Tuesday, November 24, 2015

wildetect interchangeable furniture art pieces

nestled between my 1910 piano with 1890 cast candle holders, the survey equipment and my office desk. is the ele-tuca-mantis. a wildetect interchangeable furniture sculpture that is quietly sleeping.

so often and more often than not - whilst we are militantly striving  to color in the lines, our life and design ideas happen outside of the framework. outside of the thick edges of fences we fervently erect and defend.

design ideas and life happens outside of the lines, coloring outside of  the lines is rather liberating.

this piece is an ode to interchangeable ideas and concepts - creating drama whilst sitting doing absolutely nothing.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

wildetecture muizenberg self equilibriating tensile pod mountain building and sculpture

muizenberg sculpture wildetect conceptual sketch

if you have ever dealt with a frothing enraged heritage person or for that matter, a person who doesnt understand the full facts, before they go into a complete tirade tailspin.

this wildetect sculpture is an ode to such individuals.

this is a conceptual sketch of a possible wildetect sculptural piece on the muizenberg beachfront.

an ideal to create a muizenberg corner, play chess area - much like the NY central park approach, where you can go - sit down - say nothing and just start playing a game of chess with an unknown opponent. without having to pretend to communicate on any other level, this would be fun. win or lose,  one can battle it out with a silent opponent and then go on with your day, fully spiked and charged.

this wildetect sculptural piece is a cast concrete ensemble - part interactive jungle gym , part visual sculptural art piece. however its very much a conceptual wildetect,  QJD fusion art piece.

wildetecture style sculpture - muizenberg

what do you think?

Monday, November 16, 2015

nothing more liberating than letting go - nado storm underground shadow

its been a thought for a long while to take a new fresh angle with Nado Storm, the Muizenberg  cape towwn underground shadow comic. no more blog or twitter posts - deleted both today - the 2 vehicles have taken this character as far as they can. going forward will be a very  different approach.