Tuesday, September 3, 2013

an erxell / wildetect welcome home to president mandela

to get an informal settlement to use the collective roof space for a giant erxelated picture, would be a small step to working towards SA community unification - what better inspiration for this than president nelson mandela's picture. welcome home president mandela. all the best on your recovery. erxell and wildetect style.

the erxell concept has been promoting this use of collective informal settlement roof space as a conceptual idea for several years now. simply put,  it is an incredible local cape town design idea - it forces various sectors of our society to work towards a common goal. it allows people to see each other and acknowledge each other without prejudice. and earn a possible residual income to boot. the erxelated roof pictures could be part agricultural and part painted. the more value in the erxell bought by advertising if it is a clear picture and has a green element to the design.