Sunday, July 13, 2014

wildetect rooster fish surf wear attachments

paddling out muizenberg  dressed up as a rooster fish yesterday - was pretty tough. firstly because im not as fit as i would like to be. secondly because 5 minutes into my paddle out to the back, i had an annoying asthma attack. and 3rdly because i looked  like Liberace just as he stormed the  stage.  rooster fish dressing is not for the shy or feint of heart. besides scaring all the kids on the beach,  i ended up scaring myself. one of my tentacles popped up next to me,  forcing the stress induced asthma attack. 

the footage isnt great - however the object of the scientific design experiment - was to see if the latest attachments work. a sort of metamorphosis from land animal to poisonous sea creature. an experiment in progress - i now need to improve on my fitness and surfing prowess.