Tuesday, October 23, 2018

evokatism art movement

the idea of being part of an artistic perpetual motion conversation, that is held over many hundreds of years is an exciting notion. participants in this artistic dialogue dont have direct access to the now dead artists who started the conversation. but we have access to their work, this is the inspiration for the conversation itself.

then to interpret ones own perspective into this dialogue - creates the artistic conversation over time - evokatism. below you might be able to see who is part of this artistic conversation - this way one can open up several lines of communication with a few previous artists. and  carry the dialogue along into a far future time.

it also allows for a building of artistic notions without saying the same thing. art allows one to speak to a fellow earth traveler 1000 yrs from now - whether its written artistic endeavor or painted. the skeleton of end product paves the way for the flesh of conversation in the current moment.

the hand prints or the incredible animal sketches on the cave wall. what say you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

wildetecture whale lights - morukuru beach lodge - de hoop

on Friday evening wildetecture was privileged enough to attend the Morukuru beach lodge opening in De hoop. its about 2 hours from cape town and is in an incredible setting. we where treated to incredible food by the hosts and spectacular sightings of whales from the shore -

wildetect 2 of 3 designed 3 whale lights for the space - they came out mint and look incredible - the dining room is pulled together nicely under the deco cubist lighting. an incredible evening with a great live band and fantastic food - wow - and thank you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

answered a few questions for someones thesis

below is my answers to a questionnaire relating to a sustainability project - from time to time i wrap my small experience around my current limited knowledge to answer a few questions for someones project. 

happy to fill in this questionnaire - i am part of "QJD design studio" and "wildetecture design studio"  - google images for both - that's what we do.  i prefer the term wildetect when referring to what i do, because i try to be an African fauvistic designer. (what is that? will let you know once its in place (might take a lifetime)  - its all still very much under construction.

the answers below. - are my opinion (hate opinions,  but i reckon its best to formulate one rather than to have one thrust upon you) i also feel certain opinions are organic and should be - so what i write below is a snapshot of what i currently think. but as i get older, hopefully wiser i will change these opinions for better ones. so my current personal thoughts on architectural sustainability and design is  also organic. you see as humans and in our current design mindset.  we are sadly currently rampantly harvesting the earths resources and then we use them against our environment - we are by definition the perfect little mankind virus - destroying our host, every brick, every tar encrusted road and every concrete structure we put up. this can only change when we start to  put back 99% more than we take out of the environment,  at the moment that equation is very much reversed. 

one or 2 cultures over time have managed to live without causing 2 much damage to the environment - they never tried to own the land but rather worked with nature to maintain a perfect balance. the KHOISAN and the Native Americans are 2 cultures that spring to mind. i love the way they both went about living as communities, taking it very seriously when they had to kill to eat - showing utmost respect towards nature , at every single turn. they embodied wisdom we could and should be applying today. 

answers to questions below

question 1
i would love to and i do try promote this concept.   but sadly design now days is driven by price and affordability and the clients budget - at present all these words representing green, sustainability , disassembly mean the project is going to cost much more and the client doesn't like that. so its a great concept  and currently i try put these ideas forward - but when the costs come back - it seems to be cheaper to go with the new building materials to site.  hopefully that will change very soon. companies capitalizing on these sexy sustainable word picture concepts might want to dial back their costs and approach more from a humanitarian level. (not all companies are like this - but when i see green - i sadly do feel the price to build has just shot up considerably)

question 2
absolutely - if we can stop this tar, concrete encrusted jungle expanding right now - re-use the current building blocks we have already harvested and created up till now.  put this kind of policy in place as a way forward in architectural construction - with limited and controlled new materials being introduced to the built environment system - we can arrest back our planet from the greedy and short sighted. but this sadly  is an idealistic view point - so we just do small obeisance to the green concept,  whilst we currently rip the eyes out of mother nature. 
this mindset needs to change asap.

question 3
yes definitely - for design to be pure it needs to be holistic - at the moment our designs are driven by budget - which means the cheapest and nastiest building blocks are used on site- when we design and the end product goal is absolute sustainability - when a city can produce pure water and oxygen like a plant,  at the end of its many processes and not plastic, vile sewage waste and pollution. when our design system supports this holistic design process positively - we will be putting back more than we are taking out - we will have reached a point in our built environment that is to my mind the "beautiful city design." at present we dont have enough altruists to make this concept viable. more dreamers and less capitalists are urgently required.

question 4
yes this is what every futurist has been putting forward from the Khoi to Tesla. the idea of working with the earths resources sofly, softly is a very important concept. but man being the vile little creature he is - we only respond when the fires we have created and maintained start running out of fuel and start burning our very own backsides. that is why we have these words currently called disassembly, sustainability - but they are just words for now to my mind, used to fill in a contract. these words need the flesh and blood of designers who genuinely are concerned about how our processes are destroying our planet. and that is the challenge - taking it from sexy speech into viable action.

question 5
shopping malls for one - represent the extreme consumerist mindset of us all. old school markets are better and have less impact on the environment - in the past people catered for just their daily needs. milked the cow, made cheese and butter themselves,  picked the vegetables, traded and still enjoyed a full life. now everything is done for us - we just buy it in a plastic throw away container.  so we can have products that last years, to store  for generations,  all the while turning gold (our environment)  into trash. our current design system is losing value with every small plastic item created. the balance between old school and new school will allow us to slow down enough to then realize when we are going to fast. people are aware of the plastic nightmare - but its no where near as controlled as it should be. 

question 6 
no - would love to - my only concern is it will drive up the budget and the time taken to complete. if we stop wanting things instantly,  we can go back to a time when magnificent design was thought out and implemented over time using all facets of current human knowledge and expertise.

question 7 
yes materials are important to sustainability - and hence to this concept of disassembly. in the future we must look to organic building materials - growing  our architectural built environment - look to the tree - a perfect machine that has oxygen as its end product, and many creatures hinge off its branches and roots. - if our materials can boast that type of track record,  then we will lose the tag of being the earths number 1 - VIRUS. so when our scientists and clever people stop looking for ways to kill as many people in war and start looking for ways to live this life with nature in mind  - we will have  a full sector on board who can really help with designing our architectural materials better. 

question 8
i think this concept of permanence is the problem with our approach to architectural design - every few generations  should have the privilege of designing their own working and living spaces - at present we inherit a building and then heritage romanticizes the place and we then try keep it going for ever. buildings get old and tired over time - when i worked in London measuring up old buildings to draw onto CAD,  i realized old buildings develop a unique smell  - "a too many people smell". i think we need to look at creating building blocks that can interchange and be reused within the context of new structures. this building architecture to last forever is a lazy mans notion of causing future generations to sleep. ive never seen a wigwam city that was built 400 years ago still in place. maybe their is something in that notion. architectural designers want glorified permanence - then maybe they should dabble in artistic sculpture and leave the habitation challenges to those who dont mind not leaving a megalith in their wake.

i say these things as an idealist but as a realist i know their is only really one solution to this systems architectural challenges - and its not disassembly or sustainability it is something much, much  more magnificent than anything we as humans can ever create. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

short story collection - wildetect 3 of 3

Amongst this and that i enjoy spending time writing a short story or 2 - like listening to certain music - writing aligns ones mind - whether one is good at it or not is irrelevant to the need to achieve this alignment.

outcome although important is secondary to the process. if one writes for others then im sure that one is called a brilliant writer - however to write solely for oneself - then one is just someone who writes. then its not so important how good the work is - just that the creative work is now set outside of oneself. my latest NDCP short story is an interesting loop.

i write what i feel - the last few weeks have been really tough - what with hectic external happenings i have no major power to help with. huge violent protests close to where i live, escalation of murders between people i dont know across the world. world leaders shaking with this hand, punching with the other. if one is a sensitive sort , then these things effect one immensely. couple ones personal work stress to this and things can get out of your control quickly. you now have a perfect storm to write within.

my sum of short stories is 8 , with a man is a virus essay in between


for me when im doing anything creative i feel im stealing time from something more important. an ideal scenario for me would be to get an old barn in the karoo - a big space with high volumes. then i would build a massive stone fire place within its confines. i would attach a bungy cord to the centre of the barns ceiling inside. around me in a circle from the center i would set up 8 complete creative work stations. 2 for artistic painting , 1 for creative sketching, 1 for comic writing, 1 for architectural designs,  1 for creative writing, 1 CAD station and then a dreamer station.

obviously a full carpentry / model building workshop for building stuff would be part of the periphery - not part of the creative circle. i so want to build a model of wildetecture coral city. time , time , time.

i would plug myself in to the bungy cord with my custom built harness. then i would start for the day. the cord allows me to jump / fly between stations. - oh a good coffee station would be within the flight path. so as soon as my synaptic thought process wants to do something , i jump to that station. every station would be fully set up, fully loaded for each task. so no need to break the process. i reckon 1 day a week just doing that I would fuel incredible alignment. i would be doing this for me - not for anyone else - the pure enjoyment of being able to flit between creative stations is the goal. the outcome of thought - the skeletons of endeavor - well that will be a the personal journey of making sense of the bigger picture.

just remember one doesn't have to be brilliant at anything to try - you just need a small spark - this tiny little spark deep within your own mind - ignites an inferno of creative thought - many depressives dont have an outlet for this inferno and it consumes one. many sensitive to this worlds utter brutality dont get respite. a small part of dealing with stress is to just get ones creative process outside of oneself - on paper, on canvas. dont do it for others - thats the biggest mistake - do it for yourself.

i love music and i would love to write a symphony - do i have any experience in this field yet - no i dont - but i feel if i could just concentrate on the building blocks of an array of small sounds. approach this from a direction never before conceived. my own direction.  i can create something that you will never hear - but for me the process would be incredible - this notion of perfection stifles the process. just do creative endeavour for oneself - listen to what you have put together and afterwards get rid of it and then start again. one must sometimes simply be captivated by the creative process,  not always this outcome based idea of all things creative. learn from the process - enjoy the process.

remember when one places ones heart at cold foul feet - the soft warmth will simply get squished between gnarled filthy toes. always be selective of where you showcase your creative work. and if the time is not correct - rather keep it close to yourself and enjoy the process - make the outcome secondary. but never ever stop, no matter how much rome burns.

Monday, June 4, 2018

artistic conversation is the mother of all disease

myself and a  friend of mine got stuck into a hearty conversation along the lines of why is some art worthy of a mention, whilst some is a complete non starter. not a long chat but a robust debate which stirred the soul. he is a chef and an aspiring musician , both creative outcomes have a very definite end product measure - the foods edible or terrible,  you can either play music or its a noise. art appears to be more difficult to decipher - that is why for me,  its fascinating. i have met many creatives over time and most are very passionate about their chosen medium of expression. most have talent - however most are still on the road to self discovery. an arduous road filled with surprises, twists, pit falls and dragons.

art to my mind is about starting a perpetual motion conversation - what makes some conversations longer and more intense than others? well there is simply no exact formula and their shouldn't really be - what works for one shouldn't really work for another - each person breaking through the artistic ceiling membrane needs to do so on an individual basis. that keeps things fresh and organic.

i have met some incredibly talented artists who's work is less sought after than a contemporary who might appear less involved in the process.  many creatives, artist cry foul and bemoan this unfairness - however artistic endeavor is not about the monetary value - (although it definitely is.) people flock to see a painting that has a huge price tag - but wont really look twice at one that has no real financial  value.

the best art for me is that which seeks to put the human mind disease on a canvas - that which expresses internal emotion, or makes you wonder more about the artists state of mind - still life and flowers are great and definitely have  a place - however that which seeks to express the human condition and journey in its raw undiluted form is extremely intriguing. its why one is drawn to music that stirs your very imagination and soul.

my friend is also more of an engineering minded individual,  so everything has an exact mathematical outcome and a pure exact route. art to my mind  is more for the dreamer , the person who likes to explore their own unique journey and  then individually express it. their is no real exact outcome - the art i love the most is that which has me wanting to share the journey with the artist - if they are dead then its the fascination of what where they like - its a brief sniff of a life lived. i suppose a silly analogy is the fascination people have of old photos of Marilyn Monroe , James Dean.  what makes some lives more intriguing than others, that i cant say.  just go look at some art work - and if it sparks you even in a small way  - then the artist has started a conversation with you - a line of communication has been opened - not one you might ever really understand - but one that keeps you intrigued.

brilliant art - reaches out to you every time you interact - and that is the value of art to my mind - very few artists achieve this level of communicative expertise - but when you experience it - its rather extraordinary. as artists we should all strive to create art work that speaks volumes on our behalf - the depth of that conversation will determine how long that line of communication stays open - as your thoughts reach across time to spark a fellow like minded earth traveler in another age.

Monday, April 23, 2018

wildetecture cross section of wild architectural design ideas - from sculpted flying bird truss roof designs to sculptural leopard buildings - wildetecture firmly believes there is "nothing new under the sun" - the only thing that changes is our human perspective and depending on your vantage point - that perspective will depend on what will be.

these wildetect designs have all been seen before within natures setting - nothing really new under the sun, just a fresh built environment interpretation, that is all.

so the architect who designs from a wonderful "self" perspective is negating the absolute fact that nature is and always will be our guide to sustainable , beautiful aesthetically pleasing architecture. man has always proved to be cubist by nature however natures possibilities are endless. mans academic view of give me a pill to save time, spills out in every endeavor. well living in Africa one has a different perspective - to sit and stare at the vast natural beauty around one is the pill and fortunately it hasn't been invented by man.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

wildetecture - coral scape city

 wildetecture coralscape city - these skyscraper designs  combine a high tensioned sculptured concrete buttress with a lightweight flooring system.
wildetecture is about passionately exploring wild aesthetic from nature. we dont claim to have  thought of anything first because the natural world around us is streets ahead of where we currently are on everything. however we do claim to have attempted to cross over into this natural aesthetic into a habitable more sculptural built environment.  buildings that mimic the form of our wild Africa landscape - where nature rules supreme.

coralscape skyscraper city - every ocean fronting city should have sculptural architecture that mimics the sea. big box, small box architecture and less is more is ultimately more of less.

Monday, April 9, 2018

wildetecture - rough sketch cellular built environment solution.

we have a wildetecture office whatsup group chat, because we all work remotely,  its necessary to keep the work dialogue going on projects, so ive decided to air a few thoughts sent to this group recently - nothing major really.

Sometimes we work blindly in the dark, creating design conceptual ideas not linked to any current design conversations that we are aware of. this can be to my mind more powerful than designing with all the lights on, being influenced by the accumulative thought processes of all around one. that very quiet space when its your own thoughts, aligning with ones many influences. 

The above cellular city scape rough sketches are Abit of theoretical analysis. There is a point between our extended imagination and the now reality,  which we can currently try and design towards.  These very rough conceptual sketches are abit past that exact point. 

To my mind they are necessary if we as wildetect designers want to open up solutions that go beyond big box, small box, big budget, no money architecture. We need to really start unpacking our SA built environment issues. 

At the moment in SA our architecture and our socio economic differences are not remotely going in the same future direction. the erxell concept tried to address this in a very minor way - however never really gained any traction. the idea of creating constructive dialogue from the bottom up was linked around the erxell concept.

with constant continued dialogue and plenty of wildetect conceptual sketches. Maybe this process might spark a less parallel trajectory between the current informal and formal sectors in SA. and create a trajectory  that looks to at least intersect some valuable point down the line.  

That's really the point of this constant  barrage of very rough wildetect sketches. 

To try create further discussion towards a more unified future built environment in SA .  
that will be more inclusive of the informal and the formal SA building landscapes. 
At the moment these 2 very divergent  habitable spaces are unfolding within one city space. 
 a form of Old wise Africa crashing into modern flash and cash ideals. Africa's age old ideals include "abuntu" which is not a mindset found in many places around the world. this concept alone was streets ahead of where the rest of the world has been. sadly with the meddling of the rest of the world - abuntu is just an age old very wise concept in Africa. 

These rough sketches,  like nature's simple cell seeks  to merge, unify these 2 current SA city dynamics to create dialogue for one seamless city space. 

Social engineering first, architecture second. Nature's way.

wildetecture is a think tank. Each of those participating in this design discussion comes with a unique skill set. Each approaching a design problem from a very different live in Africa perspective.

Trying to Do away with the arrogance within the design process. yes, difficult for designers , as we all seek the limelight. only through time and humility does one realize its less about personal attention and more about collective solutions. 

Because  currently we are left with an end product built environment  that is very badly thought out. a built environment that is not really working. (Fact)  a built environment Which is frighteningly, Organically growing and extending with no real perimeters or plans in place. 

most informal settlement are camps - a stop over space before the real livable homes are built. the reality is that the real livable homes in the formal sector are just a dream for many in this sector. it will never happen for many. its a way to appease the masses whilst attempting to work out a solution. all the while people are living and dying before built environment utopia is reached. its a human disaster on such a massive scale ones mind stops computing the extent of the suffering - designers turn to working in the formal sector because thats where one earns a living , all the while the living are not coping.

All Designers and current architects need to sadly take ownership of where we are currently in time with this humanitarian crises hitting all major African cities. It's a collective mistake and issue. only then  can we start to design an improved future city landscape for all. if we recognize the issue as ours and not theirs. 

To my mind the solution will  be less architecture driven, like in westernized society. And more people orientated. emphasis on the term social engineering,  Not structural engineering. 

Each and every person should be important to the whole. Like how natures simple cell operates. (refer to sketches) cell living pod city sketches above. 

The answer isn't obvious as yet, hence the constant exploring of possible answers through sketch.  Who knows we might just stumble upon that spark that ignites a revolution of future thought. that spark that starts an inferno of love , kindness.  this need to stop the dialogue that says mine, mine and to start to change the dialogue to ours, ours. 

only them will the actual fires we have stoked up and happily kept burning, only then will those burning fires stop licking our very unprotected skin.