Thursday, August 28, 2014

getting ready for exhibition - wildetect style

Dean wildetect 2 of 3 has been a phenomenal driving force getting next weeks wildetect art exhibition into reality. his wildetect furniture pieces and wildetect art work are of a very high standard.  warren wildetect 1 of 3 as usual has moved the wildetect design bench mark, when it comes to sensitivity in design. his work shows an incredible maturity and subtlety that is very powerful.  i don't really know how to be subtle. its great to learn from someone who does.

my work,  wildetect 3 of 3 is what it is - pure enjoyment in the wildetect design artistic process. the end product is not as important as the pleasure derived from getting to it.   the wildetect Citroen shelf is taking shape and so is the wildetect Sabre tooth toucan chair - which 2 can sit in. and the wildetect mantis's phoenix bright yellow creation. gone from pure wood to white to bright lambo yellow. the wildetect skateboard rack has also been upgraded. with a full rack being showcased.

i love the fact that we are putting all these creations together on dean and warrens farm just outside of cape town. in a huge shed filled with tractors and horse boxes.  in the distance is blue table mountain. and with the rain and mist - it has a green fields of Ireland feel. simply love the dynamic.

the exhibition will have shades of jules verne 20 thousand leagues under the sea, night at the museum and wild, wild Africa. encompassing the African fauvistic designs we have been experimenting with. the concept of  creatively reacting to the wild pulse of Africa. being a creative conduit to the underlying energy that permeates our African continent. its our interpretation, which makes it exciting for us.  theirs no right or wrong in personal artistic interpretation. just end product that simply put "skriks vir niks."