Tuesday, January 11, 2011

perpetual motion advertising campaign - p-mac using a p-mav

the concept of wilde-crossing using wilde-message-in-a-bottle and wilde-book-folders is to perpetuate an advertising platform for off the grid fellow creatives. the idea is when finding a wilde-bottle on a remote cape beach or a wilde-folder in a cafe/ art gallery or bench in and around cape town. - is to email the time of capture, date and whereabouts to quinton@erxell.com - nose around in the contents - reading the short stories and looking at the information. before adding your own creative inspiration and then letting  the perpetual motion advertising vehicle (pmav)  go again in the wild. - you will add your hitchhiking info - hopefully full of cryptic puzzles and messages all leading folk around the internet. each wilde-bottle and each wilde-folder is numbered and with the participation from you will be captured and followed.

the wilde-crossing advertising concept has cryptic puzzles and clues welding science fiction stories, art and african fauvistic architectural ideals. the equations are all awaiting the solving from the person who has found the perpetual -motion-advertising-vehicle. PMAV

so if you are reading this , and youve found your way here from the cryptic clues in the bottle or folder. tell us where you found it, when, and the number and tell us where you intend letting it go again. we will follow the progress of each wilde-adverting-vehicle and document the perpetual advertising motion.

the pmav concept blurs the lines between online puzzles and treasure map reality. creating an art piece whereby you as the public become involved - art that involves participation -

in our first wilde-add-campaign in and around cape town we have let go 13 pmav's - 5 wilde-books and 8 wilde-bottles. email us and tell us where you found the bottle and where you intend letting it go - the wildetects are awaiting your response. quinton@erxell.com

remember -1) time ,2) date ,3) where , - 4) where and when are you planning to let the pmav go again with your additional hitchhiking information. - if you have worked through the puzzles and found your way here using google - you have cracked this series of advertising in the wild. lets hear from you.