Monday, April 29, 2013

mountain retreat lodge design - Klein Karoo

I have a client who i started doing architectural design work for in 1990. drawing up wild nature reserve chalets and restaurants deep in the Namib desert.   he presently owns 3 farms in the Klein Karoo,  where he is working on a similar design DNA with great improvements.  over the last 23 years ive done many design drawings on his lion farm in Namibia   its always a great privilege to design the African nature reserve dream - with raw Africa and the roaring of an African nature reserve setting. nothing gets one fired up quite like a pride of lions outside your tent. i have learnt fear is directly linked to ones stomach  and bravery is directly proportional to your need to go to the loo. i have foolishly walked from the safety of my tent to the loo in the middle of the night . it was a full moon with the grunting of hunting lion all around. i kept thinking of the Jurassic park scene with the raptors - i had a panga between my teeth , a spade   and my loo roll. i was in no mood to have my ablutions interfered with by hunting lion. i still break into cold sweats when i think of my stupidity.

this set of initial design drawings is the first sketches to his latest wildlife venture. his current farms in the klein karoo have cape leopard and an incredible array of wildlife. i cant wait to sit on top of the  Elandsberg and imagine an out of Africa setting.