Wednesday, March 16, 2011

winsome kerkoptjie

because i like creating characters and breathing life into ideas and concepts that don't exist - I've decided to create 2 new characters - i have 2 busts that provide immense entertainment in my household - pinchnose quintus maximus and winsome kerkopjie. these 2 characters get dressed up and tarted up daily. the pencil in the ear is a new addition for the pair. as i wear a pencil in my ear - i get asked continuously if  i am a carpenter or why the pencil - well other folk wear earrings have tats - i wear a pencil. I've been wearing this fashion accessory for several years now and often only realise its there when i put my head on the pillow in the evening.

winsome kerkopjie like the man he was fashioned to look like - is a character or blog that i will start populating which involves creative quotes. my favourite quip from old winsome is -

creative critics who piddle on your creative parade , will regrettably and unfortunately never ever have a parade worth piddling on. - WK