Sunday, August 2, 2015

wildetecture architecture - feline sculptural apartment building

because with huge advancement in structural techniques,  comes advancement in structural form. sculptured living pods with self equilibriating habitable pods.  creating wildetect city scape skylines that look less and less like  small box, big box architectural design endeavors.

wildetecture exploring  the possibilities of form and living space through sculptured architectural ideals.
why not create architecture that is a sculpture in itself,  to live and work in a dynamic structure.

just a thought,  im very sure has been thought many times in the past. just the implementation on a grand scale has been slow to keep up.

Friday, July 31, 2015

erxell effect - uplifting informal settlements through collective branding of roof space

just because some pretend u and your design ideas don't exist, this does not make u invisible, keep dreaming your design ideas, because the ideas are much stronger than the some.

The Erxell concept since 2006 has been promoted to many local design platforms here in Cape Town and South Africa. These platforms have not really noticed the potential of the Erxell concept. Which has been very sad - for whatever reasons, this design some felt it a rubbish concept. Hence the total lack of support or even small comment. 

Fortunately the Erxell concept has been highlighted by the Buckminster fuller organization 2010 and has received a Holcim design merit 2008. So it does exist and has a track record in the design mind ether.

However sadly here in Cape Town, with its many informal settlements, the Erxell concept has not been given any air time. i used to think the idea was weak, and i lost energy promoting the concept in front of the great cape town design some. i see now the Erxell concept is definitely not a weak design idea.

So Cape Town design some - an idea isn’t really noticed until someone else, somewhere else in the world, does the exact same thing. And even though the idea could have been explored during the CT design world 2014 year. (i did hand in my documentation)  or the 2010 soccer world cup. The idea is now being implemented somewhere else and Cape Town missed a chance to create something unique, Something special. 

Won’t stop me from trying to design laterally. But it does prove that good ideas can get lost in front of the wrong design some.   created this site in 2007 , pay for it each year - just in case it blips a cape town design radar monitor, where actual  design ideas are encouraged and helped forward.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

to scale rough concept sketches

before spending time on working drawings - one needs to clarify the design parameters clearly, between yourself, the designer and the client. this process is a challenging phase. and as the designer the pressure of getting this correct is with you.   the rough concept sketch is invaluable - the art of interpreting a brief through sketch.

i sometimes create the sketch with my quote - sometimes not, depends on my mood.

however in this case the long drive through to hermanus , whilst a full cape winter storm is showing its teeth was incredibly inspirational. i enjoy the challenge of creating homes on a small scale right through to multi level large structures.

my trip yesterday was fruitful - several new books from a local  book store and just  a little time to reflect through the tempest, always a welcome respite.

Monday, July 27, 2015


The most exciting process of any wildetecture design, be it architecture , furniture , fashion or sculpture is the beginning.  the hours of research and the unpacking of thought,  using conceptual sketches is exciting. the wildetect creative  goes through many mediums to get our  design and thoughts onto a shared understanding format.  developing the skills to communicate ones design thoughts is the key for any designer.

in this design Dean Hoffman -wildetect 2 of 3 has interpreted his version of a wave house. where wildetect 3 of 3 interpretation of the same brief is very literal. Dean is more subtle,  but no less powerful. The client now has allot to contemplate with these 2 concepts , as we now await wildetect 1 of 3's wave house interpretation.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NADO STORM - 2015 springbok RWC supporter - BOKKE

wildetecture architecture -cape fold mountain dwelling

wildetecture architecture - mountain dwelling on the edge of cape point cliff - nature is the dwelling,  our living pods are just shells.
awesome wildetect team effort to get this concept in front of client.
the design way forward is now paved in blood, sweat and tears. wouldn't really want it any other way.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

wildetecture island wave resort

every now and again a project hits the wildetecture drawing office, which completely sparks the energy to fuel the reason for being.
having designed and built, for a surfer client,  a wave house in elands bay several years ago - the opportunity to take this concept further for the wildetecture design studio has always been a project worth exploring.
the wildetecture wave pods are a seamless transition from urban jungle to beach to sea.

the exciting part of working in a wildetect collective is that each of the 3 creative minds brings an important aspect to the end product. - dont forget to book your stay - wildetecture beach wave resort two point 0

engineering graphic CAD software versus simple sketch for comics?

engineering graphic CAD software as a comic execution tool has long been an exercise ive been experimenting with. designing up an architectural component or mechanical element in a CAD software package and on the side creating a comic character. 
converging 2 worlds of creative endeavor. NADO STORMpushing the boundaries.