Thursday, April 4, 2013

f1 wildetect animal mimacry skateboard deck

when i track around muizenberg with these wildetect skateboard designs, the reactions are immediate. comments so far have been - "thats a kwaai board broer" "looks like a weapon of mass destruction dude"

the boards organic shape is the difference to anything else out their.  the wildetect skateboard design could have an effect of sorts on current skateboard deck design. the departure point of the design for the wildetects was to prove that creatives can cross pollinate over design disciplines.a  multi disciplinary creative concept. this wildetect concept has led to a host of wild ideas in surfing , mountain biking and skateboard shoe design. which we will roll out as the money presents itself. this concept is design for design sake and putting ones design ability where ones creative mouth is.

the f1 design sees the patented spine , large cut out organic low track wildetect deck. im busy with additional engineering features which will make it possible for skateboarders to negotiate steep hills without risking life and limb. you might say that will spoil the fun - however it will interest the council city of cape town - as they say skateboarding on our  roads is dangerous.

the real big problem with any new concept or design - is the folk that couldnt design their way out of a square paper folding competition. simply put - flatout and straight out copy. fortunately the wildetects portfolio of work is so fringe - its difficult really for anyone to copy without exposing a lack of original creative ability.

if anyone thinks they can help with marketing this concept - drop me a mail and lets chat.