Friday, July 4, 2014

erxell - a cape town wildetect design solution

Africa has age old wisdom that permeates its lonely highways and byways - the concept of "UBUNTU" is one of these timeless gems. It is with this ethos in mind wildetecture started exploring improving life in South Africa's informal settlements in 2006. The biggest challenge is to build bridges between the mindsets of extreme poverty and ridiculous wealth. As South Africa is an incredible melting pot of many cultures and socio economic groups. The challenges are many and varied - however with proper dialogue and respect , these challenges can be overcome.

"If one drives down JEFF MASEMOLA road in Khayelitsha and then drives along the N2 . Some people find it very hard to believe these 2 roads run parallel to each other, not more than a km apart in places. The electrical cable solutions and even the driving styles are so very different - its Africa informal mindsets running parallel to Africa formal mindsets. The 2 roads highlight to me this incredible reality. informal living and formal lifestyle are moving away from each other at an alarming rate - never really looking to converge ever in the future. The erxell concept hopes to get one mindset to at least notice the other, in a way that is mutually and symbiotically beneficial." QJD - 2013