Thursday, May 30, 2013

"architectural function should be clever enough to follow form" african wildetect style

to the fellow African wildetects - i really might be sticking my neck out considerably - i might be saying slanderous things to the architectural holy grail mind set - but c'mon - the architectural dudes from last century didn't grow up in Africa - and they didn't open up their design senses to the possibilities of intense African wild  design.

 The concept of "form follows function" and "less is more" is for me a serious hoodwinking of today's architectural reality.

Aesthetics is really fundamental to function and more texture is always a true heightening of the architectural senses.

Who really wants plates of food compartmentalized into veg and meat with nothing touching? and small portions to boot.  A great SA potjie kos is always an incredible experience.  Architecture is not any different - the architect queen ladies and gentlemen is naked and her body is terribly pimpled and out of condition. Lip stick and lace is needed and a Minimalist expensive artistic concrete - doesn’t really inspire a warm fuzzy  feeling for me.

I love full on texture, warm colors and natural finishes - lots of it and as much as possible - "more is more" and "function must be clever enough to follow form" - that is the African wildetects ideal. Let’s not close down design with insipid minimalistic cold interiors - a hood winking of last century. Lets create intensely warm body interiors, full of purple human color and bright heart pumping crimson red.

lets rather design to the limit than design to the nothing - less is more - puh! i speet on such reasoning - yes mr egyptain king - lets make your pyramid - 1 brick high  and only one color - white!!!!!!!!!!!!

"the secret of this life - is not how little we can do , to do well , but how much we can do, to be magnificent." - QJD 2013