Tuesday, February 25, 2014

what do designers do in cape town to get unique local design ideas noticed?

from unique cape town wildetect custom designed skateboards , to never before seen wildetect one off wild furniture pieces and freaking OTT wildetect architecture.

this is a cape town inspired cap in hand  synaptic, left of center fringe design conceptualisation of african fauvistic  ideas.         WHAAAT!!!!!!!!

so with a very wide wry smile - this cape town muizenberg designer  punts unique wildetect ideas tirelessly. to the moguls at design indaba and cape town world design capital 2014 and the rest of SA's design elite.

the erxell concept is one such unique design concept  not getting the attention it deserves - but will go down as a very workable concept when the future finally integrates with the present. not exactly sure why this concept has been completely passed over by cape towns design moguls. but we have a meeting with informal settlement dwellers this friday and some city planners. straight to the people.