Friday, April 20, 2012

wildetect furniture - wild african fauvistic design

as wildetects we have our detractors - what one terms creative critic bullies - however as far as furniture design with a distinct difference goes - the wildetects are endeavouring to design as if  on another planet . from the citreon book shelf to the chit chat pool lounges - to the mantis chair - once youve seen these pieces contextualised - you might hate them, you might even love them - which ever - a chair as you know it - is going to look rather plain . african fauvistic wild is here to stay.

as wildetects we believe their is nothing really new under the sun on earth - we also feel as a human conceptual design idea collective we are simplistic creative designers, compared to the natural world around us. the only way a small crazy, completely fringe, whacky bunch of wildetect creatives can assure their work is not unashamedly poached. is to send it to all and sundry - that way when others try and assume ownership of the design - as has happened to us before - honorable folk will know who really created it - a complete force of nature.

wild african fauvistic shape is the experiment of the future - something we as the wildetects have been championing for a few years now.