Wednesday, February 11, 2015

VNLS - viking norse longship structure - wildetecture style

the basic design point of departure for this wildetect structure was a viking Norse long-ship. each of the 12 floors is the same ratio ellipse.  8x13 or 13x21 or 21x34 the resulting sharp edge ellipse is ended off with huge concrete stempost details.  the 13th element is the structure itself that wraps around the floors.

the real drama is in the architectural  shadow projection - as a wildetect creative it is always the absolute quest to create a depth of design way beyond the obvious. because one sacrifices   functionality at times for aesthetics. its extremely  important to make sure the aesthetics is completely sublime, overwhelming really. then the functionality design flaw is  accepted and for some minds, over looked.
the visual impact of a building of this nature overwhelms the necessary utilitarian need to occupy each inch of space. void space is equally as important as traffic-able areas.  as one is living , working , playing in an architectural sculpture - the human element is the flesh and blood and the skeletal elements is the structure itself.

im sure the long-ships of the future will be filled with fearless travelers exploring new frontiers. a building of this nature is an ode to these expansive over the horizon intrepid explorers.