Tuesday, January 17, 2017

wildetecture VNLT looking to get recognized with award

The year is starting very well it seems - we have received an email inviting us to submit our VNLT design as an entry into the European Product Design Award (ePDA) for 2017

Only this morning boldly declaring that the wildetects where attempting to steal Africa's artistic expression back from the rest of the world - we are suddenly now invited to get design recognition in Europe  - "NICE". - mmmmm what else can we declare to steal. - mmmmm , we as the wildetects are going to steal space travel from tesla - (foot tapping whilst we wait - dum diddly dee - any minute now - tap tappidy tap , diddly pom ...)

i was interviewed once by SA decor & design blog

November 8, 2012
Quinton J Damstra has been running his own architectural design studio  for 11 years, QJD design studio, designing over 100 new homes and over 500 alterations and additions. The Wildetects main objective is to create designs that are not static, but designs that are daring and unashamedly vibrant and bold – capturing the blur representing movement in the comic strip. We get close up and personal with Quinton  who is  passionate  about design and making a difference.

Where did you get started?
Design aesthetic is always for me the first point of departure. I know it’s not the analytical designer’s first step. I design my furniture creations from an emotional space. And admittedly emotion is not always reasonable and that is why my furniture is a very personal exploration. It’s not for mass market appeal and I found several years ago designing between the lines of acceptability wasn’t exactly satisfying for me. So my furniture designs are an expression of my own design journey and that’s what inspired me to get started in furniture design.
 What is  your style?
I follow an African fauvistic design style – wildetecture – the fauna and flora of Africa is as beautiful as it is wild – and exploring this dynamic African energy concept has been rather exciting and produced some interesting end results.
Up and coming projects
I have been designing a range of wildetect style skateboards and chess pieces – as well as several homes now nearing completion.
The best thing about being a furniture designer.
The experimentation of form – to interact with your own design once its built is always exciting – being brutally honest about mistakes and needed improvements keeps one grounded and champing at the bit to create model 2 and then 3 etc.
Who inspires you?
People who are able to support families and pay bills with limited means – they do this without fanfare and they seem to enjoy the moments between the 9 to 5.  architects who inspire me are Antoni Gaudi, Hundertwasser, Bart Prince, Tadao Ando. Irving J Gill.
 I am the happiest when.
I’m with my wife Mandy, Tayze and logan-hawke our kids and our 2 crazy sausage dogs – Minky and Rory.
Best furniture piece purchased.
I must say it’s our Klooftique leather couch – we purchased the model called the fat boy – I love my lazy Sunday afternoon time.
 My involvement with the WCFI.
I lecture design at academy IDT – the WCFI has been one of the most accessible design forums, initiatives for my students to engage with in SA. The industry and client design arena can be rather a daunting place for most students. However when a design initiative can reach over the chasm of  no confidence and not much experience – and provide a solid platform and a clear pathway for a design student to showcase individual talent to industry,  then it has achieved something very special. So my involvement is to send as many of my design students to the wcfi as possible – to cut their teeth in a kindly design environment before the acid test of the big wide design world.

Quinton J Damstra qjdamstra@new.co.z  Cell: +27 82 458 2766  www.wildetecture.com

WILDETECTURE African fauvistic design

WILDETECTURE - "comprises in part, of the art expressions stolen OR borrowed from Africa. the WILDETECTS ARE ENDEAVORING TO STEAL THEM BACK. "

Had our first wildetect meeting of 2017 yesterday, at a coffee shop in cape town - no better place to shoot the breeze. we have offices in bree street and have the privlege to meet in the green room at academy IDT in roeland street. however on occasion its just great to meet in a coffee shop - we have a preferred one, but will punt that ol name when we get a free coffee - not their yet we just incognito at the moment.

we have agreed to expand the hands and feet department of wildetecture considerably this year. invited 3 more frothing wildetect type creatives on board to capitalize on the wildetect concept creative platform we have been building for the last 8 yrs.

So get ready for a few new design concepts that will create left of center thinking across the board. our new wildetecture logo is set to redefine the concept of logo's in the digital age - designed by Tyrone Pearce - very excited about this project. because as the wildetects we can design logo's, but not anything like this - the mathematics involved in this end product left me scratching my head.

for 2017 expect new wildetect type architectural designs , art, furniture, skateboard decks and surfing attachments and wild African fauvistic design.

Tyrone Du Preez is also joining the team as we look at expanding the brands reach and capabilities. we are doing a photo shoot this Friday and as photo shoots go - its always fun. attached a shot of a previous shoot - with calvin siderfin - wild cape town wind sculpted trees - wildetects peering into the distance of the sea looking perhaps for the flying dutchman.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


did an interview once apon a time for sa creative - 

Who is Quinton J Damstra and what do you do?
The creative design arena carries certain responsibilities and for me these duties include being principally an architectural design practice – QJD design studio.  However I don’t limit my energy to one creative design discipline and tend to dabble across the board – a preferred creative multi disciplinary. My other pursuits are a child like experimentation with form, colour and design concepts. I feel when I’m 80 yrs old, I’m still not going to know much about the creative world around me and my abilities will still be needing vast improvement. It’s with this fascination and creative experimentation attitude that I approach each new creative design project, whether its furniture design, interiors, graphics, art or sculpture.
An Artsmad (my surname backwards)  creative design conceptual scientist, if you will.

For those who don’t know what is Wildetecture?
The wildetects passionately pursue design ideals that are not always the order of the day – we have boldly gone where many, African continent dwellers have gone before without giving the concept or creative design procedure a term. We articulate our wild designs like a boom, boom, boom hi-ace taxi on a Johannesburg Soweto run or if you will a wild million dollar forex transaction in an Angolan bush market. We embrace Africa as Africa is right now – not as the western world would want her to be. Africa is and always has been an untameable continent and “not much that is wild is comfortable” – Dean Hoffman 2012.  So it’s this edge of the seat attitude we are fervently exploring to unleash in our creative designs.
Being passionate about teaching, design and architectural draughting at academy IDT in Century City, Cape Town and having the privilege to teach sustainable building in Khayalitsha informal settlement, I find a room full of design minds a very exciting place to be.  It’s very vibrant and full of yet to be realized potential. It’s out of this environment the wildetects and the concept of wildetecture was nurtured. 1 student from year 2009, Warren Hoffman and 2010 Dean Hoffman, both display a freakishly wild creative design ability and its always refreshing to see their interpretation of the client design brief. As the wildetects believe in approaching the client with 3 individual proposals, with the preferred client, design being the design we all wrap around eventually. The last wildetect client brief we had, Warren nailed it even though Dean’s and my proposals where pretty strong.  This stung a bit, but Warren’s concept was really brilliant.
In a nutshell when one visits an informal settlement there is an unmistakable energy in these communities. And it’s this collective energy that wildetecture is keen to harness and experiment with creatively in our built environment. It’s trying to tap creatively, my experience of living and working in Africa with that of others living and designing around me.
Wildetecture is the pursuit of wild fauvistic African design –
The attitude of the fauvists really resonates with us – wild colourful  unchecked brush strokes on canvas – so we coined fauvistic – I don’t think it’s a word – but then nor is wildetect or  wildetecture. This wild attitude permeates Africa; one just has to try going against the morning rush hour traffic in any of our northern border African cities.  All lanes in and out of the city are completely blocked with one way traffic in – none of these 3 lanes in and 3 lanes out with 1 car on. When one goes into an informal settlement it’s like stepping from a world of classical music and afternoon tea to pulsating loud drum beats. The energy is significantly different. It’s trying to, in a small way harness this energy into something creative.
 The Pray Mantis chair is an impressive piece of work, what inspired this work?
During a particularly black dog mood – one of the many mantises that visit me in my office was sitting on my computer screen, seemingly watching me. I started off with a huge mantis building with the shapes I saw in front of me. However, a chair was by far the more tame option to put before anyone. The mantis home and building will follow. Making a pray mantis form comfortable is now the challenge. Shape and form is the easy part
In your opinion, how do you see the growth of creativity progressing, if there is any?
Opinions can and are  very dangerous at times – however as Africans living on our dynamic continent – our creativity is directly proportional to our confidence – and as a collective design culture we are fast becoming more confident in what we have to say and our unique African creative abilities. And it’s listening to the soft small voice, whilst the loud shouting washes over us.   It’s very sad and true that most sensitive creative minds are bullied into submission by critics before ever reaching their potential.  As we know everyone is a springbok coach until they are actually given the job – then it’s an unforgiving occupation. I liken being a design idea creative much the same. So it’s really for us to have the confidence to push through this creative critic barrier and design for oneself rather than anyone else. You might surprisingly find one or 2 people might even like the creative work we do when the dust settles.
What is the Wildetects working on currently?
We are busy with a school and a few exhibition stands and furthering our wild out of Africa furniture range and built environment ideals.
To this date what project would you say you are most proud of and why?
Being part of the team that created the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre phase 1 in Green Point Cape Town 2001. Learning from Chris Brown architect and personally drawing up over 900 drawings for this project before it was completed. There is something special about being part of a team and working on big projects – for me it is much more satisfying than creating individually. That is why I enjoy interacting with the fellow wildetects, thinking creatively is a team effort and it is to my mind why we were designed. To work together as one organism is what South Africans are doing very well.
For those who are looking to do what you do, what advice would you give them?
You will have many folk tell you unequivocally that you shouldn’t be near a pen, pencil, cad machine, design project – and you for your part must listen to the soft small voice, whilst all the loud shouting washes over you. Develop the confidence and a tough thick creative skin like an African wild animal. And most of all have pure and simple fun within your chosen creative discipline or just simply dabble in them all. You must work on improving your creative communicative skills like drawing. Sketching, painting, 3d modelling and draughting. And then using these skills to spend as much time conceptualising a future you would love to live in. I’m sure the top artists always feel the next work is going to be the best, as they strive to unleash on the canvas what’s in their minds. It’s never ever the same, however as we improve our skills we slowly reduce this creative communicative chasm. The creative mind skill conundrum.
Where can we see more

Thursday, January 12, 2017

why not create a design school in Khayelitsha ?

Apart from being heavily involved with QJD design studio and Wildetecture, (evidence of these 2 studios work is very much available on the net.)  What folk might not be aware of is  i am also a teacher. i have been a contract chalk and talk teacher since 1994, when i worked as a lecturer for the CAD training center, teaching multi disciplinary draughting skills on the drawing board and CAD.

To be brutality honest about my experience as a chalk and talk teacher. the real value for me is the process of teaching itself , the passion of making a very small difference in a students life. because in my experience there simply aint no money in teaching. so if your thinking of taking up a profession in education to make money - you might want to re-look at what makes you really happy. and if its making moola - i would suggest finding another profession.

moving on -

Having facilitated classes in multi disciplinary draughting, CAD driver skills and design over the years since then. i have been part of the teaching set up in several draughting training facilities since 1994 here in SA.

listed below are a few of the learning institutes ive been involved and am currently involved in.

CAD training center , academy of draughting , intec colleges group, Damelin, Northlink colleges, i am currently on the academic board and a lecturer at the academy of inventive design and technology. Academy IDT. i am also an examiner and a moderator for the DHET TVET colleges here in SA. since 2008 i have set exams, ISATS and moderated papers for Achitectural graphics and technology L2,L3,L4 , CAD, drawing office procedures and techniqus L3. i have also been privileged enough to advise on the compilation of unit standards.

I  was invited to facilitate a 2 week basic NQF1 sustainable community housing course in Khayelitsha informal settlement by the sustainability institute,  the department of human settlements & juta books awhile back.  held at the library and on a site where we could practice actually building foundations and plinth walls and cast concrete floors. - the students where mostly Xhosa speaking and of varying ages. because of the language issue it was easier for me to communicate in hand drawn  pictures,  i compiled these lessons on A1 paper in front of the class. which powerfully illustrated the concepts being taught without 2 much verbal dialogue. trying to overcome the obvious language barrier. the amazing thing was the pictures i received back from the students after the lessons. bearing in mind that these students had no formal artistic or draughting training. the natural ability was astounding for me and i realized the talent within this community for design and communicating using sketch is to my mind untapped. 
Schools are set up that force a particular way of thinking, the student needs to fit into the framework of the educational system, adapt or fail.  this is the exact schooling system i struggled against when i was learning - by me trying a different less stressful approach to teaching for me had incredible results. below is 2 of the architectural 3d sketches given to me by 2 students after a lesson. this they did on their own after watching me sketch 3 dimensional drawings of foundations , houses , walls and plinths.

why am i writing this blog - well

I just read Mr Gates and Mr Zuckerberg are not funding a few schools in Africa anymore. this is very sad,  as education is definitely something that makes a massive difference in  lives. if these 2 gentleman want to discuss funding a Pilate design school option here in CT, for folk living in informal settlements - i would be very happy to work on the DNA for the first design school. i have a passion and experience to make the graduates of this learning facility punch way above their weight in the world of work. the school can act as a bridging course to further engineering studies once the graduates have added value  and gained experience in the world of work. 

i feel i am perfectly placed to create a meaningful interaction between the various role players across the world of work platform. from the informal settlement student to the various industry controlling councils, voluntary associations (i have been an exec member of the SAID since 2001)  and the possible design learning facility.

please see the 2 passionately draughted pictures from the 2 students who completed the 2 week sustainable building course i facilitated. all the other drawn work i handed in to be moderated by the institution running the course. these 2 pictures where done for me to say thank you and after just 1 week of teaching.  they where inspired to use their entire set of donated crayons on these pictures. they are extremely bold, vibrant and exciting - exactly what Africa stands for - however the learning facilities are out of these peoples grasp. creating a design school that instills a passion is how one would look to bridge the divide between and informal settlement dweller and first world professional practice.

So to Mr Gates and Mr Zuckerberg why dont you take a chance on a small design school DNA venture project. im sure you would know how to reach me and what i would need to bring to the table in order to show suitable commitment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

wildetecture inspired by the wise past

if one had to create a city in the footprint of a crop circle with the the idea of the Nazca puquios, then oh what a fine city that would be.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

wildetect t shirts

wildetect t shirts - the scorpion fish moth eye print is if you dont want sharks to attack you on land. it really works - ive tried it. no attacks.