Thursday, June 26, 2008

Disintegration of Perspective - wildetecture

Disintegration of perspective in architecture or deception of vista. as considered by QJD design studio is an african fauvistic architectural  idea. this concept is an exploration into the ideals of wildetecture.

This next study is the concept of buildings that are viewed from one main vantage point and appear to be a complete shell. however if you approach this building from any other direction the building disintegrates.
Incidentally the colours on my sketches bear no resemblance to the colours shown when i uploaded the image to blogger - (the green is yellow.)
when looking at the green broken tile clad elevation front on - you will see the building as a shell. there are sculptures playing with this concept in shadow and in 3 dimension. I feel many buildings designed by the ancients incorporate this concept. whether its faces that subliminally jump out of the fenestration or shapes that appear from afar. exploring wildetecture ideals is an exciting africanised concept and coupled with a few other wildetect design points of departure like, earth branded architecture, the erxell concept , perceived kinetic architecture, architectural shadow projection and human driven architectural mechanisms makes this an exciting style to explore.