Wednesday, February 5, 2014

coralscape architecture - wildetect style

to pull , kicking and screaming whats sitting in ones imagination really does take incredible constant energy. and the eventual rough sketches on the page always seem to lack the intensity of whats in ones mind. its like seeing things in your peripheral vision. once you turn and actually focus on them, they completely disappear. so one is looking at ideas through a mist on the very edge of ones sight. and the images on the page are incomplete copies of an interesting personal thought.

i must say ive been very flat the last few months - awaiting payment from the education dept for exams set for level 2 and 4 ,  to further wildetect concepts. as well as dealing with the usual building site issues, really, really takes its toll on creative endeavour.

anyway exciting projects ahead for wildetecture - the wildetect skateboards are getting illustrated and pushed into the world of art. waiting for a big surf day at fish hoek - to experiment with the scorpion fish ideas, whilst swimming with some sharks. also going to look at a promo for the wildetect bike panels. deans busy on some incredible wildeart designs - and then there is the usual synaptic wildetect design conversations we are throwing energy at. creating a portfolio of work for no reason other than to occupy time - is always very satisfying. however reality dictates that one has to take care of the material issues. which drain one of all  creative thought.

some sketches below of a coralscape architectural wildetect concept - warren's looking to model these skeletal rough sketches up - which should be interesting. i said to him - parents give their kids dr zeus to read - and then when those kids create concepts from this influence - the kids are then branded as barking mad.