Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jet Jungle and the black panther jupiter

growing up in the 80's in south africa was now to be seen as a bitter sweet experience. however the sweet moments where listening to the radio in the late 70's and early 80's. squad cars at 9pm, little peoples playtime at 4pm and jet jungle at 5pm. i must have eaten ten tons of jungle oats. brian oshanicy (have no idea how to spell his surname, only ever heard it on the radio) was jet jungle, south african super hero extraordinaire.
i dressed in black and even all the american comic dudes had nothing on JET. my favourite animal is still the black panther - now my son's, however he has no idea why. i did send these 2 little rough drawings to tiger brands to try and resurrect old jet jungle in 2006. however i heard nadda, zippo the horse back from the food giants,  i should imagine jets far to white and comes from the bitter sweet period. like suddenly finding a white weavel in the oats.

anyway i thought it would be great if jet had an african uber babe girlfriend and together they kicked isanyorca butt. i dare say south africa needs its super hero's to stand up and rid the streets of the over flow of filthy varmits. jet is the man - oh and eat your jungle oats - makes you beeg and strong. im still eating it at 40. powerful stuff superheros. why are they shelved - jet could be massive - bigger than captain america , superman and spiderman combined.  thats why i created nado storm - however not much beats the vintage super hero dude.