Tuesday, January 24, 2017

African fauvistic designers - wildetecture

Wildetecture is a conceptual African fauvistic sketch - a fervent pursuit of different design concepts, using the influence of living on the African continent as the focused inspiration.
Under this sun, All has been done before. Nothing really is wholly original for the human animal - its our creative quest and endeavor to unlock what is seen & interpreted into a potentail conversation. be it art , music , architecture, dance, fashion or the love of cooking. ultimately the only value on earth is the conversations we have been privileged to be a small part of. creatives endeavor to start this dialogue through their varied work. most of us are never ever heard - but our drive is non the less as passionate as those brilliant creatives who are. QJD wildetect 3 of 3

above is a simple conceptual synaptic wildetect thought - made manifest by the language i have become accustomed to - it is now really time to learn or invent a new language, a new alphabet. because after all, the exploration of new frontiers is the reason why we are alive and thrive. we are made alive by our creative endeavors that interpret and explore possibilities beyond the scope of our current understanding.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

wildetecture VNLT looking to get recognized with award

The year is starting very well it seems - we have received an email inviting us to submit our VNLT design as an entry into the European Product Design Award (ePDA) for 2017

Only this morning boldly declaring that the wildetects where attempting to steal Africa's artistic expression back from the rest of the world - we are suddenly now invited to get design recognition in Europe  - "NICE". - mmmmm what else can we declare to steal. - mmmmm , we as the wildetects are going to steal space travel from tesla - (foot tapping whilst we wait - dum diddly dee - any minute now - tap tappidy tap , diddly pom ...)

i was interviewed once by SA decor & design blog

November 8, 2012
Quinton J Damstra has been running his own architectural design studio  for 11 years, QJD design studio, designing over 100 new homes and over 500 alterations and additions. The Wildetects main objective is to create designs that are not static, but designs that are daring and unashamedly vibrant and bold – capturing the blur representing movement in the comic strip. We get close up and personal with Quinton  who is  passionate  about design and making a difference.

Where did you get started?
Design aesthetic is always for me the first point of departure. I know it’s not the analytical designer’s first step. I design my furniture creations from an emotional space. And admittedly emotion is not always reasonable and that is why my furniture is a very personal exploration. It’s not for mass market appeal and I found several years ago designing between the lines of acceptability wasn’t exactly satisfying for me. So my furniture designs are an expression of my own design journey and that’s what inspired me to get started in furniture design.
 What is  your style?
I follow an African fauvistic design style – wildetecture – the fauna and flora of Africa is as beautiful as it is wild – and exploring this dynamic African energy concept has been rather exciting and produced some interesting end results.
Up and coming projects
I have been designing a range of wildetect style skateboards and chess pieces – as well as several homes now nearing completion.
The best thing about being a furniture designer.
The experimentation of form – to interact with your own design once its built is always exciting – being brutally honest about mistakes and needed improvements keeps one grounded and champing at the bit to create model 2 and then 3 etc.
Who inspires you?
People who are able to support families and pay bills with limited means – they do this without fanfare and they seem to enjoy the moments between the 9 to 5.  architects who inspire me are Antoni Gaudi, Hundertwasser, Bart Prince, Tadao Ando. Irving J Gill.
 I am the happiest when.
I’m with my wife Mandy, Tayze and logan-hawke our kids and our 2 crazy sausage dogs – Minky and Rory.
Best furniture piece purchased.
I must say it’s our Klooftique leather couch – we purchased the model called the fat boy – I love my lazy Sunday afternoon time.
 My involvement with the WCFI.
I lecture design at academy IDT – the WCFI has been one of the most accessible design forums, initiatives for my students to engage with in SA. The industry and client design arena can be rather a daunting place for most students. However when a design initiative can reach over the chasm of  no confidence and not much experience – and provide a solid platform and a clear pathway for a design student to showcase individual talent to industry,  then it has achieved something very special. So my involvement is to send as many of my design students to the wcfi as possible – to cut their teeth in a kindly design environment before the acid test of the big wide design world.

Quinton J Damstra qjdamstra@new.co.z  Cell: +27 82 458 2766  www.wildetecture.com

WILDETECTURE African fauvistic design

WILDETECTURE - "comprises in part, of the art expressions stolen OR borrowed from Africa. the WILDETECTS ARE ENDEAVORING TO STEAL THEM BACK. "

Had our first wildetect meeting of 2017 yesterday, at a coffee shop in cape town - no better place to shoot the breeze. we have offices in bree street and have the privlege to meet in the green room at academy IDT in roeland street. however on occasion its just great to meet in a coffee shop - we have a preferred one, but will punt that ol name when we get a free coffee - not their yet we just incognito at the moment.

we have agreed to expand the hands and feet department of wildetecture considerably this year. invited 3 more frothing wildetect type creatives on board to capitalize on the wildetect concept creative platform we have been building for the last 8 yrs.

So get ready for a few new design concepts that will create left of center thinking across the board. our new wildetecture logo is set to redefine the concept of logo's in the digital age - designed by Tyrone Pearce - very excited about this project. because as the wildetects we can design logo's, but not anything like this - the mathematics involved in this end product left me scratching my head.

for 2017 expect new wildetect type architectural designs , art, furniture, skateboard decks and surfing attachments and wild African fauvistic design.

Tyrone Du Preez is also joining the team as we look at expanding the brands reach and capabilities. we are doing a photo shoot this Friday and as photo shoots go - its always fun. attached a shot of a previous shoot - with calvin siderfin - wild cape town wind sculpted trees - wildetects peering into the distance of the sea looking perhaps for the flying dutchman.