Saturday, May 30, 2015

QJD early art work 1989 - 1990

a study of  incredibly  intense colour using simple pencil crayons was a summer in swellendam incredibly well spent in far back 1990.  my brother kept several simple  attempts to explore colour and outline.  over the last 25 yrs it is now surprising to me that i have moved so far away from this form of simple expression.
to re-explore, re-ignite this medium of expression is going to be an interesting undertaking for me. not for you,  but for me.  re-looking at these early attempts to understand my perception of outline and colour - has brought a real satisfactory smile to my demeanor. very happy to re-awaken this simple process of realigning ones mind. drawing simple subject matter in an intense colour explosion. not for ability,  but to experiment with the intensity of what one sees and how one individually interprets it. that would be originality - that would be ones own journey.