Monday, September 22, 2008

cape town super hero

In a cave deep in the cape peninsula kalkbay mountains is an ancient rock painting depicting the character we now call the cape doctor or cape of storms. this rock painting is what forms the basis my new comic character, super hero Nado Storm.

Nado Storm is Cape Towns answer to the super heroes of american culture. He stands for what is honourable and crushes all that is currupt within our system. Nado storm the comic is under construction with the first collectors story confined to just 10 first edition copies. I plan to introduce Nado the new South African super hero in a comic strip in a local news paper. starting with the beginning of the concept. a group of cavers stumble on the cave painting and unleash the understanding of the ancient cape of storm character - South Africa is so desparately in need of a spiderman or superman which is essentially a South African and can fictiously clean up the over whelming criminal element.

the energy of the ancient culture that first depicted this character has now been absorbed into all preceding inhabitants of the cape. we are all linked to the ferocity of the storms by our life styles. disrespect the earth the cape and we all reap the whirlwind.

this character or ancient warrior controls the forces of nature that unleash themselves on our Cape Town coast during winter. a Thor type hero - not a god but a universal soldier. he wears the skins of his prey - the headdress of a caracal cat, the teeth of the great white shark. the clouds and storm elements he controls are the ancient cape buffalo herds, cape lion and cape elephant that roamed our coast line for centuries and revisit us to remind us of their existence. a swirling mass of animal storm clouds , a reminder that shows us we are not far off from becoming extinct ourselves.

the character is of no race and represents us all, he does not represent any 1 culture. he is an amalgamation of the rich tapestry of culture which is cape town. the ancient San and Hottentots used to wear the skins of their prey, I propose the character also wears a lorica segmantata - which keys him into a European influence. The cave painting deep in the kalkbay mountains needs to be revealed to the world. Nado is ready to do battle with the Gangsta element of our society. bring the rain.

attached please find jpgs of the character along with the cave paintings depicting the character.

Nado Storm , Doctor Cape and squall are awaiting their launch - Capetonian criminals beware - Nado storm takes absolutely no prisoners.