Friday, July 12, 2019

a wildetects reflection of full circle.

haven't really posted anything on this blog this year - not that i haven't been super busy - its just busy saying it in other arenas of my life. introspective reflective is a thing,  i think, the thought of  the mouth whispering in the darkness and wondering if the ear is listening. i have seen many rather eccentric people speaking to themselves on the road - whether i am present or not doesn't stop them from having intense conversations to the ghosts of their past. they don't need my or any ones ear - they need to simply get whats in the head,  past the mouth,  to empty out the crowded space. that's more like how i see my blog. for me really,  not for the odd person who might stumble on the pieces written.

to conceptualize a futuristic creative idea is the unicorn of thought to my mind - ones focus blurred as you look through the ether and the limited telescopic lens. is it so important to imagine a future artistic aesthetic - not like a sage looks into the future but from a,  "what will artistic expression be like  in the future or what will our building aesthetic move towards"  - i thought it was important and it surely is on levels,  however i see now being present,  is far more powerful.

Architecture is sculpture and to my mind the more dramatic the perceived movement in the sculpture,  the more visually appealing the static,  perceived kinetic architecture (wildetect PKA) this concept has long been an experimented ideal for me. to go full circle on any journey is always an interesting trip sometimes it can be a sad one.

a friend of mine who used to capture hunting moments for men with very big guns and very small brains and even smaller unmentionables,  told me a very sad story once. the kind of African tale one hears far to often. Africa's highways and byways are full of ancient wisdom, some of this wisdom is sadly not learnt by the participants in the tales told. many years back on his very last such filming contract,  he filmed a crew of foreign hunters who where hunting a large bull elephant in a remote part of the African wilderness. this magnificent creature led them for several days through the deepest African terrain. always out witting and out reaching the  tiny single minded ambitions of the pursuing gaggle of less than men.  then rather suddenly at some point during the long chase this magnificent creature, determined as it was,  just headed to the exact spot that they first encountered him. he had led them full circle for many,many miles - this wise, now tired of being chased, old creature might have realized in this statement,  that he was making,  that he had chosen to take a stand where he first encountered the threat. these minuscule minded frothing merciless hunters sadly didn't feel a reprieve might have been in order for this intelligent gesture - they used their mighty weapons on a less than human endeavor and blasted the creature to its death. my friend put down the camera and decided to partake no longer in such a display of false unintelligent bravado. my point is that full circle is something to be explored. and when one finds it within oneself - its a good thing to stop and smell the roses. sadly for the elephant his journey ended but his lesson,  can live on.

below is a few examples of my latest sculptural design taking into account perceived kinetic architectural ideals  - looking to build this creation at some point. part of the cresting wave moves back to take care of the view. but privacy of space is also a view - a view into oneself,  from which you can awaken full circle.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 -

To reach through the mists & imagine, sketching what is seen, is a way of coping with the now. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

650 blog posts & 3000 tweets

who knew one had so much to say - today i reached 650 blog posts on the QJD blog and 3000 tweets on twitter - "talk about whispering into the night" - as a person who enjoys exploring conceptual design ideas and looking to make sense of the chaos within the eye of this storm we are all experiencing - these tweets and posts have been  a way of trying to cope with the perpetual noise that constantly surrounds us all.

finally heading into the desert this weekend for some respite and internal reflection. 4 hrs outside of cape town - "sewe weeks poort".  ive learnt one doesn't have to be in a place long to get the essence of what you need from the experience. a weekend can actually suffice.  a creative CEMP (Creative Electro Magnetic Pulse) moment is immediate. one is adjusted and aligned within seconds of the new experience. its just a case of opening oneself up for the realignment process when one feels its now necessary. for me this definitely happens in nature, it can happen in conversation with someone who has much to offer - for myself mostly it happens in the silent canyons of the African desert - i remember walking into the Namibian Komsberg reserve  - parking my car on the side of a very lonely road and heading up a kraans. when i reached the top of where i could go no further,  i came across leopard spoor. reasonably fresh - i realized i had a very long lonely 3 hr walk  back to my car. i put my sunglasses on the back of my head and walked back as if i was a hunted man. for a desert leopard im sure i would have made a good meal, that is what i thought at the time anyway.

ive used these tweets and blogs as a self exploration process, as an artist these sketches are for me rather than an audience - but its nice to have a diary of thoughts outside of oneself. if someone reads them thats great - if not , thats perfectly fine.  the material is mostly from within and is a reaction to my surrounds.  Africa is a very dynamic space to derive influence from - so im hoping the 4hr drive this Friday afternoon - the late in the evening whiskey and the very early morning stillness of the desert saturday morning - will inspire a different direction in my conceptual design approach.

wildetect 2 is in Budapest now, wildetect 1 is heading to Japan next year - for me im going to be  heading into the wild bush - the African bush - going to buy a Land Rover asap - kit it out - brand wrap it up with half zebra stripes going into black leopard spoor with wildetecture woven into the imagery. and head into the lonely bush  - exploring the far off highways and byways of an untamed land - the lonely kraanse with an eagle silently circling overhead and the spoor of the silent hunters. one cannot ask for a more forefilling process of aligning the mind - so if all goes to plan my next 3000 tweets and 650 blogs will be a much slower process. because the internal reflective process will be done far from the maddening crowd.

Friday, November 30, 2018

A thread 2's from Africa inspired ramblings

"When whispering softly into the night. Don't ever worry if your words are being heard. Because your ears are listening & your heart is focused, now its just a matter of aligning your whispers with action." QJD wildetect 3 of 3

2 threads of artistic design inspiration in an Africa inspired landscape.

Thread 1.
In established architectural cultures with deep existing heritage. It's really those of that culture who are tasked with the design of the architecture, art & design of their own culture. as observers we can just marvel. Africa has age old established cultures with rich artistic design architectural heritage, who just need to keep adding to their incredible depth & continue to create their dynamic future vision as set out by their previous poets artists and architects.

Thread 2.
Those of us born on this incredible African continent , 2nd , 3rd generations , who now don't really have 1 established cultural heritage. Who's new cultural blue blood comes from several heritages, that they now look to and explore. these recently arrived Africa borns Can establish their own unique inspired Artistic design identity. An interpreted creative design artistic journey from being inspired by living on a dynamic African continent.

below is just one such thread 2's interpretation of being inspired by living in Africa. African fauvistic design style, wildetecture , erxell, evokatism

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

a poem for a familiar future - man the simple repetitive fool

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the march to megiddo 

As they march to Nosgorov , across the Abysmal plain.
an eye alights upon a red rose , growing against the grain.

guns and sites of men align, this red rose is always at peace.
the machinations of war roll on, now awakening Valhalla's feast.

The red roses beauty under-filed, a pure vision before the dawn.
a plain spotted with vast crimson flecks, before the end of this days morn.

feet that march ordered aligned, whilst all minds drift asunder.
forced to violence boots by politicians table talk plunder.

man ruling men will lead to a familiar absolute destructive imagery.
lemming like obedience of  boots again hurrying to inhuman savagery.

how many good men to walk off a cliff before reason shocks their tiny brains?
enough men really, before the notice of a single red rose, growing against the grain.

QJD 2016

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

evokatism art movement

the idea of being part of an artistic perpetual motion conversation, that is held over many hundreds of years is an exciting notion. participants in this artistic dialogue dont have direct access to the now dead artists who started the conversation. but we have access to their work, this is the inspiration for the conversation itself.

then to interpret ones own perspective into this dialogue - creates the artistic conversation over time - evokatism. below you might be able to see who is part of this artistic conversation - this way one can open up several lines of communication with a few previous artists. and  carry the dialogue along into a far future time.

it also allows for a building of artistic notions without saying the same thing. art allows one to speak to a fellow earth traveler 1000 yrs from now - whether its written artistic endeavor or painted. the skeleton of end product paves the way for the flesh of conversation in the current moment.

the hand prints or the incredible animal sketches on the cave wall. what say you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

wildetecture whale lights - morukuru beach lodge - de hoop

on Friday evening wildetecture was privileged enough to attend the Morukuru beach lodge opening in De hoop. its about 2 hours from cape town and is in an incredible setting. we where treated to incredible food by the hosts and spectacular sightings of whales from the shore -

wildetect 2 of 3 designed 3 whale lights for the space - they came out mint and look incredible - the dining room is pulled together nicely under the deco cubist lighting. an incredible evening with a great live band and fantastic food - wow - and thank you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

answered a few questions for someones thesis

below is my answers to a questionnaire relating to a sustainability project - from time to time i wrap my small experience around my current limited knowledge to answer a few questions for someones project. 

happy to fill in this questionnaire - i am part of "QJD design studio" and "wildetecture design studio"  - google images for both - that's what we do.  i prefer the term wildetect when referring to what i do, because i try to be an African fauvistic designer. (what is that? will let you know once its in place (might take a lifetime)  - its all still very much under construction.

the answers below. - are my opinion (hate opinions,  but i reckon its best to formulate one rather than to have one thrust upon you) i also feel certain opinions are organic and should be - so what i write below is a snapshot of what i currently think. but as i get older, hopefully wiser i will change these opinions for better ones. so my current personal thoughts on architectural sustainability and design is  also organic. you see as humans and in our current design mindset.  we are sadly currently rampantly harvesting the earths resources and then we use them against our environment - we are by definition the perfect little mankind virus - destroying our host, every brick, every tar encrusted road and every concrete structure we put up. this can only change when we start to  put back 99% more than we take out of the environment,  at the moment that equation is very much reversed. 

one or 2 cultures over time have managed to live without causing 2 much damage to the environment - they never tried to own the land but rather worked with nature to maintain a perfect balance. the KHOISAN and the Native Americans are 2 cultures that spring to mind. i love the way they both went about living as communities, taking it very seriously when they had to kill to eat - showing utmost respect towards nature , at every single turn. they embodied wisdom we could and should be applying today. 

answers to questions below

question 1
i would love to and i do try promote this concept.   but sadly design now days is driven by price and affordability and the clients budget - at present all these words representing green, sustainability , disassembly mean the project is going to cost much more and the client doesn't like that. so its a great concept  and currently i try put these ideas forward - but when the costs come back - it seems to be cheaper to go with the new building materials to site.  hopefully that will change very soon. companies capitalizing on these sexy sustainable word picture concepts might want to dial back their costs and approach more from a humanitarian level. (not all companies are like this - but when i see green - i sadly do feel the price to build has just shot up considerably)

question 2
absolutely - if we can stop this tar, concrete encrusted jungle expanding right now - re-use the current building blocks we have already harvested and created up till now.  put this kind of policy in place as a way forward in architectural construction - with limited and controlled new materials being introduced to the built environment system - we can arrest back our planet from the greedy and short sighted. but this sadly  is an idealistic view point - so we just do small obeisance to the green concept,  whilst we currently rip the eyes out of mother nature. 
this mindset needs to change asap.

question 3
yes definitely - for design to be pure it needs to be holistic - at the moment our designs are driven by budget - which means the cheapest and nastiest building blocks are used on site- when we design and the end product goal is absolute sustainability - when a city can produce pure water and oxygen like a plant,  at the end of its many processes and not plastic, vile sewage waste and pollution. when our design system supports this holistic design process positively - we will be putting back more than we are taking out - we will have reached a point in our built environment that is to my mind the "beautiful city design." at present we dont have enough altruists to make this concept viable. more dreamers and less capitalists are urgently required.

question 4
yes this is what every futurist has been putting forward from the Khoi to Tesla. the idea of working with the earths resources sofly, softly is a very important concept. but man being the vile little creature he is - we only respond when the fires we have created and maintained start running out of fuel and start burning our very own backsides. that is why we have these words currently called disassembly, sustainability - but they are just words for now to my mind, used to fill in a contract. these words need the flesh and blood of designers who genuinely are concerned about how our processes are destroying our planet. and that is the challenge - taking it from sexy speech into viable action.

question 5
shopping malls for one - represent the extreme consumerist mindset of us all. old school markets are better and have less impact on the environment - in the past people catered for just their daily needs. milked the cow, made cheese and butter themselves,  picked the vegetables, traded and still enjoyed a full life. now everything is done for us - we just buy it in a plastic throw away container.  so we can have products that last years, to store  for generations,  all the while turning gold (our environment)  into trash. our current design system is losing value with every small plastic item created. the balance between old school and new school will allow us to slow down enough to then realize when we are going to fast. people are aware of the plastic nightmare - but its no where near as controlled as it should be. 

question 6 
no - would love to - my only concern is it will drive up the budget and the time taken to complete. if we stop wanting things instantly,  we can go back to a time when magnificent design was thought out and implemented over time using all facets of current human knowledge and expertise.

question 7 
yes materials are important to sustainability - and hence to this concept of disassembly. in the future we must look to organic building materials - growing  our architectural built environment - look to the tree - a perfect machine that has oxygen as its end product, and many creatures hinge off its branches and roots. - if our materials can boast that type of track record,  then we will lose the tag of being the earths number 1 - VIRUS. so when our scientists and clever people stop looking for ways to kill as many people in war and start looking for ways to live this life with nature in mind  - we will have  a full sector on board who can really help with designing our architectural materials better. 

question 8
i think this concept of permanence is the problem with our approach to architectural design - every few generations  should have the privilege of designing their own working and living spaces - at present we inherit a building and then heritage romanticizes the place and we then try keep it going for ever. buildings get old and tired over time - when i worked in London measuring up old buildings to draw onto CAD,  i realized old buildings develop a unique smell  - "a too many people smell". i think we need to look at creating building blocks that can interchange and be reused within the context of new structures. this building architecture to last forever is a lazy mans notion of causing future generations to sleep. ive never seen a wigwam city that was built 400 years ago still in place. maybe their is something in that notion. architectural designers want glorified permanence - then maybe they should dabble in artistic sculpture and leave the habitation challenges to those who dont mind not leaving a megalith in their wake.

i say these things as an idealist but as a realist i know their is only really one solution to this systems architectural challenges - and its not disassembly or sustainability it is something much, much  more magnificent than anything we as humans can ever create.