Tuesday, February 14, 2012

isandhlwana investment's, latest developement, alchemy - a gem

when one decides to run a creative design studio from home - the logistics of meeting clients becomes very personal. hence the coffee cafe boardroom office has served me well over the last 11 years or so. i have also attached myself to various academies and institutes where meeting clients at these offices has been less stressful. IE clients tripping over Logan's skateboards or Tayze's beading ensamble is not really likely.

i have had client meetings in just about every coffee shop / cafe in cape town and the greater surrounds - some coffee cafes are really inspirational and some are down right frighteningly nasty. the rat in the kitchen - is a (tail) best left for another day.

so to get the right mix of professional and creative space in a coffee cafe is for me very important. some are overly waited with a "coogle housewife Tupperware and cosmetic surgery impromptu aire".  so when i heard isandhlwana investments had taken the step to open up a coffee shop in their latest development - alchemy in capricorn business park muizenberg. i decided to see if this space would pass,  the im going to meet my clients here vibe. the coffee would be very important as well.

i immediately  fell completely in love with the building - a Bauhaus gem with to my mind a le corbusier floating appeal. a real classic - the building is close to a wet land teaming with cape birds and a wonderful view of the back of devils peak and the Constantia mountains. i could immediately imagine many a client meeting within this space. the name alchemy also denotes lead to gold or creativity from conversation. my last office space had century city , Edison drive and nuclear facility in the address. alchemy is for me -  equally as powerful.

the coffee is really good and the setting is a professional  creative space with brilliant food - prego roll Friday is something I'm going to enjoy. i loved the space so much Ive decided to move my offices into a shared creative office space environment. isandlwana are looking to attract a creative set to the building and capricorn park is a futuristic office / light industrial park. sometimes one has to make decisions immediately and this is one of those decisions i know is going to work well.  because im the first to sign up for the 4 person shared creative office space - ive been given the privilege to chose the fellow creatives. as im in need of an interior designer within my portfolio it would be great to be able to work within the same space as a professional with this discipline. a graphic designer, landscape architect , illustrator, web designer are all portfolios i think would work well in the space together with me. so if your interested give Laurence of isandhlwana investments a call. (google)

i move in Monday week - whats also great is the futuristic design talk is to have a shared boardroom space - whereby coffee shop users can rent the boardroom per hour. this is also unique and allows the home office professional an edge when needing to impress top clients.