Friday, May 29, 2015

nado storm sketches - energy today

a sketch only exists if you draw it - imagination only lives if you allow it. 

Nado Storm a slow conceptualization of an idea

wildetect ds 1961 book shelf

another day - another exhibition 

wildetect mantis chair

this mantis chair is a bit of a tart - having been exhibited all around cape town. this sketch painted yellow was to align with the 2014 design capitol road show. now if thats not super tarty, just to get noticed - im not sure what is. 

the next sketch is being hammered out on the wildetect anvil. it promises to be comfortable and visually stimulating. wildetecture will look to exhibit that mantis  in kalkbay or muizenberg. 

wildetect tucan artistic concept chair

another art exhibition gig , another road show. 

wildetect lair full of synaptic crystallized skeletal thought moments

as a wildetect concept creative,  one every now and again has to share once lair with ones synaptic crystallized skeletal thought moments.
if your lair is ones 3 x 4 office space - then sitting among-st ones very silent but visually loud crystallized thoughts  is an interesting learning curve. this life is nothing if not brutally humbling. the concept for those in the creative arena,  is that the arena is definitely not for the shy and timid.

as a creative one has strengths and weaknesses - to recognize the weaknesses is the strength. so next week the wildetect machine will be approaching and hopefully aligning with a marketing company. and paying for the external creative audit of ones black and blue 6 year beating up till this point. ultimately to be sustainable one needs to sell work. when ones work is conceptual and a process of experimentation which it is for wildetect 3 of 3 - in a world fervently seeking end product. sketches dont sell. so the 2 elements i have fought vehemently  to shun. are now being entertained at the front door of the lair. for me the last bastion of individuality and self respect is now teetering on the mundane and normal. all to pay to fight further on in the arena. (sigh.) wildetecture has successfully brought ergonomics to commissioned pieces. i dont start my design process at that point. that for me is a step very much towards the end of the process.

ive found my set of skills over 20 yrs of teaching draughting and design. is i feel in a strange way, is one of  creative validator. so many fiercely creative people are awaiting  permission to release their unique design energy. they hold back because of the many cauterized moments they have experienced, when they have  been completely flayed wide open by non creative gibberish. by teachers , parents , contempories a host of people in the know who know people. the reality is  creatives are immensely sensitive - so any negativity is ether under the nose. its like touching an anemone - they retreat so far into shells - mostly never ever to be seen again. one has to realize, sadly many people take immense delight in destroying ones artistic resonance, with wise words disseminated by minor showmen the world over. completely obliterating ones creativity.  me - and with the folk ive taught over the years - has been to focus on artistic self belief. and more often than not the student has become greater than the teacher.  i am not threatened by others abilities - even when mostly their abilities way surpass my own.

so a new day dawns - constant change of approach and constant dialogue for a way forward. interesting times for the wildetect creatives. the licking of the proverbial wounds opens a new chapter now and wildetect itsy witsy lives, if not just to climb again.

had fun yesterday packing up my wildetect work after an exhibition in cape towns creative mecca - woodstock. full of top end designers and creative geniuses.
the toyota avanza was choc-ca block jammed with the crystallized skeletal thought parts. it took awhile to pack the giant pieces into the guts of the vehicle.
incidentally i went into Gugulethu the other day - and to my complete amazement 95% of the vehicles in Gug's  are toyota avanzas. it was like riding through an avanza show room.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

nado storm - cape town muizenberg crime fighter is now on twitter

nado storm - cape town crime fighter

The year is 1010ad, Tablebay is filled with the earths warrior create the universal was given to the San scribes the task to capture the imagery. Nado Storm - controller of the cape winter storms and summer trade winds.a Machiavellian warlord and the one called the adamastor managed to poison the minds of the collective. banishing Nado Storm to the dark recesses of the adamastors domain, in the Kalkbay caves - plunging the earth into turmoil. 2010 

sketches from the 80's

to see  an influence from  1988 pop up in ones  current portfolio of expertise is rather interesting for me. the notion that architectural design can be  graphics set in stone,  has long appealed to me.

the super simplicity of form is appealing, big box small box architecture has its place - however for me fusing artistic influence into sculpture , into architectural end products, now that is very exciting.

a sketch i came across whilst looking for something else - surprised me as very similar to a lion architectural furniture , gutter end piece i designed a few months back. the thread of influence is uncanny, as i had not seen the 1988 sketch until a few weeks back.

so the subliminal mindset is constantly pulling one back to early influence. and allowing one to express this influence in different time zones, different mediums and different skill levels.

Africa's constant EMERGING title - really, really annoys me.

why is it - that Africa always is portrayed or  portrays itself as an emerging powerhouse - in all arena's it seems. emerging financial markets,  emerging 3rd world. emerging sports stars, emerging actors. emerging creatives, emerging designers and emerging artists , you get the drift. this emerging tag,  to my mind is rubbish. what next - emerging ubuntu?

personally and in my opinion - Africa's cultures , creatives, designers , artists , financial processes - are some of the oldest and in some cases the best world wide.

so this is just a question - why does it seem that most people  feel Africa  is still constantly arriving?

to my mind this concept is complete balderdash and poppycock really!!!.

Africa  is and always has been, a giant. 

yes, some of us in Africa are still arriving , emerging, trying to gain notoriety. Africa the colossus, stands shoulder to shoulder to the rest of the planet. and is definitely not the younger kid on the block. Africa has in some cases had its cultures forcibly removed,  to end up influencing  many things in the Western and Eastern world.

so for me - Africa is not arriving or emerging somehow out the shadows. its arrived, its always been here from long ago and has quietly to my mind, respectfully just awaited an introduction. as any old wise person does whilst the youngsters are noisily ignoring them.