Thursday, August 25, 2016

wildetect skateboards

wildetect skateboards-
an in the box out the box design concept

Thursday, August 18, 2016

a frank wildetect letter to 1 and 2 of 3

a simple old letter in part was sent to 1 and 2 of 3 and  "Tyrone" - who is currently working on freshening up the wildetect brand, this is his brief. 

Wildetecture is a concept that can only work  through creative  collaboration, unity of creative purpose really. the belief that creative  energy input should equal sustainable energy output. The idea of creating an African identity design forum whereby like  minded creatives  showcase This absolute dynamic continents inspiration through art , architecture , graphics , dance ,poetry,  interior etc etc is the simple ethos.

The most powerful element on earth to my mind is a single  thought ,  a simple thought, an idea  is always fresh , maintains relevance as its energy is past on from mind to mind over time and space. well-constructed creative  thoughts are  always inspirational and have  the ability to ignite minds like a wild fire on dry timber.
that is why art that resonates - sends pulses of energy through time. 

Wildetecture is about fervently endeavoring to  create this  thought provoking  conversation around  something creative,  preferably a thought, that’s never ever  before been  seen and completely  inspired by living on this incredible continent called Africa.

The wildetect brand needs to take its dynamic  energy from the constantly evolving automobile industry. Mercedes 1955 is very different to Mercedes 2016 - both have absolute merit , however only one is current. If we develop the ethos that the Wildetecture  brand needs to evolve every few years,  then the brand will always stay current and fresh. with new minds adding value as the concept evolves. 

We can relook at the logo - still a wildebeest - maybe a different angle , different perspective.  Colours always bold , - fauvism , dada , expressionistic.

So I think "Ty"  should be given a blank canvas - the most difficult of design medium briefs really -“ taking all that’s gone before in the wildetect brand and concept - how would one project the present into the future”.

Time for a new look at the wildetect animal , given current technology - this process needs to be done every few years - and then one is truly keeping the wildetect animal kinetic and relevant.

below an exhibition past below.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

the wildetect T-shirt project

a new printing shop has opened up near my muizenberg offices - putting some wildetect designs onto some T's.

Also looking to re-brand the wildetect animal - a new wildebeest , new logo, a fresh look,  taking a leaf out of the automobile industry -mercedes 1985 and mercedes 2016 - both have merit however only 1 is current. and because wildetecture is futuristic in nature constantly evolving ,  one must constantly  project the present into the future. new technology , new outlook - fresh design ideas.

QJD designed home in 2006 -

one of the strongest reasons for designing homes - is to be able to enjoy the space once in awhile - my visit with my Mrs this Sunday to this home , 10 yrs after the last stone was placed, was a most rewarding experience. not only because we where completely spoilt with an incredible supper  2007 and 2012 vintage Diemersfontein red wine (our absolute favorite) but because i could see how the home had weathered.

cape town is known for its massive storms and mountain high homes take an absolute beating from winds and rain. this home on the mountain in Houtbay has stood up to a few storms and has weathered well.

busy looking to add a few additional dimensions to this home - very excited to continue the design conversation and process on a home that i had immense pleasure designing.