Thursday, August 29, 2013

WCFI exhibition - wildetecture lecture - 29th august.

I must thank WCFI and selections warehouse for allowing us to showcase our work in this insight exhibition at wembley square. Its  an incredible opportunity to have our wildetect  furniture part of this esteemed exhibition.

Our furniture design and manufacture is a quest for immediacy in the creative wildetect process. people relate to furniture more easily than architecture. so their opinions are far more intense than on an architectural building. so it was a natural progression to start exploring concepts in this very challenging furniture design and manufacture  medium. because furniture design and manufacture is a more immediate end product process than architecture,  our learning curve is faster and much more intense.

wildetecture is a conceptual architectural studio first and foremost. we started off 4 yrs ago exploring architectural concepts. and weve been having this wildetect conversation since then. so its now about time we started to include other like minded designers in the dialogue and the public. to step out from behind the internet curtain so to speak - as weve  been operating from behind the green curtain with our veldskoens peeking under the trim. so this insight exhibition is  a second step  into the real space of public scrutiny. and so far its been a great privilege to get feedback from the public. its been very positive so far and a great honor to interact with folk who are complimenting and supporting our efforts.

we have been experimenting and exploring wildetect architectural design concepts  we loosely term under the banner african fauvistic architectural design. concepts we are experimenting with -  like

1) earth branded architecture - wildetect style.
2) perceived kinetic architecture - wildetect style
3) disintegration of perspective. - wildetect style
4) human driven architectural mechanisms. - wildetect style
5) architectural shadow projections - wildetect style
6) deception of vista - wildetect style

wildetecture is pure africa inspired - its bright , bold , loud,  unapologetic and its not really  offended if you dont like the style. its a complete reaction to small box, big box architecture , a reaction against the accountant grid like  trimmed down architecture we have around us.

so thankyou for coming to our short wildetect lecture - i know sometimes being invited to art events - one can feel  your going to have to leave with a piece of art you dont want and a head full of arty babble you dont understand. at this insight exhibition you have complete choice across the range of cape town designed furniture - i have been incredibly impressed with many pieces on show.

(go through examples of slides - most of which are on this blog) approx 30min

thankyou for braving this fierce cape storm to listen to this wildetect lecture. which forms part of a series of lectures started in 2006 - under the banner future techno perfect.

thankyou for listening.