Saturday, June 28, 2008

Earth Branded Architecture - EBA - wildetecture style

mans endeavours to communicate with his gods using sketches is well evidenced around the world. he might not have dialled the right number at times. however he did manage to speak through time to us. as mans technology allows us to view our world from above, it opens up an array of design possibilities.
Henry Matisse advised his younger colleagues to fly, for there was no better key to the optical code of the world. now through Google earth average man in the street can fly. apart from the Nazca lines, crop circles are another source of inspiration. there other worldly allure is undeniable and keying into their aesthetic appeal is dynamic.
i have pulled my logo into a building to illustrate the possibilities (logotecture)  open to us as far as E.B.A architecture is concerned. we can create crop circle buildings or cities that key into their coat of arms. Using hundreds of buildings to create a complex pattern on the earth. This type of design would take discipline and collaboration however the cities that key into this concept would be able to use this opportunity to unite its citizens with 1 bigger picture idea. We can also speak through time to future generations and let them know we had the foresight, vision and discipline to create beauty for future generations to enjoy.