Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 the year of the wildetect -

having spent the last 3 weeks on a trout farm near bardskeerders bos close  gansbaai - (bardskeerders is an insect that cuts your beard whilst you sleep - according to local legend its absolutely true) i let the viking beard grow and every morning checked the length of the bristles. - the insects didnt think the ol beard was long enough to cut this time.  my time was well spent reading , designing and spending fun time with the family. we did have  a visit from a rather large puffadder, who decided the canoes where a great place to hunt. the colours on the puffadder which my daughter named , hilton,  where really incredible - our little sausage dog gabby was barking for awhile before we investigated and heard the sound of a very angry whistling / hissing kettle. oupa tried to move the snake with an oar - well it was at that point hilton decided enough was enough, and moved incredibly fast in a straight line into the reeds. i was amazed at the speed with which he travelled. gabby followed and fortunately before she could get bitten we fished her out - the puffy was very rattled im sure.

well i designed 2 homes whilst away and devoured several books - one of them was bernard cornwells - the pale horsemen - this book fueled the design concepts towards the 8th century. i love reading about time from the 8th century up to the 17th. bernard cornwell is a master story teller , a troubadour of the elite kind. and if anything can get the design mind fueled . so the wildetect viking feasting table was sketched and born.

2012 is going to be a big year for the wildetects and QJD design studio - having received some press at the end of 2011 - its managed to solicit several new homes im currently designing. so even though the building industry is slowing down - work is till very much on offer and the show is going on.