Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the individual creative spark concept

in order for me to interpret shape and form,  i need to sketch  first. i need to decipher what im seeing in a simple line drawing. i call this  spark.  i suppose like a musician hears music and notes in the sounds of wind and sea. one can also see  shape and form in earth and sky. its this fascination to interpret these things unique to my own perspective,  is what makes life exciting for me.  your perspective would be very different to mine - equally as spark worthy. its this difference in interpretation of what we see individually,  which makes us unique.
moves us away from robotic repetition and aligns us towards  our own unique individualistic interpretation.  because the world is gearing towards becoming more and more globally connected. it would be sad if the strong interpretation few  dictated the tastes of the many.

no keep your own spark tastes.

its why i sketch. heres a few sketches from my note books over the many years.

 incase your spinning pip is wondering - the shadow in some of the pics is intentional - adds a bit of wildetect drama.