Friday, January 18, 2013

wildetect office pod anywhere

The wildetect office pod anywhere is an attempt to spark creativity whilst setting up a familiar work environment in various outside settings. The idea of setting up this mobile table for meetings with clients or creative work - say on the top of tablemountain, Or Muizenberg beach. Or at the end of kalkbay harbor wall. To carry ones lightweight work pod, nuts and bolts to a destination is an idea that for me would really work. I’m not of the design on the laptop generation. My work environment cannot be defined by a small screen. To be sparked I need a tangible space. The pod provides this bubble. Plus I can invite clients to engage with me in my space - whilst enjoying the scene of my open office.

wildetecture is a fervent design ideal persuit to create items wholly african inspired.  the untamable continent has always marched to its own unique drum beat, whatever and where ever the opressing forces may take or have taken hold - africa has always held onto its identity through thick and thin over the many years. human systems architecture / design - sometimes more powerful than bricks and mortar. the wildetect design ideal is to tap into this incredibly powerful drum beat having recognised its wonderful potentail. - we have for so long been influenced, wowed and rendered copycat designers by everything over the ocean - europe , america , asia ...............

wildetecture is the inspiration of the simplicity of the dust at my feet, whilst i stand on muizenberg mountain looking into the sea next to the african shore.