Monday, May 28, 2012

silhouette wildetect style

Saturday was a really incredible day - a picnic / braai at a deserted Buffelsbay beach in cape point nature reserve. A huge storm was forecast for Saturday - the first of the big cape, may storms. well that's what i was told - its the only time to really venture into these nature spots - when its devoid of any other human company. evryone is at home waiting out the storm. The only neighbors are the baboons - experienced lifters of food i must add.

my daughter got hold of our new camera and whilst i was in the light of the sun - took some wildetect silhouette shots of her old man showcasing some barking mad theatrical tendencies. the drama was enhanced as we had several baboons stalking around us whilst we dined. the family dived into the car whilst i entertained our hairy guests. what amazed me is even though our food was inside the car - they still managed to find scraps - even picking whittles up right next to the flames of the fire - which i was sitting next to. i help my ground next to the fire and did my best baboon in the smoke long john silver impersonations.