Thursday, May 1, 2014

wildetect surfing adaptation wear - creative creature range.

wildetecture is an african fauvistic concept, unique in its interpretation of how we react to our environment. in this case our design african living experience.  wildetecture welds itself around several creative disciplines. linking animal mimicry with predation and the need to blend seemlessly into our environment. wildetect fashion, architecture , art , sculpture and design.
the concept below is self explanatory. creating surf wear that mimics the scorpion fish. creating attachments that silhouette the surfer as not such great tasting food. this fashion wear much like the wildetect skateboards and architecture - is about creating design that fuses lifestyle and playstyles. adding to the wildetects growing portfolio of design work. the wildetect portfolio of evidence is set to explode through this month. the launching of this animal mimicry wildetect fashion wear is set for this month.

advanced human fish attachments - wildetect style - wildetect adaption fashion wear. - creative creature scorpion fish attachments.