Wednesday, August 10, 2011

mantis chair - wildetect design project

I had very , very disappointing work related news late last week , which has put me into a complete tail spin. when this happens which is not often thankfully - ones only means of coping really is to design - i believe being creative stave's off depression, my black dog. you see when one focuses on something and can show a creative end product - this forces the mind on a track away from self.

the little pray mantis's which visit my studio from time to time gave me this idea. one of the little chaps landed on my computer whilst i was in a doldrums frame of mind. sitting staring at the little critter i decided to see if i could conceptualise a piece of furniture. so i thought it would be great to create a chair with this little earth passenger in mind.
behold the wildetect mantis chair. -
many folk have asked me why i put my work and ideas on the net for all to copy. the wildetect way of creative design is so shot left - that if anyone does decide to copy them and take full credit for my work - they will find they are only furthering these wildetect ideals - as these ideas encompass an African fauvists ideal and don't really hold up in isolation.