Friday, January 23, 2015

QJD design style

design for me is always about a fusion of styles - taking lego blocks from my star wars and cowboy lego sets  and building them into my fire engine lego set.  vvwalla -  billy the vader, in red. QJD 2015

Kylemore Quarter

the  design concept behind this development - was a  fusion of   history and heritage in the cape wine lands. its a fact that the cape dutch homesteads are rich in architectural detail and design. the colors of the bo-kaap have a unique vibrancy and  cape towns famous,  green market square with its cobbled surface is to be emulated here. the vibrant color concept  have made way for a white throughout design. however the layered  plaster moldings will heighten the facades architectural drama non the less.

each of the 18 homes will have the fire place chimney detail inspired by a cape dutch homestead in the cape. i have seen that some homesteads have several chimney details in one cape dutch home. this architectural landscape and touch of history aspires to keep the homes unique.  carbon copy homes do not really inspire one - however slight variants of a strong theme , create an environment that is easy on the eye and pleasant to live in.

the gate is a unique QJD design - and welcomes the home occupants back in subtle dramatic fashion.

wiledtecture design has really done a superb job with the artistic representation of this presentation. if you are looking for renders and models.  and want an extremely high professional level of service shown to design detail and render - contact .

Thursday, January 22, 2015

drawing boards , rulers, pens and books

im a real pack rat collector for no real reason , other than its abit of a safety blanky i suppose.  over the many years ive scoured thrift shops and charity garage sales and wrestled drawing equipment and books from all and sundry.
so needless to say - i have an incredibly vast collection of drawing draughting equipment. when i say vast i mean a huge collection.  im busy clearing my office this week. and the possible adage of  a cluttered head space is not always a fruitful one, springs now immediately to mind. ive been sitting on all this stuff. scale rulers , rulers, technical pen sets , drawing boards and the like. my brother and sister inlaw , shanna and richard have done the kindest thing by creating  space and allowing me to store my stuff outside of my office.  they have also spent 5 weeks tirelessly working from 8 till very late repairing and changing necessary things around our home. i have to say - im humbled by this generosity and kindness.
i have a huge book rack now  and dust free space for my many collections. i have immediate access to my library of books as well. i have thrown away skip loads of collected stuff over the last few weeks. things and threads of possible concepts that ive moved on from. this process has been extremely liberating - and now as i survey the departing remnants of my previous creative space - ready for the new.  im really excited to cut a new swath . thanks shannawanna and richard the lion heart - wow your  hard work is really appreciated and has allowed me to see the blind spot of a space clutter-er. its definitely been a much needed readjustment of a dead end, head knocking  maze stuck mindset.

found this model sketch of a  destijl style drawing board i designed awhile back. always felt if the tools one used to design where themselves art. the end products would be sublime. but small experience has taught me - one doesnt need artistic creative tools.  a cheapy pen and scrap not all cut the same size  paper can also yield good ideas. so in my searching for the best expressive creative tools - i missed the point that one can use dirt and just the hand - to express a plethora of thoughts.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

out the design box , off piste design thinking.

the challenges of creating something that's not yet been seen in a sporting code or design discipline, is huge.   and because its so huge, it becomes the thing.  it becomes the thought process outside of the design box. that could be called,  off piste design concept thinking.

very strangely enough the biggest challenge isn't perfecting the off piste design idea itself.   once  one completes the various strange looking prototypes and steps back from the canvas so to speak. its the crinkled nosed, frown faced - what! , who,  do you think you are fiddling in the unfiddable arena of  our sporting code or design discipline box?  you do not have permission from the herd!!  you see someone - somewhere owns surfboard , skateboard, bike , furniture and architectural design prototyping. so if one hasn't dared to consult with this mystery someone. your not really allowed to fiddle.  im still trying to find this elusive someone - tony hawk? kelly ? tom? gaudi (ok hes not around) - edward scissors hands. it really beats me. but until i find them - im going to design off piste,  idea fiddle .  sorry man. if you dont like that - turn your head buddy - turn your head now - fact is im not really ever going to make enough of a design impact to threaten you.

yes , most people react quite starkly to any kind of design box tweek or change - its this initial surprised , sometimes interestingly very angry  reaction, (before the herd gets comfortable with a design concept change.) that first caught me by surprise. i thought the concept of design experiment prototyping was everyone's thing. nope its not. design purists are never ever  easily swayed. maybe its this design group i need to get permission from first - before putting pen to paper and going off piste with wildetect concepts.

so - if anyone knows who one has to get permission from to spend ones own hard earned cash, and ones own time , pushing ones own design box envelopes. please give me the name and number asap. - ta

im posting a very rough drawing  of our wildetect surfboard prototype design one - the wildetects are making  up a retro prototype working model  and then getting our wildetect surf test pilot to throw himself over some wave ledges at the llandudno surf  session in feb.  and  sorry if we haven't asked your permission to change the aesthetics of a  surfboard, or skateboard or bikes or furniture or  architectural concepts for that matter. were very, very sorry man. incidentally we have wildetect skate test pilots and wildetect bike TP"s. (send application if interested)

its to my mind a very interesting conundrum, that certain design minds go on about the holy Grail of thinking outside the  box.  surprisingly when someone tries to - all be it maybe, very badly. the design box herd goes completely bazerk. BTW  that's the very same design  herd that has learnt the minute parameters of this box , learnt and studied the fine, definite rules and size , shape and texture of the  box. learnt the absolute exactitude's of the box over 10 maybe 20 years,  at esteemed design box learning institutions. and even have vast degrees to prove their design box  capabilities and thinking design mentality. some have also managed to put every previous creative design mind,  who has ever lived,   into  individual  design boxes.  then studied and learnt all they can about these design boxes to the very last detail.   it is my experience that its  this very same design box herd - that immediately cries radical, extreme, vitriolic design foul when one appears to stumble outside of the box framework. DONT COLOUR OUTSIDE OF THE LINES!!  dont make waves .   you see, it seems that  you are not really supposed to think or create outside of the design box.  that my friend is not for you, that's the domain of the elite  professionals and uber design experienced. its for the out the box design people,  and that  is most definitely not you.

you must just think design box like the herd, like the rest of us,  follow the trends and shut up - or you will be design cred doomed.  destined for the wastelands of design Siberia. a jumping for the cameras, behind the esteemed design box thinking elite, look at me , look at me you might go.  whilst nobody  really notices or frankly is even interested or cares in the out pourings of your nut noodle design mind . you might even, quite tragically really,  be deleted from certain SA design elite forums - as i have been. which left me extremely emotional , tearful and needing years of therapy. oh wait i think i was in need of that anyway. -  its the struth.

i have to say - i have come to feel very comfortable with this dynamic - because the aftermath of a massive design boxer crit,  although incredibly enlightening, is also incredibly soul destroying and bruising. when ones motive for fiddling outside of ones personal understanding of the box is pure enjoyment. not  mass sales of product or the usual reasons for puffing oneself up.   then tinkering around in ones own head space can be very rewarding.   im still going to in my way , try think design stuff outside of the design trend box framework. even though i am fully aware its potential design cred suicide.   you see

creativity  knows,  no bounds.
creativity nose,  know bounds.
creativity no's , nose bound.

well i wouldn't want my nose to be creatively bound - "siesman," (afrikaans for sis man)  i mean really.  all i can say is that this off piste design concept approach of doing the exact  opposite to  the design box trend herd  - is not for everybody  and i can hear the design boxers exclaim, " thank goodness!."

new entry gate design QJD design studio

Friday, January 16, 2015

new developement going ahead - near franschhoek cape town

a development near Franschhoek in cape town is  getting the green light after several years of planning. at first the colors where to be vibrant and bold. which i personally love. due to the long planning process it seems we are heading towards white exteriors.

i find many of my original thought designs are tamed considerably - i will hopefully get to a point,  i sincerely hope where the more wild , bright and vibrant concepts  i conceive are built as is. however i do understand that the white exterior is more conservative and will appeal to a wider potential buyer.

here are both examples  to look at. thanks dean - wildetect 2 of 3 for the renders - looks really great.

Friday, January 9, 2015

forever is possible in thought

We live in a world where forever is a dream. Reality is 99.9% of things we create, build  fade, deteriorate over time and disappear. all human physical endeavor,  inventions,  systems, designs  need constant replenishing of energy and constant  up keep.  our design point of departure is limited to fleeting inventions that deteriorate  in this material world.

however human thought, design  ideas  can and do gain momentum, even once the originator, who penned , spoke or thought the original concept is long dead.

ideas are forever , ideas are perpetual,   ideas grow and flourish with every new mind that they touch and inspire. they then exist in our collective mind space and therefore never ever grow old, they remain as fresh as when they where first conceived.   so forever,  is not just a dream, it is a reality.

NADO STORM - cape mountain lion -

the cape mountain lion is  regrettably extinct - 2 moth eaten stuffed specimens are in a museum in germany somewhere.  one doesnt know if the taxidermist took some serious liberties with these 2 mothed out specimens. but the cape mountain lion looks very different to lions ive seen recently.
besides the black mane - the face looks very squished and puggish - they say the cape mountain lion was a man eater. vicious and extremely dangerous - well nothing new if you know lions.

its such a pity in mans greed fueled africa grab frothing mouthed fit - he destroyed and decimated  all in his hoofed shoe path. well thats the silly foolish creature that man is,  i pity mars or any other planet humans eventually try and inhabit.  it appears we are only as bright as our stupidest member , because dimwits it appears,  continually dictate the step of the human masses,  a historical fact it perpetually seems.   to tame a land in human terms is to render everything dead , dying or destitute. oh well, we can always plant green green genetic grass and yellow daisys do go very nicely with red soil.

well nado storm is getting a make over - had him wearing a rooi kat ensemble
since the first. but i now feel the cape mountain lion is a more fitting  comic garb for this character.