Monday, May 16, 2011

construction training in khayalitsha

having been involved in education since 1994 i have finally found a training arena that  i really, really enjoy. teaching in informal settlements. my mom and siblings over the years have also extensively been involved in the teaching profession. and it has always been great to watch past pupils get very excited when after many years down the line they come across a past teacher. now standing eye to eye with the educator from the past - and in most cases surpassing  their own  expectations of themselves. very excitedly trying to rattle off 20 years of jobs , kids and life in a five minute rushed interaction. from walking in the middle of Zimbabwe with my boet who taught at the university in zim and coming across past pupils. to walking with my mom and sister anywhere around south africa. its always incredible to hear teachers chat to past pupils after many years. my mom is classic - telling a fifty year old man - johnny you where very naughty in my biology classes - writing your name on the desk in 1974 - and suddenly the adult immediately becoming the pupil for a split second of time again,  before roaring with laughter and telling his kids all about his teacher and a synapse of a life lived long ago.

starting my contractual teaching experience at the CAD training center  and then moving to the academy of advanced technology , the academy of draughting, damellin , intec , northlink college and recently for 2 and half years,  the academy of inventive design and technology. lecturing multi disciplinary draughting skills and cad training has had its challenges over the many years - however the rewards have been the many tiny moments and the enjoyment of meeting  students who have surpassed the teacher in the world of work. this has been the reward - financial rewards are not why one would get involved in teaching on any level really - to teach is  a calling  and when the dust settles one looks back on a multitude of incredible moments - and there in is the value.

i have now been given the great privilege along with chris brink the president of the institute of draughting to educate a sustainable construction NQF level 1 course in rural parts of south africa. last week was the start of my first 3 week programme to teach 4 unit standards for the sustainability institute , the department of human settlements using juta books training material. if all goes well i just might be given the privilege again

riding the coastal road from my house in muizenberg to khayelitsha , i was not sure what to expect from this new assignment. upon arriving at the training venue i have really enjoyed my time thus far. i started out with 8 students on the first day and on the second day we had increased to 21. because the 4 unit standards cover 21 credits and the portfolio of evidence im compiling for each student is an immense amount of work i have really been loading the work assignments. what has been most incredible that to a student every single person has handed in assignments way before dead  lines. coupled with a determination to grasp the work. the course consists of theory and practical - we are going to have to build what we learn in the classroom next. so its an interesting hands on approach to teaching. im very excited with my next week on site -

so now having compiled architectural draughting  course material and helped to co-ordinate draughting and design education in south africa - i am at the rock face again - teaching  pupils who are working really hard to improve things for themselves. the skill of draughting and construction is such a great subject to impart because its a language in itself and easily crosses all cultural communicative divides very easily.