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wildetect the long answer viking norse longboat table interview -

it was a great privilege to get an email from the folk at boredpanda - which showcased our viking norse longboat table. they wanted to know a few things about the table - and in true wildetect style - i possibly bored the nuts off the panda with my response. but they fortunately shortened the long answer. ive put the long answer below. because i spent an hour or so on it and wouldnt want the artistic diatribe to go to waste.

wow what an incredible privilege – thank you , we have followed some of the track of the VNL  tables viral journey. And I haven’t laughed so hard in my life.  some of those comments where pure mint.  Man I loved the fact that the table could get so shredded humorously.  It made the bitter pill of the obvious so much sweeter.  our work is designed to provoke response.  Love or hate it – not much in between.  thank you  for taking the time to get hold of us.   Wildetecture started out as a conceptual design studio first and foremost and we are now working our wilder designs through a process of practical refinement.  A creative design process  starting from the  outer reaches of imagination, (wildemagine) working  back to practicality of form.   We like to call it the outer dream backwards ,  point of creative departure. Because once the practical mind gets hold of a creative idea – its pretty much clipped down to a utilitarian end product.  We want all the intensity, all the taste all the aesthetic  in the very first sketch,  without fussing about usability and practicality.  BTW Your write up was absolutely perfect . ta

The 3 questions.
 1. Where did the idea for a viking conference table come from?
1)   Sculpture and art concentrate on our visual senses mostly – they occupy  space and  in the most part its human imaginative effort captured.  once an art piece is  finished we all enjoy, admire  the skeletal remains of human efforts and thought. For wildetecture The Viking norse longboat table is an experiment in several levels of what  art  represents to us.  Where  art  and  sculpture is worked into something  every day.   One cannot easily become part of a painting once it has been finished or become part of a sculpture once it has been bronzed or carved. Especially if the original artist is dead.   However a sculptured table is only the first half of the artistic experience or really a fraction of the artistic possibilities.  The second half is the communicative voyage , the interaction through time and place,  when a person puts themselves into the art piece itself.  A table is one of the best mediums to experiment with this concept,  as it adds not only human interaction into the equation. But the potential of  incredible   food , wine and conversation, poetry and  will hopefully bring out the artistic troubadour  in all the participants at the table.    Each unique  interaction whilst sitting at the table is an art piece in itself, an uncontrollable explosion , all  working towards a voyage of communicative artistic discovery.  Much like the voyages into the unknown of the long ship oarsman. Because human conversation is art and needs to be celebrated around a space that encourages us to talk. Every conversation is creativity,  a plethora of ideas, adding the unique depth to every interaction,  the possibilities of this  happening  around a table like the VNLT are exponential.  The VNLT’s  express purpose of design is to encourage such artistic  dialogue. This Will then be the second phase  of this artistic piece.

 2. Are there any plans to make this table a reality?
2)    We have been commissioned to make up a VNLT table for a shipping companies boardroom in Scotland ,  they asked for a tamer version of the original.  Ie more comfortable and more  corporate. Which we have done. We are in the process of finishing the table off.  We have also made up a smaller 3 seat version of the VNLT which sits up against a wall,  With a mirror.  The first sketch was finished 2 months ago and we are refining the smaller version for a wider audience to participate with.  More cost effective than the big VNLT. We are doing r and d to create this piece – talking to shipwrights and yacht builders to refine the design.  (attached is a prototype sketch of the 3  seat VNLT)

3. What sort of elements of Norse art or history did you draw on when creating your table?
3)    My brother lives in Norway and when visiting him he took us to the Viking museums and  the once buried long ships. When I  Stood in front of these age old art pieces. I was immediately struck by the possible stories that these ships could tell. Those tales of exploration  would be unbelievable,  apart from the Viking obvious  3 – rpp.   Its also about  brave men – taming the fearful unknown.  Coming from Africa we are used to experiencing dangerous wild animals from the safe side  of a fence or  a car.  One gets  a similar sense of danger , a sense of primal fear when  Standing in front of a Viking long ship, the safe side for me was  time. I felt the same mesmerizing impact of fear that I’m sure many people felt in the 10th century, when these vessels suddenly appeared off shore.  The similar fear I get when watching a lion hunting its prey in the wild.  And as artists are inspired to sculpt or paint leopard and  lion. I felt I needed to express this synaptic thought into something tangible –my own interpretation of what I was experiencing.  
When looking at the ribs of a fish or of a boat,  there is a perfect harmony of pattern that intrigues. So to create the chairs as the ribs and the table as the conduit of this same strong line,  was  very important to this art piece. Which renders the chairs uncomfortable  - yes – but that doesn’t concern me in the first sketch.  When we sit at tables the chairs and the table are rarely harmonious – they are 2 separate design entities always. I wanted this sketch to include both as one  and to incorporate the guest into the artistic sculpture as well.  I love the fact that Norse art is so intricate and even delicate – long  winter months allowed the artists to really create intricately patterned  sculpture  and furniture.  To my mind in Africa we tend to be much more broad brush stroke.  Maybe because we have abundant sun and our horizons stretch further for longer. So this table is a fusion of the 2 influences of wild north culture with wild south fauna and flora.

The wildetects  run several sites – is the principle – we have 2 twitter sites -  and     if people google image wildetecture – it will give an idea of our other imaginative excursions into the creative synaptic  unknown.

We design architecture , furniture art and sculpt – our wildetect concepts are African fauvistic in nature – and we derive influence from all aspects of life and our African experience  interpretation of it.

Thanks again for the time and the email – hope the above makes sense,  im supposed to be finishing off a house plan for construction  – the surveyor is on site tomorrow and I’ve had 8 phone calls whilst writing this. Pressure – hopefully the house gets sited in the right place and hopefully this makes sense.

 Kind regards
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