architectural  buildings. a chance to create a sculptured platform to showcase a "flight of fancy."  retro fit dramatic roof landscapes to visually stimulate the current architectural somber big box , small box machine.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wildetecture thrombocyte building concept

as designers some of us beat our chests and think our work is wonderful and unique and our ego's expand with every stroke of the pen. then we see nature has done it all before,  a very long time ago and we are mere copy artists of creations absolute beauty. creating sculptural habitable living spaces - keying in to the wild Africa inspired Lego blocks around us - now that is something to get excited about.

wildetecture - "volatus" perceived kinetic architecture

WILDETECTURE  the fervent pursuit of sculptural form within the big box small box domain of architectural design. 

1) perceived kinetic architecture
2) disintegration of perspective
3) earth branded architecture
4) architectural shadow projections
5) architectural musical interludes