Friday, April 24, 2015

Wildetect 2 of 3 whale chandelier – design by dean Hoffman V and A waterfront cape town

The concept of interpreting wild natural form into functional furniture is a driving force behind this creation and all of the wildetects work. Dean Hoffman – wildetect 2 of 3’s ability to interpret this energy is completely unique.  The welding of the analytical mind and that of the creative is a most sought after ability. Creative”s  that can work strongly in both disciplines are rare and few and far between. In this case we have a wildetect art piece that pays homage to both mindsets. The inspiration for this piece is magnificent creatures that inhabit Africa”s wild frontiers , Africa’s untamed eco systems. Its this concept of areas that man cannot tame, which forms the backbone of the wildetect’s inspiration. Dean Hoffman,s ability to bring this concept to light. Is celebrated in this wildetecture style work of art.