Friday, November 11, 2011

vivaladraught worlds newest revolutionary. merchandise 4sale.

it has come to QJD's secret attention that the worlds latest revolutionary character has just created a range of rare merchandise - masks (like the  V for vendetta) stickers and t-shirts. now vivaladraught being a thorn in the foot of a few south african architectural designers and living rough in the badlands of the karoo is a new revolutionary on the block.
black , white , dark blue t-shirts,  size small , medium , large. masks are one size fits all and stickers the same. prices on site. google vivaladraught. the issues raised are pretty weighty and deserve attention.

for now send orders to QJD and he will try facilitate order to V. even revolutionaries know how to turn a capitalistic trick or 2 it seems.

please pass on - chance to win Beria and a fake pair of le-corbusier glasses.