Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a few scribbled notes from garbled conversation

I find that when the last brick is laid on a home i have designed, the feeling that i have said to much is ever present. Now that i am writing my thoughts on my brand new blog, the potentail for saying to much is ever present.

my first intention for this blog is to write all the harvested thoughts over the last 4 years. thoughts i have gained through conversations. its not so much the ideas one has going into the conversation, what im interested in, is the concepts and ideas formulated through the interaction. i find the most delightful insights from the strangest of folk. like john the car gaurd who has taken himself off the grid. i buy 2 coffees and sit with john on muizenberg beachfront, shooting the breeze. john reads a book a day - his english is brilliant and his mind is sharp. a true poet living a very difficult self imposed life, with unique perceptions of just about everything. i find that an hour whiled away talking about whatever springs to mind, a productive and relaxing time spent.

now that i sit with my private notes of 4 yrs next to me and the world infront, the idea of divulging my private design concepts a little exposing. my thoughts on crop circles the nazca lines , pyramids, earth branded architecture, perceived kinetic architecture and disintergration of perspective, erxell, lost information.
As i wrote in the front of my first journal 4 years ago.

"'The very fabric of experience starts being woven with the first step over the threshold into the unknown'' - QJD 2005