Tuesday, August 26, 2014

creativity for ones own path

as a creative - just because nobody knows or has never ever heard of  you - does not mean you dont exist.

it is vitally important to design and create for ones self. creating for others leaves you constantly in need of external input and stroking. and if its negative comment, which mostly it is.  we end up designing and creating for others. changing and adjusting our creative compass to suite the persons comment.  criticism  from people who are not keyed in to our way of thinking. the end product is an insipid representation of current trends and what other people feel, and what other people have experienced.

to be true to ones own creative path - is not to copy the past masters, its not to fanatically learn their techniques and ways of thinking. its really to cut ones own trail, not for money or for acclaim. but for the pure satisfaction of creating something from your own heart , mind and hands.  be very assured,  not everyone, if anyone is going to like what youve done.

but who cares really , we dont get long on this planet. use every moment to imagine design, no matter how silly.  if youve enjoyed playing with the arc light of creative thought. and taken the effort to push out something never before seen. WOW - dont stop.  sketch 002 and 003 beckon completion.

the item once finished is a skeleton of your thought process, a dead thing really. its only alive whilst your working on the design. sculpting the idea renders it alive . once its finished its a husk of an idea really.