Tuesday, August 1, 2017

comic character architectural structure dynamic

to create a 3d architectural lived in sculpture from a comic character is an interesting approach. first one needs to add depth to a comic character,  then one needs to design the architectural habitable space from the illustration. - wildetecture exploring the outer parameters of architectural graphic design. what would the purists say - do not really know - but judging from the absolute abundance of purist architecture that is big box, small box and every box in-between. - they are definitely not going to like it.

architectural GRAPHICS and technology  - now that is something I get excited about.

Monday, July 31, 2017

organic architectural machine sculpture

To create habitable living spaces within sculpture - a place to live - wrought iron structure, self equilibriating living pods.

Monday, July 3, 2017

BIO of a wildetect 3 of 3

As art is a continually active process of creating conceptual sketches & end product,  the challenging part is keeping oneself interested in continually pushing one’s own skill levels to the MAX. There is a point that every artist asks - why am i doing this?  it’s the very personal answer to this question  that drives all artists & creative’s  forward into the unknown abyss. we are reflectors of our environment & many personal experiences. each artistic reflection should be unique because all journeys are never the same.

as A chalk and talk teacher of multi-disciplinary draughting and design first and foremost. This since 1994 for various academies. currently an examiner and moderator for the DEPT of higher education and training. Additionally to this has been running QJD design studio and drawing office since 1999. And a principle 3 of 3 wildetect at Wildetecture since 2008. A firm believer that one’s artistic portfolio of  work evidence speaks higher volumes than anything else. Don’t just TALK about one’s art work or artistic education, SHOW people rather,  show them what’s going on in your head with thousands of conceptual sketches and continual end product designs. Somewhere down the line the dots will join and a practiced skill set will come together to ideally create harmony. If not - keep trying - keep trying. Do artists really ever get to the point they are happy with their work? every sketch is a step closer to practiced skill however like a rainbow is always out of reach. some do get close mind you.

Wildetecture is all about creating an individual artistic identity within an African continent setting. Africa has a dynamic energy completely unique, so ones artistic reflection of this energy is awaiting the individuals color palate. My wildetect work is very much a reflection of Africa’s flora and fauna environments. However I am influenced by the perception of my  3rd generation experience  ideas from other continents. So  influence is not only limited to immediate surrounds and it’s the idea of global village influence that also creates exciting artistic fusion opportunities. The concept of being a continual student in this artistic journey - makes each work an experimentation of many things - and the end product is the skeletal remains of thought leading to that point. tomorrows work will be an improvement of today’s sketch. Always growing, always improving - nothing that’s alive is static and this should be reflected in ones artistic work. When its all done, whether it was any good or not is secondary to the absolute enjoyment of the artistic life lived and process of creating end product. 

So ultimately artistic endeavour is for the individual , its for me and if someone enjoys or is influenced by ones work in some small way , then that would be a great privilege and hopefully their endeavors are far greater than mine. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

lunch at Piccadilly circus

When still cutting my architectural draughting teeth i worked as a CAD driver in London,  capturing a part of London's architecture that really made my time working their very special. i would start my measuring up process in the early mornings - with tape measure and hand sketch - mostly having my lunch on the Piccadilly circus statue. (im the most photographed CAD specialist in china.) - I would then walk to the office off Goodge street tube station.  capturing what i measured up that morning on CAD. going 2 levels below ground and measuring up all levels above the NGL. i also measured up all the elevations fronting Coventry street , Shaftersbury avenue , Rupert street  and Great Windmill street. I also really enjoyed capturing the details of the various buildings. nothing like experiencing architecture whilst measuring and capturing its subtleties.

incidentally and this is to my mind , London has a definite smell that ive never smelt anywhere else before and since. measuring up the basement levels and the street elevations i really got down to the nitty gritty of that part of the city. the smell wasn't unpleasant, just unique.  ive measured and captured onto CAD  many, many  old buildings all over Cape Town over the last 17 yrs, each has its own story. however if i close my eyes,  i can still get that whiff of that London smell in my nose.

when i was in London in 1997 - 1999 i felt very safe - i skateboarded everywhere,  which i really enjoyed - the pavements where smooth and skating from Goodge street tube to our home in Sheperds Bush was mostly down hill.  i really need to do that again,  if i ever return for a visit that is what i want to do. retrace my steps, definitely having a couple of pints in the various public houses along the way. Yes that would be great. To take in London again  - having experienced something special 20 yrs ago. then to travel to Barcelona and Morocco.  dreams fit for a king i tell you, fit for a king.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Drakensberg is incredible

As a Capetonian ive foolishly led  myself to believe that the cape and the fold mountains surrounding  the western cape , Boland, Cederberg,  Tsitsikama are the best for hiking in SA. and as per all small minded notions, i  never really thought about exploring other areas of SA. i have walked most of these hikes and even some in Namibia  and yes they are all really beautiful and spectacular.

well i have now been properly humbled - the lesson of dont think you know anything until you have traveled and experienced more than you currently know, has now been properly learnt. having spent some time recently in the Drakensberg (dragons mountain) with family. (never been to that part of SA before surprisingly)  hiking some absolutely spectacular trails - im completely mesmerized by the scale and beauty of the place. i will try never again venture an absolute opinion, until my knowledge, experience and travels are properly aligned.

even then one needs to be very prudent about anything that spills out ones mouth - i will definitely be back to hike the back trails and explore a range of mountains that has the allure of the far off  misty mountains. to walk on the back of a dragon is something that gets the blood flowing. any artist , creative, poet needs several sparks to ignite potentail - the Drakensberg is a place brimming with  such creative spark moments. with many massive drop offs and small path huge mountain face potentail. wow wow wow.

Monday, May 15, 2017

the Karoo , Kalahari , Namib, places to dream and grow

Desert environments distill time and allow for undiluted thought processes , its also a place one can test to see how tough one really is. absolutely no city static to interfere with ones thinking.

the Kalahari is a very special place and if you have the opportunity to go to the trans-frontier national park - Kgalagadi,  its really well worth a visit for a few days. the intensity of the place for me is absolute food for the soul. to my mind its as Africa wild as one can safely go now days.

Many, many years ago before all the rules started accompanying every trip to the hinterlands of Africa. and things like game parks formally existed to contain the wild.  i went on an excursion with a Zambian copper miners son and an ex Rhodesian. i am a Capetonian or what is called a Kaapenaar, so the "bush" isnt an environment i am really comfortable in. put me on the sea and im home - put me in the bush and im suddenly very respectful of every single small noise i hear. what with lions and serious wild animals - the deep bush is not for the feint of heart. and its definitely not a place to venture in with 2 old timers who are scared of absolutely nothing. we did have cliff richards greatest hits keeping us company - need i say more.

we drove 300km deep into the "bush" the area we transgressed was to my mind over predatised and along the single dirt track we traveled was plenty of lion spore , the occasional cheetah spore and plenty of game tracks. cheetah spore is amazing as the claws do not retract - giving the cheetah sprinters spikes whilst chasing down springbok. so its easy enough to differentiate from other cat spore.

the reality with the lions within a desert environment - you see their tracks but you rarely see them - they are super stealthy and brilliant at keeping hidden.

for this excursion i brought along my little 2 man pap tent which was a miserable excuse for a tent really - made in a far off land for children to put up in the back yard. not for the bush at all, which really requires a proper canvas fabric tent - not the pathetic tent i brought into these unforgiving lands.

so that night we found our spot to camp near a waterhole and had a lekker braai , a couple of whiskeys and enjoyed the night time sounds and green eye torch show that only Africa can dish up. the hyenas where fairly well behaved - however im not scared of these creatures of the night. its the lion that leaves me completely cold. it was full moon and i got to sleep around 9pm in the tent designed for keeping the mist from your face. anything other than mist and the tent is completely useless. in fact i was a little scared to even break wind in fear the tent would immediately be whisked away into the night.

it was then the car was started and the one African bush maestro headed out with the only vehicle for miles around,  to sleep under the stars far away from the paper thin tent and its 2 occupants. the Zambian wasn't perturbed and started snoring immediately - i was extremely  fortunate to get to sleep fairly easily and was out until 3am. i was suddenly woken by the urge to go to the loo. fortunately the minor of the 2 options. i was also awoken by lions making a sound that i couldn't attempt to even explain. a sound like many deep resonating instruments playing over each other.  it was a low rumbling type roar - it was an extremely deep growl that came out like a oooOOOOOOWAH  sound. deep ominous and completely and utterly frightening.  i lay awake for half an hour listening to the noise of the lions around the tent - im not sure how close they where as water tends to bounce sound over it. but it sounded like they where exactly right next to me. i lay their completely frozen - and it was then i realized something i never thought possible.  why exactly these cunning predatory creatures emit that exact sound. its a sound that the base of which comes up through the ground and hits you exactly in the stomach. and then because the sound is so completely frightening your stomach and its contents becomes a massive issue. now fear and bravery are strange things. your fear leads you to the point you desperately need the loo - whilst your bravery is linked to how urgently you need to go. so at a point in this cacophony of lion sound i charged off from the safety of the paper thin tent and  into the night,  to answer natures call. and no it wasnt the lions i was answering. how i did not get eaten is a mystery only Africa can explain. as the next day we saw lion spore all around the paper tent and a big young male lion  made his way into the veld close by our camp very early the next morning.

Africa in  its raw undiluted form is incredible - however from then on i didnt go further than 1m from the vehicle - the little metal cubicle of safety. now i am braver in the bush now days but i made 1 resolution - i would never ever go into the deep bush again in someone elses vehicle - i would only go into the bush if i was driving and only in my own transport.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

wildetects influence is first and foremost africa

running forward and trying to look beyond the beyond  sometimes causes one to forget the incredible journey one has been through already. the wildetects have been given a great opportunity to create a life size great white sculptural shark for the aquarium in cape town.
so walking around the cape town aquarium yesterday and having an impromptu tour was extremely inspiring.
i woke up this morning thinking of the times when i surfed just about everyday of my life and the wonderful experiences i had with cape towns sea life.

in the 80"s i surfed everyday no matter the waves , conditions , weather. so i had a few chance encounters with the wild life around the cape.

once when surfing misty cliffs - it was late in the day, super glassy conditions, not very big waves and i was sitting at the back watching the sky put on its usual  dramatic red sunset show.  when out of nowhere  i heard a sound like someone blowing a very strange musical  instrument. i then felt raindrops on my face, which was odd as their where no clouds in the sky. and then i noticed this huge massive shape about 4m from me, silently gliding past. it was a freak big whale - to re-iterate, a really massive one - strangely enough  i was not scared at all , i just sat their, and put my hands up in the air (i felt that was important for some reason) i also felt an immense connected feeling. i sat their for awhile mesmerized by how silent such immense power is. (well other than the blow hole noise) the whale was gliding surprisingly fast - it gave one more majestic orchestral sound and was gone. i could have touched it - but that would have spoilt the moment. the whale said,  im coming through and it said cheers. what more could one want in life than have ones own conversation with a creature as magnificent as a whale. of course now that i understand basic whale - it actually said "touch me and you die."

on another occasion at kalkbay reef i was sitting out the back and suddenly i felt something latch onto my big toe. i looked down and saw these huge black eyes staring up at me through the water - it was a baby seal pup. i sat staring at it for awhile, but got an uneasy feeling that mom must be around somewhere,  so i gently removed said seal pup from my big toe. it came back twice again before disappearing. i didnt think i looked anything like a mother seal but junior thought so.

cape clawless otters are incredible - very rare to see them and they love swimming in the sea.  misty cliffs shore break waves can be rather intense, when i used to surf everyday - my favorite waves where thick bowling beach breaks , krons , danger beach shore break (left of the reef) waves like that, 5-6 foot pure bliss. so you can imagine my surprise when i paddled for a wave and at the last minute pulled back because it was sucking all the water off the bottom and just looked pure ocean nasty. however for 2 split seconds in the most hectic part of the boiling wave - exactly where the lip was going to grind a hole in the sea floor. was an otter. this little dude was on his back , flippers in the air and just having so much fun. i was , dude you gonna die. (look in my story when ive had a beer im sure he winked at me, however in this story i haven't had a beer, so no wink) anyway the wave exploded and unloaded on this little guy and i did that  noise men do when they see another man get kicked in the goons. i looked at the back of the wave for awhile and eventually the little nut job otter popped up. he stayed in the exact same spot getting pounded by waves, for ages. i shouted , dude why you punishing yourself. but then i noticed each wave churned up a new morsel of chow, so i suppose the waves churn up the food and thats where you gotto hunt. in the extreme impact zone - takes some kahunas i tell you. imagine, here is your burger sir - and then BOOM - side swiped by a punching glove, very dangerous.

ive had huge dolphins swim around me in Namibia - i thought they where sharks but it was just super fast big dolphins. ive been pecked badly by a penguin and still have the scar on my lip. i noticed this penguin tangled in fishing line so i did the obvious  thing and picked the little guy up and started freeing him. i managed to get most of the stuff off and then the little guy pecked me a shot. i couldn't believe it - i was still in that naive phase in life, that i felt  if you help something the  usual rules dont apply. anyway this penguin had not  read that manual and left me with a kissing scar that i can still see if i grow my stubble. i freed most of the gut but after the bite the terms of our engagement kinda changed abit. i didnt hold onto the little guy and he escaped my efforts,  i was sadly powerless as he zoomed out of their faster than anything ive seen. said i wouldn't kiss and tell and here i am spilling my guts.

i suppose the silliest story is when 2 of my friends and I  where sitting far out at fish hoek beach. it was a big winter grey day and we where shooting the breeze waiting for a set. now back in the day fish hoeks reputation as being great white shark city central - wasn't entrenched yet. i mean we knew of the odd attack years before but nobody had ever seen a great white. so they simply lived in legend. anyway my buddy who was facing out to sea suddenly got this look on his face of absolute fear and gurgled SHARK!. we turned round and saw nothing,  because he was always joking we didn't believe him. anyway he paddled in almost as fast as that penguin. myself and my remaining buddy re-enacted shark attacks for his benefit on the beach. if i think back now we should have just simply been eaten. he said the fin was about a 1m out the water. this brought on more fits of laughter. anyway anyone who knows fish hoek now, knows these men in grey suits regularly patrol the back line. on another occasion a diver urged us not to go in the water  because he had seen a massive shark off clovelly - we paddled in anyway - brave as kids, stupid as fools. and obviously being skinny little guys fortunately didnt look edible enough for the johnny out back.

i have other occasions where the only aquarium i knew was the real one out their - however seeing all this abundance of incredible sea life at the aquarium sparked a few synaptic memories. the power of something sparking a memory. it was  a great shot left and i enjoyed the experience and now im enjoying the synaptic memory moments. and moments are only half fore filled if not shared - so  mom i know your the only reader of this blog - now you know what i did during my teenage years - i was studying marine biology. say hi to dad. (to the only other reader of this blog - if your not aware , my moms a biology teacher)