Tuesday, September 29, 2015

wildetecture - concrete sculptural breaking wave living pod 5

to create a perceived kinetic living pod sculpture is an ideal of  wildetecture.  in a small way to emulate natural form and combine this with  human living space.

Its the passion for ones design concepts that's more valuable than gold, as its not every persons role to play to imagine left of center.

wildetecture - concrete sculpture gothic thread concept

Wildetecture desert oasis architectural creation, Namib style

To create the perfect Wildetecture  oasis in a Namib desert setting is a hazy design dream.  Thanks to the Wildetecture animation studio our lucid dreams now become reality. Imagining architecture that needs space  as a moat surrounding to offset the absolute  Wildetect oasis drama.

This Namib desert conceptual design was part of several massive projects that where shelved due to the recession of 2008. However conceptual architectural design is always current. What really  is design or an idea if its not shared and brought out of the ether through sketch and whatever skill artists have at their disposal.  Creative design really is,  as it does,  nothing more or less.

This is all artistic conceptual  blood sweat and tears.  The arduous road to the door of  creative  sustainability is washed red and sprinkled with tears and paved with the carcasses of the passionate.

thanks wildetect 2 of 3 for your brilliant skills in bringing this design out the imaginative ether.

vineyard quarter - Kylemore - between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek

these 18 units are selling now - a touch of the Cape in the heart of the Cape wine lands.

Vineyard Quarter

each of the 18 units has its own unique chimney stack,  a concept taken from the many grandiose Cape dutch homesteads around Cape Town , Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. 

the style of home also takes a thread from the Cape Quarter in Cape Town, on the slopes of signal hill.

and the open area cobbled square is designed to look similar to green market square, in the heart of Cape Town city center.

The entrance gate is a wildetecture design .

so like Cape Town with its many cultures and diverse influences , this development represents all that is uniquely an integral part of Cape Town's fabric.

Monday, September 28, 2015

wildetecture interior style

because wildetecture is always  more texture , more color , more interior landscape , and is therefore by definition always -  "MORE."

the concept of being overly  simple could be a kings really naked conspiracy interior design plot. wildetecture is just the numb nut shouting " HAY , the kings got no clothes on."