Tuesday, December 20, 2011

QJD design studio - wildetect mantis chair

QJD mantis chair – exploring wild african insectiture and arachniture architectural and furniture conceptual ideas – which is a furthering of the wild African fauvistic ideals branded wildetecture that QJD design studio has been exploring over the last 5 years. experimenting with architectural shadow projection , perceived kinetic architecture, earth branded architecture, disintegration of perspective , human driven architectural mechanisms , trompe-l'oeil in architecture , the erxell concept and african fauvistic architecture to mention a few synaptic design inspirations. - because end product furniture design is more immediate than architecture - exploring the above ideas in this medium gets to a much faster experimentation of form to end product.

the QJD mantis chair is combining the latest  cad cam and flat sheet 2 dimensional material into wild 3d shape and form.  As most homes are small and cannot accommodate sculpture and furniture, the wildetect,  insectiture, arachniture wild ideal is to create furniture that is a fusion of sculpture, wild colour , practical furniture and art. being able to see through the pieces like lace adds to the illusion of space idea QJD design studio is playing with.  Bringing wild, wild shape, colour and abit of tongue in cheek wildefoolery into a home setting. south africans need to respect the colours and shapes of the african bushveldt in the home - and a wildetect chair can be the subliminal reminder.

QJD design studio specialises in the design of new homes principally, from very modern homes to classic herbert baker alterations, having designed garages on a herbert baker estate for a bugatti veyron and several other luxury cars.  The studio also experiments with the wildetect forum consisting of 2 other wild designers. the studio also dabbles in other design arenas from informal settlement  town planning ventures like the erxell concept and electrical conduit ideas  to outlandish fashion ideas. Having fun with the concept that is wild African fauvistic design  – from furniture to music. As a designer life is far, far to short to await validation from the creative gate keepers – every new design has its many school fees and every wild design will have those who love it and those who absolutely hate it – one has to really concentrate on the few that are in sync with ones creative ideas and as much as possible drown out those who simply enjoy a good old creative parade piddle.

if your interested in the QJD design studio catalogue and pricelist for furniture please email - quinton@erxell.com