Wednesday, May 23, 2012

izikhuthane is a wildetect expression

watching the izikhuthane concept on the program 3rd degree the other night showed me the incredible differences between cultures living in SA. at first i was pretty shocked at the concept of folk with very little means buying very expensive clothes - only to completely trash them in an expression of -
 "I'm so rich i can trash my expensive clothes and tear up my money and not really care attitude."
my shock turned to amusement and through the tragedy of these kids putting on this dramatic spectacle -
the absolute pure showmanship , theatre , artistic expression hit me square in the face.
this violent reaction against consumerism is no different to European nations trashing cities
to express outrage at  societies absolute greed. its a reflection of how different communities express
themselves on this issue.

it did make me put all my expensive stuff into perspective - taking it all out in the backyard and
burning it would in allot of ways be very liberating. these kidsliving in informal settlements tearing up money they cant really afford is a very sad reflection of where our entire society is heading - not just this group of youngsters in a township in Johannesburg.

expressionism is a violent knee jerk reaction to how we feel inside. the wild hurricane just under the skin bursting forth on the canvas of life. we often react most passionately  against the
things we hold the closest to us. i really enjoyed the dancing of the kids around the taxi's and
the pure theatre of the squaring up against the "born agains" and the rival outfit.  it was like
watching grease - no man,  not the country, Greece, which is also going through its own izikhthane concept.

izikhthane for me is a pure wildetect expression - its what i would love to do if i had the guts,
quietly on my own. burn all my worldly goods -
A wild expressionistic at times violent artistic expression to ones perception of the world around us.
 (whisper) world around us.

African fauvistic design is izikhuthane