Friday, January 9, 2015

NADO STORM - cape mountain lion -

the cape mountain lion is  regrettably extinct - 2 moth eaten stuffed specimens are in a museum in germany somewhere.  one doesnt know if the taxidermist took some serious liberties with these 2 mothed out specimens. but the cape mountain lion looks very different to lions ive seen recently.
besides the black mane - the face looks very squished and puggish - they say the cape mountain lion was a man eater. vicious and extremely dangerous - well nothing new if you know lions.

its such a pity in mans greed fueled africa grab frothing mouthed fit - he destroyed and decimated  all in his hoofed shoe path. well thats the silly foolish creature that man is,  i pity mars or any other planet humans eventually try and inhabit.  it appears we are only as bright as our stupidest member , because dimwits it appears,  continually dictate the step of the human masses,  a historical fact it perpetually seems.   to tame a land in human terms is to render everything dead , dying or destitute. oh well, we can always plant green green genetic grass and yellow daisys do go very nicely with red soil.

well nado storm is getting a make over - had him wearing a rooi kat ensemble
since the first. but i now feel the cape mountain lion is a more fitting  comic garb for this character.