Wednesday, June 25, 2008

what is an Erxell?

Erxell is a possible solution to improve the quality of life in a South
African informal settlement. by creating a communicative link between the
advertising sector and a person living in an informal settlement.

Poverty is the inability to see and act on opportunities. If one can create a product that
teaches the impoverished about how things work in the commercial and advertising
spheres, whilst they benefit financially from a product they own and can sell or rent.
You help teach thousands to start looking for and inventing there own opportunities. in a way teaching sustainability on a cultural level rather than a construction level.
what could this product be ?
One of the only ways the financially challenged are going to empower themselves is if
business / advertising buys into a symbiotic relationship. In other words a mutually beneficial product needs to be created.
You see both parties, informal settlement dweller and advertising, must benefit from a mutual product - my idea is not charity but creating this Mutual exchange , a product benefiting both business and the Shack dwelling family. The ADVERTISING MACHINE needs to see a value
in the informal settlements.

HOW in the blue blazes is this possible? you might ask ?
What if I told you that the thousands of informal settlements have a valuable product that can be used immediately - a canvas awaiting the artists brush, keying into the
concept of eventual real time sat elite and branding the earth as the Nazca Indians did a thousand years ago. Much like when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas he bartered in glass
beads. for him the beads where not as valuable as the food he was getting. for the
Indians the glass beads where very valuable - so for one of the few times in mans
history both parties walked away thinking they received the better deal.
Advertising budgets are huge , I have been on advertising film sets where the budget is a few million dollars.
By pulling together people from different financial back grounds you create a
connectivity and slowly bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots. Altruistic thinking you might say - you absolutely right it is. - I feel my concept provides a vehicle whereby the have nots bring a product to the table that the haves can benefit from. (creating the glass bead)
The concept key's into ancient cultures like the Nazca indians who where branding the earth more than a thousand years ago and to days forward moving advertising and technology machine.
In order to create sustainability - its not only the building materials and techniques used.its the ability to reach across the financial spectrum and create sustainability through
communication and example - your wealthy add executive seeing a value in the financially
destitute. The financially destitute bringing a product to the table that they can sell. Both parties benefit.
At the moment our shack dwellers have a product which the advertising machine can use. – This product can be worth its weight in gold for both parties.
Simply its the shack roof. - As yet a collective blank canvas.
I have come up with a concept that will work in a South African dynamic.We have huge informal settlements that get bombarded by storms every year. It is tragic to ride past these communities and see everyday people doing everyday things under extremely difficult circumstances. This inspired my idea where by business can put much-needed infrastructure into these communities and gain advertising through using to days satellite technology. I believe satellite technology will be real-time soon and when that happens the Nazca Indian concept of
branding the earth and the concept of earth branded architecture will be a reality.

The informal shanty towns roof acts as a collective blank canvas awaiting much needed waterproofing and in the process an opportunity to brand a logo on top. - Huge
logos Virgin ,Coke - Fifa - can all show the Google world how they are further helping the less fortunate in a practical immediate way.
A concept such as this that i am proposing will need a new unit of measure
This unit of measure I have termed the ERXELL. so the advertising machine will be buying or renting erxell's which is a square 1335mm X 1335mm which is 3 cubits by 3
cubits. - the advertising giants will be buying / renting erxell's - like the million dollar
webpage - where advertisers bought pixels on a computer screen website - to the
advertising world - my idea sells erxell's on earth - The word Erxell is a play on earth
sell and pixel. It is a brand new word and concept.
The Erxell measurement has been certified by the institute of draughting South Africa.The measurement of I erxell = 3 cubits X 3 cubits. business rents a number of erxells
for a time period - they can then brand there logo on top of say a 1000 informal homes to create a huge branded sign. taken in from space or incoming aeroplanes.
The folk in the homes benefit from a new sponsored waterproofed roof and a possible passive income for allowing this signage on there roof - the sign will be so massive that you would only read it from way up high - a satellite.This much needed finance can also then be used to plough back into the community and everyone gets what they wanted. The advertising machine putting back into a community project. And getting all the lovely advertising it so dearly needs to survive.
this erxell concept of mine is to create an advertising canvas out of the collective roof
space of an informal settlement. -
This concept has not been tried yet and as it holds out a promise to destitute families it needs to be done properly and responsibly. I have an informal settlement in mind - but will only advise approaching them once all the red tape and logistics are taken care of.
Erxell has an opportunity for all those wanting to purchase advertising space on its erxelated website. the squares are for sale and if you want to purchase one for your logo, click on the square send them a mail and you can have your link on their site.