Friday, March 20, 2015

"sparkmyart" or is it "tartmyart" - souf efrika

as mentioned before - i wake up sometimes and decide to  fire off  a few letters to sundry and all. mainly folk who like local  SA design. however sometimes just anybody - very viral and annoying for some i know.  then i try do some actual work. today is a busy schedule. wildetect wilde-pede chair design  and wildetect flybaby design improvements. and then set several exams and then do some QJD design work.maybe go for a surf if the north wind doesnt blow chapmans peak away.

todays letter to a few design minded locals is below - will post the 2 wildetect designs later - the concept of a creative to have a sparkmyart or tartmyart process is what makes designers design. the wrinkled up eye cringe feed back process. this either sparks or tarts ones work going forward. abit of local is lekker or local is lenkaak.

Dear (highly esteemed local south african design creative)
Designing in south Africa is a big  passion for us as the wildetects – this email is abit of a "sparkmyart" exploration process.  being a fringe creative myself –(ie very, very  much on the outside of mainstream cape town design trends)  the wildetects have been working on a portfolio of work which is a reflection  or a reaction really to living on this dynamic  continent.

The wildetect  team have  been kicking this  can around for several years now and  have gained  mediocre local attention. The lack of real local  attention, is surprising,  however we try understand – because if the work has merit it will speak for itself. If not, it will quickly  dissipate like the morning dew in the karoo. Google wildetect, wildetecture , erxell images for an idea of our work and architectural designs. Not for the feint hearted, but then living in Africa is for the bold really.

as a creative its ones mission to push on regardless of contemporary or public opinion – its really our lot in life.  with what we think are pearls but might really be abit of  "tartmyart". The concepts of erxell and wildetecture are very south African,  muizenberg,  cape town inspired.   So check out our bio below. Let me know if it fits into the local is lekker – or local is lankaaak.

We will push on regardless really – abit of sparkmyart does help – but since 2009 when we formally formed as a collective and before that 2005 – we have remained very much on the fringe with millions of hits (no kidding – we have huge traffic to our site and work)  . But not really any local design dialogue. Which is why we design in the first place. fortunately not what pushes us forward. or we would be dead.

the creatives conundrum

this is ramblings and exploration diatribe of an in ones own head creative.

it is prudent for creative types to note. when one chooses a field of creative expression , one does so for reasons that do not involve needing stroking and validation from external sources.

because what one might find is that the energy you are looking for to spark your creative ideas and feel you need, is not always forthcoming from those we are wanting it from.

so the advise that resonates with anyone venturing into  creative fields of expression is.

people with hold that which we want the most. this is why a creative is duty bound to find that which they need,  within themselves first. before expecting to receive that energy from others.  its a creative self actualizing concept really. and there in lies the conundrum - why do you do what you do. for stroking or for passion. if your looking for accolades to further your creative ideals and skill. then this is not sustainable within a creative arena.