Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a wildetect menswear conceptual idea

Because life is far to short to sit on ones "on the edges of reality" concepts. and as i have long held notions of developing a few menswear items that would appeal to me - ever since plodding away as a store designer for a big retail fashion outlet. Ive tinkered with ideas for a range of menswear clothing  i suppose and fully realize only will appeal to my own tastes. as with most creative ideas - the appeal is not for the masses and the influence is far across historical and cultural divides. combining technology and fabric weaving techniques with age old  knitting skills and age old dyes.
from the middle-ages to the plains of 14th century America and Morocco, to the uniforms worn by a few choice regiments. menswear for me has a certain appeal, especially when its thrown together as apposed to finely manicured. welding history with different styles is a wildetect creative adventure. a maverick approach to creative design.

if folk don't like it - the wildetect in me doesn't really give a damn.