Monday, June 2, 2014

prototype - wildetect scorpion fish apparel

harold durnez and dean wildetect 2 of 3 - really created some mint scorpion fish shoot pics.  surfing was my life as a kid - so you can understand not being in the water for several years has now taken its toll.
the first scorpion fish apparel photoshoot at the berg was always going to be a challenge for me.  ive now realised to trick an apex predator like a shark,  i will need to create much bigger fins and much, much more drama - but this was as fun as a shoot can get.   heading for shoot scorpion fish 2 - i will be much better prepared - i really want to paddle out fish hoek when its heaving - shark alley. it will then put the cat among the pigeons or the plump git amongst the sharks.
thanks harry and dean - buffalo!!!