Monday, June 29, 2015

identification of works bill for the architectural profession

RE: architectural identification of works bill - understand and comment to the relevant authorities - or prepare to watch a very dangerous precedent erupt across the employment board.

It is to my mind absolutely  imperative that the new proposed architectural  identification of works bill legislation does not in any way, shape or form alienate the current  architectural draughting professionals  from their existing client base and existing work portfolios. If this is the case,  the governing body driving this legislation will  have to remunerate all disadvantaged architectural draughting  professionals to the value of their current earnings for the remainder of their careers.  Its not a case of simply striking a pen to paper, passing a new bill  to cunningly side hip an entire spectrum of architectural  professionals off the employment table. Someone has to take responsibility for the currently employed architectural draughting professional and their families .  it would be prudent for the governing body  instituting the new laws to see these architectural  professionals as individuals trying very hard to survive in a very difficult work environment. To create these additional insecurities and stresses at this time,  is to my mind viscous to the absolute extreme.

To institute the identification of works bill for architectural draughting professionals qualified after  the point of the inception of the law – is fair. However anyone currently doing work to a certain level of architectural proficiency in south africa,  cannot have that work, client base and income suddenly  taken away from them. They will either have to be exempted from the new bill ,  until they are worked out of the system. Or they need to be given the status of a technologist or a tier title that currently befits their current work portfolio,  so they do not lose their current ability to earn a living. I feel its fair that from a future date determined ,  all architectural draughting professionals key into the new legislation once they qualify. However the existing and current architectural draughting professional need to key into the legislation they were qualified under. No more , no less. which is the 500m2 rule.  So for this legislation to be fair – 2 streams of architectural draughting professional will need to be entertained in the future. Those who are currently working under the 500m2 rule and those that will be qualified under the new identification of works bill. Eventually the latter will be worked out the system fairly over time. the architectural  governing body will then have its architectural tier system whereby an elitist architectural designer will operate under inflated pricing structures. 

I put it to you , are the public fully aware of this new bill, and has the public commented and gone through a proper understanding of  the impact of this new bill process?  i  think not - to be honest. it appears that in the past very cunning individuals have tried to railroad this bill without proper public participation. 

This ability to easily side hip hard working architectural  professionals, or any currently employed and earning professionals in south africa off the  table is frightening. it also  creates the possibility of a  second phase to this cunning scheme and plan. This  would be the ability  to demote architectural professionals to lower tiers at the governing bodies will and whim,  Further creating an elite architectural working class that will completely fleece the public.

Domestic Architecture is for the public masses  and its best if the public retain complete say as to who they want to pay to represent them, as the public pay to build SA'S future domestic built environment. 

it appears that its the man in the street who is having to dig much, much deeper in his pocket to have building plans approved on every level. the public is already paying exorbitant  fees as local municipalities charge increased scrutiny fees,  departure fees, heritage fees and granny flat over 60m2 fees and many, many other newly imposed local authority fees.  then additionally local authorities expect the man in the street to still further pay an array of private professionals to endorse every aspect of the plan as well. further escalating the costs of plan submission to the public a hundred fold. i put it to you - what are council scrutiny fees for if the responsibility of local authorities is getting less.

maybe i am wrong,  but i am failing to see how the public is being protected by this architectural machine which appears to be setting measures in place to fleece the public at every given turn. the identification of works bill is just another process put in place to extract finance from an at present uninformed public sector.