Monday, September 18, 2017

new conceptual home design

new conceptual sketches for a home in knysna - drove the 5 hr trek from cape town thursday - back friday - always love traveling the N2 - design road trips are as good as surf trips up the coast. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

comic character architectural structure dynamic

to create a 3d architectural lived in sculpture from a comic character is an interesting approach. first one needs to add depth to a comic character,  then one needs to design the architectural habitable space from the illustration. - wildetecture exploring the outer parameters of architectural graphic design. what would the purists say - do not really know - but judging from the absolute abundance of purist architecture that is big box, small box and every box in-between. - they are definitely not going to like it.

architectural GRAPHICS and technology  - now that is something I get excited about.

Monday, July 31, 2017

organic architectural machine sculpture

To create habitable living spaces within sculpture - a place to live - wrought iron structure, self equilibriating living pods.

Monday, July 3, 2017

BIO of a wildetect 3 of 3

As art is a continually active process of creating conceptual sketches & end product,  the challenging part is keeping oneself interested in continually pushing one’s own skill levels to the MAX. There is a point that every artist asks - why am i doing this?  it’s the very personal answer to this question  that drives all artists & creative’s  forward into the unknown abyss. we are reflectors of our environment & many personal experiences. each artistic reflection should be unique because all journeys are never the same.

as A chalk and talk teacher of multi-disciplinary draughting and design first and foremost. This since 1994 for various academies. currently an examiner and moderator for the DEPT of higher education and training. Additionally to this has been running QJD design studio and drawing office since 1999. And a principle 3 of 3 wildetect at Wildetecture since 2008. A firm believer that one’s artistic portfolio of  work evidence speaks higher volumes than anything else. Don’t just TALK about one’s art work or artistic education, SHOW people rather,  show them what’s going on in your head with thousands of conceptual sketches and continual end product designs. Somewhere down the line the dots will join and a practiced skill set will come together to ideally create harmony. If not - keep trying - keep trying. Do artists really ever get to the point they are happy with their work? every sketch is a step closer to practiced skill however like a rainbow is always out of reach. some do get close mind you.

Wildetecture is all about creating an individual artistic identity within an African continent setting. Africa has a dynamic energy completely unique, so ones artistic reflection of this energy is awaiting the individuals color palate. My wildetect work is very much a reflection of Africa’s flora and fauna environments. However I am influenced by the perception of my  3rd generation experience  ideas from other continents. So  influence is not only limited to immediate surrounds and it’s the idea of global village influence that also creates exciting artistic fusion opportunities. The concept of being a continual student in this artistic journey - makes each work an experimentation of many things - and the end product is the skeletal remains of thought leading to that point. tomorrows work will be an improvement of today’s sketch. Always growing, always improving - nothing that’s alive is static and this should be reflected in ones artistic work. When its all done, whether it was any good or not is secondary to the absolute enjoyment of the artistic life lived and process of creating end product. 

So ultimately artistic endeavour is for the individual , its for me and if someone enjoys or is influenced by ones work in some small way , then that would be a great privilege and hopefully their endeavors are far greater than mine. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

lunch at Piccadilly circus

When still cutting my architectural draughting teeth i worked as a CAD driver in London,  capturing a part of London's architecture that really made my time working their very special. i would start my measuring up process in the early mornings - with tape measure and hand sketch - mostly having my lunch on the Piccadilly circus statue. (im the most photographed CAD specialist in china.) - I would then walk to the office off Goodge street tube station.  capturing what i measured up that morning on CAD. going 2 levels below ground and measuring up all levels above the NGL. i also measured up all the elevations fronting Coventry street , Shaftersbury avenue , Rupert street  and Great Windmill street. I also really enjoyed capturing the details of the various buildings. nothing like experiencing architecture whilst measuring and capturing its subtleties.

incidentally and this is to my mind , London has a definite smell that ive never smelt anywhere else before and since. measuring up the basement levels and the street elevations i really got down to the nitty gritty of that part of the city. the smell wasn't unpleasant, just unique.  ive measured and captured onto CAD  many, many  old buildings all over Cape Town over the last 17 yrs, each has its own story. however if i close my eyes,  i can still get that whiff of that London smell in my nose.

when i was in London in 1997 - 1999 i felt very safe - i skateboarded everywhere,  which i really enjoyed - the pavements where smooth and skating from Goodge street tube to our home in Sheperds Bush was mostly down hill.  i really need to do that again,  if i ever return for a visit that is what i want to do. retrace my steps, definitely having a couple of pints in the various public houses along the way. Yes that would be great. To take in London again  - having experienced something special 20 yrs ago. then to travel to Barcelona and Morocco.  dreams fit for a king i tell you, fit for a king.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Drakensberg is incredible

As a Capetonian ive foolishly led  myself to believe that the cape and the fold mountains surrounding  the western cape , Boland, Cederberg,  Tsitsikama are the best for hiking in SA. and as per all small minded notions, i  never really thought about exploring other areas of SA. i have walked most of these hikes and even some in Namibia  and yes they are all really beautiful and spectacular.

well i have now been properly humbled - the lesson of dont think you know anything until you have traveled and experienced more than you currently know, has now been properly learnt. having spent some time recently in the Drakensberg (dragons mountain) with family. (never been to that part of SA before surprisingly)  hiking some absolutely spectacular trails - im completely mesmerized by the scale and beauty of the place. i will try never again venture an absolute opinion, until my knowledge, experience and travels are properly aligned.

even then one needs to be very prudent about anything that spills out ones mouth - i will definitely be back to hike the back trails and explore a range of mountains that has the allure of the far off  misty mountains. to walk on the back of a dragon is something that gets the blood flowing. any artist , creative, poet needs several sparks to ignite potentail - the Drakensberg is a place brimming with  such creative spark moments. with many massive drop offs and small path huge mountain face potentail. wow wow wow.