Wednesday, November 21, 2012

wildetect fly baby - flat pack chairs

creative hibernation is really a concept that happens to everyone else - having spent the last several months mulling over ideas in the imaginative space and having absolutely no desire to give birth to these concepts - it has taken immense effort to produce some flat pack fly baby chairs. just to get the wildetect rolling.

the idea behind these chairs is the bar fly concept. every pub / bar has its bar flies  - real and huminoid. this chair concept is to create them as part of the furniture. a slight variation on the steampunk idea, as this is more insectivorous punk -  the western world had the industrial steam age - AFRICA has its insects - so to get properly sparked within our wild african neck of the woods - is to create furniture that gets sparked from what we are familiar with. 

the wildetects are busy on an extensive range of architecture / furniture / clothing / skateboards for the year 2013 - its going to be a wild creative ride now that the hibernation is over.

oh and to the dude who smashed out my car window last night and stole my bag - i hope it sparks you as much as it sparked me.  i was enjoying the black dog hibernation and the action sparked me into reaction in the only way i know how. forge out a wildetect creation.