Friday, January 11, 2013

wildetect pincushion protea chair

here is abit of local cape town flora inspired design from raw flat pack  timber. a designer cape town creative fusion ensamble - not new for us. however an eclectic wildetect look at taking 2d wood cut flat shapes and sculpturing them into 3d raw timber furniture imagery - Wildetect - Fauvistic African Design from the wild untamable continent.

About this latest wildetect creation - the wildetect pincushion protea chair design .
As you folk know - here on the very tip of Africa in the cape peninsula is our brilliant fynbos plant kingdom that has thousands of wildetect synaptic creative design opportunities. Meeting with the 2 other wildetects on the slopes of table mountain and using the many unique flowers and floral scapes as inspiration for our architectural and furniture creative designs is our design exploration. The protea family has such incredible flowers that are exceptionally architectural in nature. So it’s really an effortless transition from unique wild plant biodiversity to wildetect sculptured raw timber furniture and architectural design creations.
Taking the very sculptural elements of the pincushion protea and creating a wildetect chair creation was easy given the flowers extremly strong visual characteristics. Wildetecture is a celebration of Africa’s many wild inspirational elements. Wildetecture is fauvistic african design which gets its inspiration from our untamable continent.