Wednesday, February 29, 2012

why the african wildetect has been created

When is the moment or the split second in time when you realize you've completely outgrown a work portfolio or realized you've been barking up the wrong occupation tree for too many years?
And now new spice routes and trade paths are beckoning.
well to be honest  that I don't really know, as its different for everyone, however when I have realized i need to move on , I have always tried as much as possible to leave doors open.  and made sure to have had as much fun within the chosen work portfolio as possible. From interior store design to teaching, because every venture in life has an introduction, a middle and a conclusion, including and even life itself.

So as this life trundles or hurtles on, a sobering thought for me for a long while now, has been how unfortunate it is that so many truly gifted and brilliant poets and artists have died never knowing or ever even extending their raw creative abilities. For creative exposure fear or because they were not strong enough or did not have the momentum to push through the mediocre creative critic barrier. (The MC2B) A barrier i liken to the sound barrier, the MC2B is created by mediocre creative minds that negatively immediately wrap anything newly created, in fear. possible fear the new concept might leave them behind. that is why the wildetect African concept was born - to give an unapologetic design outlet to those not used to traveling the beaten path. a vehicle to African born designers and their ideas, from designers , artists , architectural designers , technologists, draughtspersons , graphics.  letting raw creative talent turn into something practiced and skilled. without worry or threat of the frothing mediocre critics who wait for something created before they expound winsomely how they would have improved it or why its absolute rubbish.

these critics sadly instead of focusing energy on creating and showcasing their own individual raw talent - mediocre's know how to immediately latch onto the creative framework of others like dodder that grows now so prolifically on Muizenberg mountain - the doderites tend to criticize and militantly micro manipulate the creative arena and control the herd.  at all the same level of creative thought. In their minds this brings balance to the creative force -

well ol cobblers to THAT! enter the wildetect.

Couple this to ventures or career pathways in life that can be very energy sapping and that's when you as a creative need to start putting everything into perspective - get creatively out of life what you want, not what others want from you. As creative’s we can all get so easily stuck in pushing someone else's dream forward - because we cannot help the impulse to build things out of pure thought. We all have a creative value and its getting top dollar or full recognition for these raw talents is what we should strive for. wildetecture has always been about creating a group collective creative dream pathway - it’s been structured to be equally viable for all the creative wildetects involved - sometimes one finds your pushing a massive heavy wheel uphill in someone else's dream - and once the wheel spills over the other side and gains momentum, you find you never had the critical - "what’s in it for me" - conversation with the "help me push this rock brigade". You have to make sure you've structured your input that you benefit from this ride once the momentum shifts - get it in writing or simply walk away. Because what happens mostly because of conversations never had - you might not be benefiting from all the hard work at the time when the wheel you've been pushing gathers its own speed - you’re just given another wheel to push and your still just pushing a wheel in someone else's dream - still all uphill. - Rumpled stilt skin style. So make sure you work towards what you want within the creative framework you find yourself in. as you would then have strapped and bound yourself to the concept when it eventually flies downhill.

The concept or the idea of the wildetects is to create a forum for creative’s by creative’s - to create a forum where any conceptual ideas could be fleshed out amonsgt similar minded creatives - without the jaundiced or scalding Eire of the creative critic. To push African wild design ideas to the max. And to mentor raw creative talent and give it a voice to realize its own creative worth. we are currently 3 members and have fluctuated from 5 back to 3 - our membership trajectory is 3,5,8,13,21,34 - etc. whether the 3 core members remain core members and we open dialogue with the remaining numbers is yet to be seen. Wildetecture is a design concept uniquely grown in Cape Town South Africa - and the portfolio of work from architecture to furniture design speaks for itself. Just Google wildetect or wildetecture images to see this unique Cape Town African design template.


The letter to a young designer in the forward to Paul J Grillo's 1960 form function and design book really encapsulates the energy the wildetects are trying to create.

as creative’s we all just stand on the shoulders of giants and collectively we are powerful - however everyone needs to listen to that inner creative voice and push through the MC2B and cop a snoot at the prolific dodderites.