Sunday, December 3, 2017

wildetect evokatism - 2d memory sparked into 3d conceptual

to explore an artists life's work with a new life and a fresh set of eyes - evokatism - our previous generation of artists where all trying to say something important - so if one explores what they where saying through a fresh perspective, we can keep the conversation alive for longer - isnt that what life's about? the many conversations we have along the way - all the many interactions finitely woven into the end product memory of that person and artist. the best times spent are those with people who excite conversation - productive dialogue is always exciting - so to keep it going for as long as possible, one keeps the vision alive, one keeps the long departed artist fresh in mind. evokatism is that attempt to keep the conversation going through a fresh contemporary perspective -  and who knows where it will lead. isnt that what makes interaction exciting. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

wildetecture rough conceptuals

the 3 wildetects are busy on a proposal and as per usual the conceptual ideas are ramping up - with certain jobs we put some pressure on ourselves to deliver 3 completely different designs from each of the 3 principles in the wildetect group.  wildetect 1 , 2 and 3 of 3 all pitch a separate concept to the client. 1 and 2 ' s ideas are always crazy good - this is my first conceptual sketch based on the brief, i am number 3.

now im not sharing the brief or the job on this forum but what we thrive on is which one of our designs  cracks the design nod with the client. ive got whiskey , jokes,  a couple of tickets to the rugby - the other 2 have raw talent - see what im up against.

anyway im taking this baby into CAD to really bring home the idea - all the bells and whistles. im going to have the mood lighting , the trees , the sky. because i have to do the CAD stuff  myself i tend to shy away from this design medium - designers get so caught up in the CAD  model they are still fiddling in CAD and the end product is built on site. im a firm believer that the 3d model is the structure being built on site - leave the damn CAD  model and sculpt onsite. who cares about the lighting at noon in Dec 2032 - id rather be standing at the real thing then anyway.

we will put a poll up maybe on the 3 different designs for this project  and see who gets the best constructive criticism - however as per anything design - the trolls come out to play and make for interesting reading if nothing else.

Friday, November 3, 2017

moving forward - 2017 november

life to my simple mind, is not about being rich, famous or even free, it has a singular purpose & aligning myself with this purpose is now my goal.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

EVOKATISM a theory equation

getting behind the 2 dimensional paintings creating 3 dimensional imagery to EVOKE a memory. just need to work on the time aspect in the equation. d2 x T = D3

Thursday, October 19, 2017

EVOKATISM - conceptual art to remind and to refresh N.F.S.

not available for sale , this art is not sold or bought it is visually appreciated and continually built on. when the value of our artistic skeletons of thought are reduced to a mere monetary value. we negate the real value of manifesting thought into a tangible aesthetic, money is such a dirty item. art for arts sake - so no this artwork is not for sale.  its conceptual and a work in progress. 

wildetecture disintegration of perspective

having pushed the concept of graphic styled architectural design (nothing new - just a different take on the concept. disintegration of perspective and deception of vista always seem to push forward - designing within the envelope of the box creates powerfully strong architectural lines - however experimenting with natural form is an arena that allows for built environment shapes only seen in the natural environment up until now. wildetecture playing on both sides of the spectrum.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

wildetect skateboard decks - aesthetic design fun

wildetect skateboard decks has been an absolute passion for awhile now - welding 2 arenas that i feel very strongly about - pushing the visual envelope of design within a harsh urban street arena.

design for me has always been an exploration of visual first - practicality later - definitely not everyone's approach but then to be honest - everyone is for everyone and not really for me.

you see "everyone's an expert" - and everyone will tell you what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing - "everyone knows exactly what you should be doing - and they are definitely not shy to unequivocally tell you these pearls of wisdom - even if it leaves you shattered and broken" - everyone is the HERD and mostly everyone's correct. but im not about being correct - for me correct doesn't always push the envelope im trying to push -

everyone isn't around all the time - so mostly one has to stumble forward on ones own cognitive ideas. if your looking at trends , everyone and trying to keep up - your in it for everyone and not in it for yourself. then where is the fun in that. you might as well be a cut and paste artist working for everyone.

so every now and again one of my team riders busts a wildetect board - grazed knees , bruised pride and one of my art pieces is completely mangled - puh i say - get the next set of learnt from this set skeletal designs off the press and onto the street - for the next round of tar , street concrete grueling tests.
for what you say? - FOR PURE AESTHETIC DESIGN  FUN - put your art where your feet are - how do you like dem apples MA BRU.

Friday, October 13, 2017

EVOKATISM - a layering of collective ideas through a process

EVOKE - bring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind. 

EVOKATISM is to hint to a previous not now living artists experimented  work.

obviously trying to keep  ones individual work within ones own frame of artistic reference,  in order to grow artistic ideas and concepts,  they need to be interpreted and filtered  through several minds - only then can the skeletons of thought be showcased through time. simply put, one life time is never enough to fully explore an artistic concept - only through hindsight can a concept be improved - ones contemporaries see as you do - therefore the artistic work is often similar. man through time needs to work collectively to always fervently pursue something greater than whats gone before and something greater than now - its the way of the artist - always one more work away from where you want to be - chasing that shadow, always out of your reach. leaving skeletons of thought for those like minded through time to discard or build from. chasing the illusive perfectly compiled end result. creating in ones mind when all our other machines are unable to work. never ever stop, ALWAYS always keep artistically stumbling forward.